Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 878

Chapter 878 Extreme Possessiveness

After they were done with Tony’s admission procedures, Olivia asked Norton to drive them to the condominium where Amelia and Oscar used to stay.

As Norton drove into the neighborhood, Amelia looked through the window at the familiar surroundings. A different gush of emotions gradually rose in her heart.

She and Oscar had lived in the neighborhood for almost ten years. In the beginning, they started off with a contractual relationship, and it took them five years to show each other their true feelings. Then, they were separated for two years after she lost her vision due to a car accident. If she had known that Oscar would forget all about her one day, she wouldn’t have divorced him back then and resided in Beshya for two years.

The time she and Oscar had spent with each other was short. To make matters worse, another woman was now claiming her role.

Oscar, if I had realized earlier how much I love you, I would have married you in a different way back then. No matter what ups and downs we might go through, I would stay by your side and never leave.

“Amelia, let’s get out of the car,” urged Olivia.

After regaining her senses, Amelia stared at Olivia with a slightly confounded expression.

“This is your true home which has all of your memories with Oscar. Are you really going to let someone take your place? Besides, Isabella has never stayed here,” said Olivia, seemingly hinting at something.

Blinking her eyes, Amelia was in a sudden daze, as if her mind had stopped working.

Olivia chuckled at her confused expression.

Grabbing Amelia, she exited the car and immediately walked into the place.

Olivia explained kindly when they were in the elevator, “Oscar bought Isabella another house elsewhere. As for this condominium, I don’t know why Oscar only lives here alone, so I guess he still cares very much about you. Take it slow. He will think of you one day, sooner or later.”

Amelia’s eyes sparkled while her lips couldn’t help but curl upward.

When Olivia, holding Tony in her arms, and Amelia stepped out of the elevator, they saw a couple kissing in the corridor. To be precise, the woman was cupping the man’s face as she claimed his lips passionately, but he just stood there without any response.

Despite so, Amelia’s pupils shrank, and she felt a sharp pang in her heart as if someone was clenching it.

“Grandma, Mommy, Big Meanie is kissing another girl. He is so annoying.” Tony’s sulky and adorable voice snapped Amelia and Olivia out of their thoughts. The couple, who was at the side, quickly stepped away from each other when they heard the sudden sound.

When Isabella saw Amelia and Tony, hatred filled her eyes. However, she could not help but retract her gaze when she met Olivia’s stern glare. She then stood close to Oscar like a little girl and gently rested her head on his shoulder.

“Aunt Olivia, you’re here. Oscar and I were discussing what to get for you when we visit you,” stated Isabella obediently and coyly.

However, Olivia simply eyed her coldly.

“Oscar, I contacted reporters from a few major media companies. There will be a press conference five days later. Call off your engagement with Isabella during the press conference. Our family doesn’t accept someone who is riddled with scandals. It affects the reputation of our family,” uttered Olivia coldly.

When Isabella heard that, her face turned pale, and she grabbed Oscar’s arm tightly.

Tilting his head to look at her, Oscar comforted the woman with a gentle voice, “Don’t worry. They can’t hold a press conference without my consent.”

At that, the uneasiness on Isabella’s face faded away, and she flashed him a soft smile.

Oscar shot Amelia a discreet glance before shifting his gaze to Tony.

“Tony, since you are a big boy, you should walk on your own. At your age, you shouldn’t keep asking people to carry you anymore,” said Oscar with a slightly stern voice and a cold expression.

Tony was not afraid of the man as he scowled at the latter with widened eyes and even snorted proudly with his nose held high.

“You bullied Mommy, so I don’t want to talk to you, Big Meanie,” stated Tony firmly.

Upon hearing that, Oscar did not feel angry but laughed out loud.

“As expected of my son. Your charisma and guts resemble mine when I was young. Come here. Let me hold you. Let’s see if you have become chubbier since I last saw you a year ago.” Ignoring Tony’s resistance, Oscar took the former into his embrace forcefully. Lifting Tony in his arms, he seemed satisfied with Tony’s weight.

“Not bad. You are heavier and have become more stubborn than you were a year ago, but I like it. Your mommy has taught you well,” said Oscar with a smile.

Those around him either felt delighted or fearful when they heard his words.

Isabella clenched her fists as her heart raced. Watching the father and son interaction, she had a feeling that all her efforts were about to be in vain.

Extremely flustered, she quickly dashed forward to hold Oscar’s arm and smiled sweetly at Tony.

“Tony, do you still remember me? You’ve grown so much after a year, looking more like your father. After I marry him, I will be your stepmother,” said Amelia gently.

Tony rolled his eyes at her and pulled a face. The way he pouted his small lips made him look like a replica of Oscar.

“You are fighting with Mommy over Big Meanie. You’re a bad person. I don’t like you,” exclaimed Tony.

Isabella’s face turned stiff all of a sudden.

Looking aggrievedly at Oscar, she didn’t expect that he wouldn’t speak up for her.

“Isabella, Tony is still young. It’ll be fine after you spend more time with him later on,” stated Oscar.

Isabella gritted her teeth hard, almost crushing them. Despite the intense anger she felt, she still put on an amicable look.

“You’re right, Oscar. I was being too hasty.”

Oscar just nodded at that.

Olivia carried Tony with one arm and glanced at Isabella before she pulled Amelia toward the house with her other hand.

When Isabella stepped forward to stand in their way, Olivia shot her a glance and asked petulantly, “Isabella, what are you trying to do?”

“Aunt Olivia, please don’t be mad. This condominium is mine and Oscar’s future home now. After all, there is nothing between Ms. Winters and Oscar anymore. It doesn’t seem right if she enters the place.”

Olivia scoffed and silenced Isabella with just a comment. “I almost forgot to tell you that Oscar transferred the condominium to Amelia back then, so no matter how much you try to claim her place, nothing will work out. You should save yourself the worry.”

Isabella was so mad that her chest heaved up and down. Feeling wronged, she looked at Oscar, whose expression was relatively calm, evidently not planning to speak up for her. There was a pang of dismay in her heart as she felt utterly aggrieved at that moment.

“Mom, I have something to tell Isabella. You two can go inside if you want to. We’ll leave you two alone.” After saying that, Oscar immediately pulled Isabella into the elevator with him and paid no mind to Olivia’s shouts from behind.

After stepping into the elevator, Isabella could no longer hold back her tears, sobbing miserably.

“Oscar, you don’t care about me anymore, right?” asked Isabella pitifully.

Oscar helped her to wipe the tears off her face and said gently, “You fool. If I didn’t care about you, I wouldn’t have taken you away. You must believe that I love you the most. Don’t worry. We will have our wedding as planned. I’ll make you the happiest bride in this world.”

Isabella glanced at Oscar tearfully as if she wanted to see whether his expression was genuine through her tears.

“Oscar, do you really mean that?”

“If I don’t, do you think you have what it takes for me to get engaged with you?”

At that, Isabella laughed through her tears before she wiped them away and snuggled in his arms. She then hugged his waist tightly, listening to his calm heartbeat.

“Oscar, I’m glad to hear you say that. As long you’re by my side, I’m not afraid of anything,” said Isabella with a smile.

As Oscar caressed her hair gently, there was not even a hint of warmth in his eyes. Wearing a tense expression, he seemed to be in a daze.

Oscar then led Isabella to the car and made a phone call in front of her, asking someone to delete the video and photos.

In less than two hours, the videos and pictures that had been spreading like wildfire on the internet vanished without a trace. However, many netizens had already downloaded and made copies of the files. Subsequently, Isabella became the second person to be highly discussed among the city’s elites, the first being Jennifer. That being said, Isabella garnered more attention than Jennifer because she was also the fiancée to ClintonCorporations’ heir.

She was thrown into the limelight because of that status. As a result, she had to disguise herself whenever she went out of the house. Otherwise, she would frequently be recognized by others whenever she was out.

In the past, she kept a high profile as she yearned for everyone to recognize her, but now, she hoped she wasn’t receiving so much public interest.

She felt slightly at ease when she took out her phone and saw that all the videos, pictures, and comments on the internet had been deleted. Still, Isabella could not help feeling unsettled at Oscar’s late response. She was fearful that he might have recalled something.

Perhaps because she had established her relationship with him through an underhanded method, she was constantly feeling uneasy. Even the slightest changes to the circumstances could discompose her.

While Isabella was keeping Oscar company, she planned inwardly to make a trip to Bernard’s place.

She asked Oscar to send her back to the Walker residence.

“Oscar, my parents are missing you. Why don’t you accompany me into the house? That’ll stop them from always worrying about you abandoning me,” she said coyly while wrapping her arm around his.

He pecked her on the cheeks and chirped, “Be good. I need to return to the office to soothe those older board members. If I don’t address this matter quickly, they’ll keep bugging me about the impact this incident would have on the company.”

In fact, Oscar had made the necessary countermeasures at once after the videos became widespread over the internet. Hence, the company’s share price was not largely affected. Still, he uttered those words for the sake of dealing with Isabella.

She kissed his cheek as well and regarded him with a guilty look.

“Oscar, I’m sorry. This is all my fault. You wouldn’t have been caught in this mess if it weren’t for me. Why don’t you scold me?”

He merely gazed at her affectionately.

The two of them shared some intimate moments before he persuaded her to get out of the car. After that, he drove away.

The smile on Isabella’s face faltered as the car gradually disappeared from her vision. A scheming and wicked look flashed across her eyes as she mused.

Oscar, don’t blame me for doing this. I just want our relationship to be more stable. It’s been so long since I last visited Professor Zabinski. I thought I’d secured a place in your heart since we’d been together for one year, but judging by the looks of it, that’s not the case after all. I simply wanted you to love me more.

She decided to meet up with Bernard and let Oscar undergo another hypnosis session. As Bernard mentioned, it was better for Oscar to go insane than for him to return to Amelia’s side.

Isabella would rather destroy the things she could not have than let others lay their hands on them.

With that, she went into her house and changed into another outfit. After putting on a pair of sunglasses, she was ready to depart.

“Isabella, videos and pictures of you are all over the internet, so why are you still going out? If you’re so free, you should spend more time coaxing Oscar. Don’t let your effort thus far go to waste,” Carol uttered petulantly.

“Mom, it was Oscar who sent me back. He told me not to worry because he’ll help me handle everything. Our wedding will proceed as planned. You can rest assured. If I’m capable of snatching Amelia’s man, I’ll have the ability to make him fall in love with me and only me,” Isabella replied confidently.

Only after she listened to her daughter’s elaboration did Carol’s expression relax a little.

“Isabella, if that’s the case, you should cling on to Oscar and make sure he doesn’t have a change of heart. Otherwise, the bond between the Walker family and the Clinton family will be ruined.”

Isabella nodded before she turned around and left.

She drove to Bernard’s place and went into the house for further discussion with him.

“Have you thought this through? Are you willing to do this even if he may remember his past or become a fool?” Bernard asked calmly.

Isabella’s eyes glinted menacingly after she listened to his question.

“That woman has returned after one year. I thought his feelings for her had already entirely dissipated since he divorced her without hesitation back then. Unexpectedly, I was too naive. Although his memories have been altered, he still couldn’t forget her. In that case, I’d rather he become a fool than let her have him,” Isabella said through gritted teeth.

Bernard glanced at her and shook his head indistinctively. “Women can indeed be exceedingly ruthless at times.”

Isabella could not care less about his remark. In her opinion, it didn’t matter even if she had to bear a bad reputation as long as she could achieve her goal. She thought that as time passed, others would only focus on her glory and disregard the lowly, despicable things she’d done.

“Professor Zabinski, I’ll bring him here as soon as possible. I hope you can intensify the hypnosis and make him forget that woman’s existence completely. It’ll be best if you can also erase all his memories of their only son. I want him to belong only to me. He can only be mine and only mine, even if it means he has to become a fool,” she said maniacally with narrowed eyes.

She was so obsessed with Oscar that she could not stand him returning to Amelia’s side. Oscar is mine. Even if he becomes a lunatic, he should still be my lunatic.

Taking in her demeanor, Bernard knew no amount of persuasion would change her mind, so he allowed her to do as she pleased.

After that, Isabella went to Clinton Corporations. This time, no one halted her as she made her way to the office.

She walked up to Oscar and said, “Oscar, I went to the psychiatric clinic and spoke to Professor Zabinski. He told me I was getting too anxious because of the videos, and I was at risk of getting depression. Worse come to worst, I might even experience urges to end my own life.”

Oscar placed his pen down and looked up at her. Then, he curled in lips into a tender smile and uttered affectionately, “You’re overthinking things again. Go and sit on the couch first. After I’m done checking these documents, I’ll bring you out to relax your mind.”

She nodded in response and went to sit on the couch obediently.

Only after Oscar was done with his work did she get up.

“Oscar, could you accompany me to meet with Professor Zabinski? I wish to undergo a few more psychotherapy sessions with him. I want more time to stay by your side and grow old with you,” Isabella said while snuggling in his embrace.

In response, Oscar hugged her. Although he was starting to suspect her, the countless beautiful memories of them together filled his mind, so he wouldn’t refuse her under normal circumstances unless she made some outrageous demands.

“Okay. If doing these can help you feel better, I’ll go with you.”

“Oscar, you’re so nice to me. I think I’m falling more deeply in love with you.” She pecked his cheek.

At that instant, as he listened to her words, he felt something tugging at his heartstrings. It seemed to him that a woman had once wrapped her arms around his neck and uttered those words to him before. However, he was certain that the woman wasn’t Isabella.

Still, in his memories, the only two women he had genuinely loved were Isabella and Cassie. There wasn’t any other woman he cared about.

Nonetheless, he could not help feeling a sense of familiarity as the recollection of that unknown woman flashed across his mind.

At that moment, his eyes became distant.

Sensing his unusual demeanor, Isabella became anxious, prompting her to pull him back to his senses quickly.

“Oscar, let’s go now. I’ve made an appointment with Professor Zabinski. It’s not nice for us to keep him waiting,” she piped up skittishly.

He turned his head sideways to glance at her before nodding in agreement.

Linda strode over right after they left the office.

“Mr. Clinton, the representatives from Royce Technologies, Atlas Corporation’s branch company, are already here. They are on their way up inside the elevator,” she reported.

Just as Oscar was about to speak, the doors to the elevator coincidentally opened. Then, a woman and three men stepped out of the elevator. There was nothing special about the three men, but when Isabella saw the woman, her pupils dilated. She glared at the woman, who was wearing a courteous smile while clenching her fists. Isabella’s nails had dug into her palms without her realizing it.

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