Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 883

Chapter 883 Regain Memories

Hugo asked probingly, “Boss, you asked me to chase Ms. Winters out of the country when you were drunk yesterday. Do you still want me to do that?”

Oscar’s eyes glistened, and he took a sidelong glance at Hugo. Hugo’s heart plummeted. He was afraid Oscar had seen through him.

However, Oscar looked away before bowing his head and pondering for a moment. An indiscernible emotion flashed across his eyes. Amelia, Amelia, Amelia.

Oscar enunciated Amelia’s name a few times inwardly and suddenly felt a sense of familiarity. “Boss, if you don’t have any other instructions, I’ll go and do it now,” Hugo said hesitantly.

“Come back,” Oscar called out. Hugo turned around and lowered his head. “Boss, I’m here.”

“No one is allowed to lay a finger on her without my instructions. Otherwise, I’ll hold you guys responsible.” Oscar glared at Hugo. He did not know why he felt so emotional, but he did not like anyone harming her. For some reason, he was of the opinion that only he could bully her, and he would not allow anyone else to hurt her.

When Hugo heard that, a tiny smile appeared on his face. “Yes, Boss. It was presumptuous of me to guess your intentions. I’ll accept your punishment.”

Oscar waved his hand dismissively, appearing slightly tired as he massaged his head. He felt his head was in much more pain than before.

“Boss, are you okay? Do you want me to massage your head? The wine yesterday was not particularly strong, so I didn’t expect you to get drunk. I apologize for that,” Hugo said sincerely as he stood before Oscar with his arms hanging by his sides.

Oscar waved his hand again, gesturing for Hugo to leave. Hugo shot him a concerned look before leaving the condominium. Oscar waited for the pain in his head to subside before he took a shower. Then, he changed into his suit to head to work.

He received a call from Isabella on his way. Looking at the name on the phone screen, he frowned as annoyance flashed across his face.

He reached out to massage his head again and took a deep breath before answering the call. When he heard Isabella’s voice on the other end of the line, he felt annoyed. He could only try to convince himself that the intense pain in his head was why he almost lost his temper with the woman who loved him.

Realizing his errant state of emotions, he quickly ended the call. He covered his face with both hands, a complex range of emotions churning within him.

Isabella was very determined. Since Oscar hung up on her abruptly, she continued to call him persistently. It seemed she would not stop until Oscar picked up again.

Oscar stared at his phone screen in deep thought. After hesitating for a while, he finally answered the phone. “Oscar,” Isabella said sweetly.

Oscar could not help but frown as he felt slightly uncomfortable. “Oscar?” Isabella called out again when she did not hear Oscar’s reply. “I’m here,” Oscar answered.

Isabella was sensitive and instantly felt the coldness in his tone. “Oscar, did I do something wrong?” she asked carefully.

Oscar instantly wiped away the gloomy look on his face and said warmly, “Stop overthinking things. I’m driving, so I can’t chat with you. I’ll give you a call when I reach the office.”

“Oscar, I’m in the office already. You promised me yesterday that I could be your personal assistant. You can’t take back your words. I just want to be by your side every day,” Isabella said with a smile.

Oscar’s brows furrowed instinctively, and his mood worsened upon hearing that.

“Let’s talk about it when I arrive.” With that, he hung up promptly.

After he put down his phone, he shook his head. Suddenly, many images flashed across his mind, all of Amelia and him. However, it happened too quickly, and all he saw was a blur.

Oscar grabbed his head as frustration welled in him.

He drove to the company, and as expected, Isabella was waiting at the entrance.

His expression turned cold. However, he reverted to his expressionless self after he parked his car.

“Oscar, I missed you. Can you accompany me to try on wedding dresses this afternoon? We’ll finally get to live together after we marry. I’m fine with it if you want to do it now, but you said to wait until after marriage. Either way, I’ll be your woman sooner or later,” Isabella babbled as she held onto his arm.

When Oscar heard her words, he felt even more irritable.

“Let’s go up first.”

Isabella shot him a confused look. Suppressing the doubts and questions in her mind, she nodded her head obediently.

They walked upstairs side by side. The moment they stepped out of the elevator, Linda walked over.

“Mr. Clinton, the director from Royce Technologies personally called to say that if you truly don’t like Ms. Winters, he’s willing to change to another representative,” Linda informed in a businesslike manner.

Doubt flitted across Oscar’s eyes as he froze in his tracks.

“There’s no need for that. I’m satisfied with her. Tell them they don’t have to change the representatives. They’re fine,” Oscar replied.

When Linda and Isabella heard his words, they were stunned. They did not understand why Oscar would change his mind suddenly. There was something strange about his demeanor too.

Regardless, Linda was quite pleased after her initial surprise, whereas Isabella was so angry she almost bit her tongue. However, she did not completely lose her mind and confront him about it upfront. Instead, she swallowed her anger and entered the office with him.

“Oscar, what do you mean by that? You weren’t like this yesterday. You just embarrassed me in front of everyone. Are you still the same person who kissed and hugged me in front of everyone yesterday? You changed your mind so quickly. Do you really view me as your future partner?” At first, Isabella wanted to hold it in, but when she saw how Oscar did not intend to explain himself, she exploded.

Oscar glanced at her in confusion and massaged his head. It seemed he had blacked out last night and lost his memories temporarily. He could not remember what had happened yesterday at all.

When Isabella saw his reaction, she became even angrier.

“Oscar, do you think it’s interesting to play me like this? I didn’t want to quarrel with you in the company, but you promised to bring the wedding forward. Yet, you’re acting cold to me now. You don’t feel bad for me even when I do so much for you. I really doubt whether you love me.”

Isabella did not know what had gone wrong to cause Oscar’s attitude to change suddenly.

“Shut it.” Oscar’s head hurt even more with her outburst. Many images flashed across his mind again. It was all of Amelia and him. As for Isabella, he could not remember their sweet memories together anymore as he looked at her current vicious expression.

He continued to massage his head, unable to comprehend what was happening to him.

“Oscar, I’m talking to you! You can’t even treat me with respect! Are you thinking of breaking up with me?” Isabella bellowed. She had had enough of Oscar being hot and cold to her. If she could not obtain his love, she would rather ruin what he had now and leave him with nothing.

“Are you done?” Oscar said in his low voice.

Isabella looked at him as tears welled in her eyes, tumultuous waves of emotions raging inside her.

“I’m not making a scene. I’m questioning you.” She laughed in exasperation before continuing, “Oscar, I’ve tried every trick in the book to win you over. Yet I still failed in the end. Do you want me to dig my heart out and give it to you?”

Oscar frowned at Isabella’s words, thinking she was being unreasonable.

“Isabella, you should head back first. We’ll talk after you’ve calmed down. If you still want the same as before, our wedding will be held as scheduled. As for your video on the internet, I won’t mind it,” Oscar said patiently.

Isabella felt as if her heart had been stabbed several times. If Oscar had uttered such words to her two days ago, she would have been utterly delighted. However, it sounded ironic to her at that moment.

Oscar did not mind the video. In other words, he did not care at all. She could not figure out what he thought of her. Does he think of me as his lover? But he doesn’t care that much for me or protect me as one would. As a friend? If that’s the case, all my efforts were in vain.

Isabella’s goal was to win Oscar’s heart, and to do so, she had spent almost all her savings. She would not tolerate failure. Otherwise, she would be left empty-handed while also facing the threat of his revenge.

She was frightened by that thought as she could not bear to face Oscar’s retribution. If it came to that, she would have to take the initiative.

Countless thoughts flashed across Isabella’s mind as she contemplated her next move. It took a while for her to regain her senses.

“Oscar, I’m sorry for losing my composure just now. I’m just too afraid of losing you. You made a lifetime promise to me in front of everyone yesterday. Then, you suddenly acted indifferently toward me as you did in the past. I was truly terrified you didn’t love me anymore, and that’s why I lost control. Please don’t be angry. I won’t do that again,” Isabella pleaded.

Oscar’s heart softened when he saw her sobbing pitifully.

Reaching out, he stroked Isabella’s hair and comforted her, “Don’t overthink it. My head still hurts after I drank some wine last night. When you came over and made a fuss, my headache became worse. That’s why I wasn’t being nice to you.”

Isabella blinked and gave him a disbelieving look.

Through her tears, she watched him to gauge whether he was being serious or not.

“Oscar, let me massage your temples. I was at fault too. I should be the one apologizing to you, so don’t be mad at me.”

Isabella walked over and rubbed Oscar’s temples. At the same time, she was pondering how to take him to Bernard for another hypnosis session. To tie down Oscar forever, she ran the risk of harming him physically and mentally through repeated hypnosis. Nevertheless, she had thought it through. Instead of having no relationship with Oscar in the future, she would rather lock him by her side from the beginning. Even if he became a dimwit later, she did not mind spending a tiny portion of her money to hire a caregiver to take care of him, as long as she had him.

Meanwhile, Oscar had no idea what she had in mind. He took his seat and began to work.

After observing Oscar handle several documents, Isabella held his arm and said sweetly, “Oscar, why don’t you come with me to Professor Zabinski’s place in the evening? I’ve been consulting him about my mental illness for some time and will be concluding a session later. Can you accompany me?”

Oscar discreetly slipped his arm out of her grasp.

“We’ll see. I’ll accompany you if I have nothing else to do. For now, you should go get busy since I have a meeting at noon later. It might take a while, so you should go out and have a great meal yourself then.”

Pursing her lips, Isabella was silent for a while. She finally nodded in agreement and left the company.

As soon as she climbed into the car, she slammed her fists on the steering wheel. Her face turned purple with rage.

Isabella was so furious that it took her a long time to calm down. Then, she took out her phone and called Bernard.

“Professor Zabinski, I need you to do one last hypnosis on Oscar. I don’t care if he becomes a fool or suffers any after-effects later. He’s mine now. Even if he loses his wits, I still have the money to support him,” Isabella said.

After a pause, she snapped, “Besides, I’ve wasted so much time on him. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if I didn’t get something back in return? Even if I can’t grow old with him, I still want to transfer the Clinton family’s assets to my name.”

Isabella’s expression became grimmer when she heard Bernard’s reply.

“Professor Zabinski, what happened between Oscar and me is none of your business. You’re just a psychiatrist. If it weren’t for the sponsorship from those who sought your help, do you think you could live a comfortable life until now? I’m not going to talk philosophy or morals with you. In any case, you only need to help me take control of Oscar and his wealth.”

Isabella’s expression immediately brightened when she received the other party’s commitment.

“Professor Zabinski, I knew you wouldn’t sit back and do nothing. I’ll see you later tonight with Oscar.” With that, Isabella hung up the phone.

Oscar, please don’t blame me for being ruthless. This is all your fault. Had you treated me better, I would not have taken advantage of you and your wealth. Even if you recover your memory in the end, I still want to take possession of your assets. In that case, even if you’re back to normal, you’ll never be able to escape from the palm of my hand.

Unfortunately, Oscar was still in a meeting by the time night rolled around. At first, Isabella wanted to go inside and take him to see the psychiatrist. However, she was stopped by two bodyguards at the door.

One of the bodyguards spoke up before she could start throwing a fit.

“Ms. Walker, our boss is discussing projects with several foreign businessmen inside. I think you should go back first. He will come to you when the meeting is over. Please don’t make things difficult for us. Otherwise, we might have to use force to take you away.”

Isabella shot him a death glare.

“Fine. Just you wait! One day I’m going to teach you guys a lesson,” she warned.

Then, Isabella turned around and stomped away on her high heels, making a series of crisp sounds on the floor.

After leaving the company, she went directly to the hospital. When she parked her car, two more pulled up on either side of her vehicle.

Hugo, with sunglasses on, got out of the car and stopped Isabella. Then, he made an “after you” motion to her.

Isabella subconsciously retreated in fear, almost twisting her ankles on the high heels.

“What do you want, Hugo?”

“Ms. Walker, I only want to ask you a few questions and won’t put you in a difficult spot. So, I hope you’ll be cooperative,” said Hugo as he reached out to grab her. Before he could touch her, two men in black suddenly appeared out of nowhere and blocked his hand. The next second, the trio of men began to fight.

While coping with the fierce attacks from the Chancer brothers, Hugo uttered distractedly, “Bryan, Benson, the three of us grew up together and are like brothers. I’m doing this for the boss, so please don’t stand in my way.”

“Hugo, we’re also under the boss’ order to protect Ms. Walker. Please understand our reason for doing this, and don’t make things difficult for us,” one of the brothers pleaded.

Knowing that he was in a disadvantageous situation, Hugo had no choice but to stop fighting.

“Bryan, Benson, I know you’re doing your job. I also don’t want to give you guys a hard time since we’re all buddies here. Everything we do is for Boss. However, he’s currently being controlled by this woman. Can you bear to see him suffer more at her hands?” said Hugo emotionally as he tried to reason with them.

Both Bryan and Benson exchanged glances.

“Hugo, you should know the duties of a bodyguard. My job is to protect Ms. Walker and keep her safe. If you insist on doing things your way, I will have to inform Boss. When that happens, you know very well what the punishment is,” said Bryan.

Hugo was annoyed, but he was aware of the consequences of offending Oscar. Furthermore, he had no right to make things difficult for the two brothers. If he was them, he would definitely go all out to carry out Oscar’s orders too.

In the end, Hugo had no choice but to leave.

It was only then Isabella, who had been hiding behind Benson and Bryan, heaved a sigh of relief. However, not only did she not thank her two bodyguards, but she even raised her hand and gave them a slap each on their faces.

“Your job is to ensure my safety and not put me in danger. Do you know that Hugo nearly killed me just now? If anything happens to me, what are you going to tell your boss? Good-for-nothings!” After Isabella told them off, she felt so much better. She then got into her car and drove away.

Benson spat on the ground before saying viciously, “B*tch! The two of us did everything we could to save her. Instead of thanking us, she said we were useless. If she wasn’t Boss’ woman, I would’ve finished her off. Who the hell does she think she is? Stupid bimbo!”

“Forget it. Let’s follow her before something untoward happens to her. If that happens, we will be in big trouble.”

Benson nodded.

Meanwhile, Kurt was waiting for Hugo when Hugo returned to the condominium.

“How did it go? Did you manage to catch hold of her?”

“No. I was stopped by Benson and Bryan. As for the rest of the bodyguards, they were hiding. If I had forced my way through, they would’ve alerted the boss. It wouldn’t have boded well for us if that had happened.”

Kurt frowned and mulled over the matter.

“Worse comes to worst, we go straight for the boss himself. We’ll try to bring him to Dr. Barker tonight and perform another hypnosis on him again. I’m sure things will turn out for the better,” said Kurt.

Hugo nodded. What else can we do?

Unfortunately, luck was not on their side that night. Oscar was in a meeting until three in the morning. All Hugo could do was observe him in secret and do nothing.

Seeing that there was no possibility of taking Oscar away that night, he decided to abort the mission.

As for Oscar, he took a warm bath and went to bed. Shortly after falling asleep, he had such vivid dreams that when he woke up with a start, he found himself screaming for Amelia. It was only then he realized he was dreaming.

He reached out to wipe the perspiration off his forehead. In his dreams, he saw the then-pregnant Amelia in that car accident, and she was covered with blood. The gory scene shocked him so much that it jolted him out of his sleep.

Oscar turned around to touch Amelia, only to find that there was no one lying next to him. For a moment, he was confused and sat on the bed in silence. A minute later, the memories came flooding back to him and filled his mind.

Not only did he recall every moment he spent with Amelia, but he also remembered the details of being controlled by Isabella. In an instant, his expression became terrifying. He had been played the fool by a woman and even forced the woman he loved to leave the country with his child.

That was what infuriated him and what he found most unforgivable. Right now, he wanted nothing but to kill Isabella. However, what was most important now was to locate Amelia first and sort things out with her. He had no wish to lose her again.

To be honest, he had no idea how he regained his memories. All he could recall was that there seemed to be a voice deep within his mind that kept wanting to rush out. That was why he had those horrible and detailed dreams about Amelia.

Oscar got up and washed his face. He looked at his own reflection and found himself still attractive. Taking a deep breath, he picked up his phone and dialed Amelia’s number. He was nervous and worried that she might be angry with him or refuse to forgive him. If that happened…

No, that won’t happen. No matter how long it takes, I will beg Amelia until she forgives me. This time around, I will eliminate all the obstacles for her, and she will never have to go through any suffering ever again.

After much hesitation, he still ended up calling Amelia.

“Hello, Mr. Clinton.” Amelia’s calm voice rang out.

When Oscar heard the familiar voice, his body turned weak, and tears threatened to fall from his eyes.

“Amelia, where are you right now? Can we meet up? After much consideration, I still think it’s better for you to be in charge of the project between our companies,” said Oscar as he tried to suppress his emotions.

Amelia found his change in attitude a little odd, but she still agreed to meet him. Once they finalized the meeting venue and time, Amelia said, “Mr. Clinton, I’ll be there on time.”

Staring at the darkening screen of his phone, Oscar broke into a goofy smile, looking like a teenager who was in love for the very first time.

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