Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1890

Chapter 1890 Third Wheel

Just as Susan was browsing through the menu, Sigrun, sitting opposite her, started again, “Oh yeah, Ms. Susan, how did you end up with Ian here? Ian, isn’t the securities firm closed on Saturdays? What brings you here?”

Susan looked up and threw her a glance. “I’m not sure. Ian brought me here.”

“Huh?” Sigrun was surprised when the quick-witted Susan threw the question back to the young man. A grimace distorted her dainty face. Pfft! How is it possible that she doesn’t know anything?

Since Ian came here to study, Solomon had been continuing to train him by assigning him tasks in Hayes Corporation. He would usually carry out the tasks when he did not need to attend classes. Some of the firms would even operate on weekends to match his timing.

Even so, he didn’t say he would bring someone along. I wanted to follow him and help him, but he never gave me the chance. God, this feels awful.

“Have you made up your mind?” Ian piped up as he cast a look at Susan, who was still browsing through the menu with his obsidian eyes, paying no heed to Sigrun’s questions.

Susan did not reply. In actuality, she had not decided. Since she was young, she had been used to simple home-cooked food and had never dined extravagantly in such a luxurious restaurant before. Thus, she was unfamiliar with most of the fine dining dishes on the menu.

“Hmm… I’ll go for a steak and a glass of juice.” In the end, she chose something common.

The server took her orders and headed straight to the kitchen.

Sigrun gazed at Ian and asked, “Ian, do you still need to continue with your tasks after lunch?”

Ian cocked an eyebrow and finally replied, “No.”


Sigrun’s unhappiness from a moment ago vanished in an instant. She was delighted when she suddenly remembered that one of her friends had invited her to a gathering that afternoon.

“How about we go somewhere after this? Hannah has invited me to a gathering at her house this afternoon. I bet we’ll have a lot of fun apart from savoring the delicious food there. Ian, let’s go together, please?” She kept her eyes glued to him in anticipation.

Ian used to accompany her to attend similar gatherings whenever he had the time. However, at that moment, he remained silent.

Caught off guard by his indifference, Sigrun could only turn to look at Susan again. “Ms. Susan, how about you?”

Susan looked up from her phone and replied, “Huh? Your friend? I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to go; I don’t know any of them. Besides, I still need to attend classes this afternoon. You guys go ahead.”


“What class can you possibly have? You’re only an exchange student. Why would the lecturers give you private lessons?” Ian cut Sigrun off, bombarding Susan with oppressive mockery as he glowered at her.

Susan’s mind went blank. Good lord! Does he have to be so harsh? So what if I’m an exchange student? Does an exchange student not deserve any special arrangement from the lecturers?

Susan felt offended by his mockery, but she did not have the courage to refute him.

Unavoidably, she was overcome by a sense of guilt for telling lies after catching a glimpse of her phone earlier. The company she contacted in the morning for an interview had sent her a message asking if she could make it. She wanted to give it a try.

Susan pursed her lips and said, “Anyway, I have plans. Just go ahead without me.”

Sensing the unmissable hint of anger in her tone, Ian finally held his tongue. The sheer frigidness in his eyes sent a shiver down her spine.

After finishing her food, Susan stepped out of the restaurant with her bag. Hmph! Since they’re attending a gathering, what’s the point of me tagging along with them? To be the third wheel?

She hailed a cab and left right away, heading toward the said company for an interview.

It was a trading company she had come across online earlier. Even though it was not a typical big-scale corporation, it offered short-term jobs for students like her, and she was more than happy with that.

Not long after, she arrived at the trading company named MR.T. She stopped at the front desk and introduced herself, “Good afternoon. I’m Susan Limmer from Atlantius University. I’m here for an interview. I got in touch with you at noon.”

“Oh, it’s you. This way, please.” The staff at the front desk led her to the interview at once.

Susan was well prepared for it, and she performed well during the session.

Half an hour later, just as she was waiting in the lounge and was confident that she would be hired, the owner of the company suddenly came out and gave her an odd look.

“Ms. Limmer, I’m sorry to inform you that my boss said you don’t quite meet our requirements.”


Susan’s hopes were dashed at once.

“May I know why? Is it because I didn’t pass my interview just now?”

“No, it’s not because of that. Ms. Limmer, you’re undoubtedly an outstanding candidate. But our company needs someone who can come to work every day on weekdays. Since you’re still a student, we can’t take you into consideration. We’re sorry about that,” the clerk hurriedly explained.

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