Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 876

Chapter 876 With Her

In the end, Oscar still strode off. Amelia stood in place for a while. All of a sudden, she dashed forward, caught up with him, and blocked his way.

With a lift of her head, she looked at Oscar stubbornly. “Mr. Clinton, I have a favor to ask of you,” she said. Oscar lowered his head to look at her, a glimmer of emotion flashing across his eyes. “Speak,” he replied coolly.

“Don’t do anything to Kurt. I was the one who made him go abroad. After our divorce a year ago, I was worried that people with ill intentions would hurt Tony, so I pleaded with Kurt to join us. Back then, you agreed to let him be our bodyguard, so technically, he did not leave his post without permission,” Amelia said while looking into his eyes.

Oscar’s face darkened slightly as a sense of malaise filled his heart. It felt as if someone had taken away his most prized possession.

“Amelia Winters, you’re quite a sentimental person, aren’t you? It’s no wonder Isabella claimed that you had an affair with Kurt before our divorce became official. Sure, I was magnanimous enough to look the other way, but please stop pushing your luck. My wrath is not something either of you can bear. He did something wrong and should be punished accordingly. This is something everyone in the organization is aware of.” Oscar then narrowed his eyes coldly. “I was initially going to stay my hand, but you’re the one who reminded me.”

Amelia’s face paled slightly, and she felt extremely uneasy.

She then took a deep breath to compose herself.

“When did you develop a sense of humor, Mr. Clinton?” Amelia remarked.

Oscar shrugged. “People are capable of changing. Aren’t you the same as well? I remember that you used to stop at nothing to stay by my side, but now you’ve learned to stand up for another man. Is it because you need to find another man to rely on since you no longer have me as your backing? That being said, Kurt’s not a bad choice. I molded him into who he is today. He is capable and handsome and has earned quite a bit of money throughout the years. You’d be able to lead an easy life by dating him. Go on, hold on to him as tightly as you can. Otherwise, once you’re old and wrinkly, you won’t be able to capture men’s hearts as easily anymore. You might as well sell yourself off for a good price while you’re still young.”

Amelia went ghastly pale. She clenched her fists, her chest heaving from rage.

However, she burst out laughing shortly after.

“You are jealous, Mr. Clinton,” stated Amelia calmly.

A hint of awkwardness flashed across Oscar’s face as he suddenly stiffened.

Whenever he argued with Amelia in the past, she was the one who was always at a disadvantage. However, she had turned the tables on him then.

“That’s pure nonsense.” In a huff, Oscar turned around to leave. With his back as straight as a ramrod, he seemed taller and sturdier than usual. However, if one paid close attention to his red ears, one could easily tell that Amelia had gotten under his skin.

Amelia had an on-and-off relationship with him for almost ten years and thus knew the ins and outs of his temper. If not for the fact that she knew him well, she would have left in a fit of embarrassment moments ago.

Looking at Oscar’s retreating figure, Amelie could not resist yelling out one final jab.

“Esteemed Mr. Clinton! I beseech thee to find it in yourself to pardon Kurt, for my sake. After all, he is the one who saved your son and me!”

Oscar stopped in his tracks, then sped up and left the scene.

Amelia smirked. Her mood seemed to have improved.

At a leisurely pace, she left the park. As soon as she did, a car pulled up in front of her.

The person inside the vehicle rolled down the window and stuck his head out. Amelia smiled at him.

“Kurt, you’re back.”

Kurt nodded.

Amelia opened the door, got into the car, and then turned around to give Kurt the once-over.

“I’m relieved that you’re okay, Kurt,” she said sincerely.

The corners of Kurt’s mouth curved upward. It appeared that he was in a decent mood.

“I swung by the organization, expecting to have severe repercussions headed my way. However, I didn’t think that Boss had long dismissed me. I’d apparently been free a year ago,” he said mildly. His tone was nonchalant, but the look in his eyes became complicated.

Kurt never thought it would be so easy to leave the organization that gave him a lot of warmth and stained his hands with blood. When he was actually informed to leave, he had mixed feelings. At the same time, he could not figure out what Oscar was thinking about for letting him go so easily.

Nevertheless, he was quite happy at being able to leave. At the very least, he was on equal footing with Oscar and could protect Amelia openly as he saw fit.

Having heard Kurt’s words, Amelia lowered her gaze as she went deep in thought. Soon, a faint smile played about her lips. It seemed that she had perked up.

Kurt noticed the subtle change from the corner of his eye, and his mood seemed to become gloomier.

There was some bitterness in his expression.

Amelia was right beside him, but her mind kept drifting toward thoughts of Oscar. It made Kurt feel jealous. He knew for a fact that she only considered him as nothing but family, and it would stay as that for the rest of their lives.

“I saw Boss walk out of here just now. Did you both agree to meet here?” asked Kurt, trying to break the silence.

“No, it was a mere coincidence. In fact, I’m not sure why he came here either, but maybe it’s fate. Even though he mistook someone for me, I’m guessing the past we shared still resides in his subconscious,” Amelia replied. For some reason, he thought her tone of voice sounded like that of a young lady in love.

Kurt felt a pang of heartache.

He had done so much for her, but he had yet to see her smile so happily. On the contrary, she was so elated when Oscar merely showed up at the same park by chance.

“Did you watch that video on the internet?” asked Kurt, swallowing whatever bitterness he had.

Amelia stopped smiling and nodded.

“Before we returned from overseas, you said you had a surprise for me. Is this what you were referring to? I happened to see it on Olivia’s phone and wondered who it was that despised Isabella that much. It turned out to be you all along, eh?” she replied as she tilted her head to look at him. “Thank you, Kurt. I’ll never forget the kindness you’ve shown me. However, I don’t want you to take risks for me. Oscar is powerful enough that if he wants to look into your IP address, he will manage it just fine. I’m no longer his spouse, so I fear that I can’t protect you from his wrath.”

In any case, Isabella was currently the woman by Oscar’s side, his fiancée and soon-to-be wife. A matter like that could very well affect his pride or cause potential harm to Clinton Corporations’ stock prices. As such, Amelia was disinclined to use such vulgar means to retaliate against Isabella. After all, if Isabella’s reputation were to suffer, Oscar’s would not be spared.

When Amelia came back, all she wanted was for Oscar to be with her again, not to put him in a dilemma. The current happening was not an outcome that she wished to see.

Seeing that Amelia did not seem happy as he had imagined, Kurt looked a little morose.

“Amelia, are you unhappy because I uploaded that video of her online?” he asked tentatively.

Amelia turned to glance at him. She knew that he was overthinking.

“I’m not upset. I’m just worried that Oscar will come after you. I’m his ex-wife now, so I can’t offer you any protection. I just hope that you can calm down,” she explained.

Kurt’s expression immediately brightened.

“I’m delighted that you’re concerned about me, Amelia,” he said with a smile. “Don’t worry. I was very secretive about this, so no one can trace this back to me. Even if Boss is suspicious, he has no proof. Besides, he hasn’t asked anyone to remove the video from being circulated yet. This shows us that he doesn’t value Isabella as much as we’ve imagined.”

Amelia’s eyes twinkled. Her mood seemed to have lifted.

Then, Kurt pursed his lips and drove silently.

When they got back to the neighborhood, the duo took the elevator upstairs. As soon as they entered the condominium, Tiffany ran over with her laptop and shoved it into Amelia’s hands.

Amelia looked bewildered.

“Babe, look! Isabella is trending like some big celebrity now. There’s gossip about her everywhere! I’m sure you’ll like this!” Tiffany exclaimed gloatingly as she waggled her brows at Amelia.

The latter did not know what to say. A moment later, she brought the laptop with her to the couch.

Having taken a seat, Amelia looked at the screen. Many of the comments from the netizens were harsh, but when she scrolled down, she noticed a comment from Oscar’s verified account.

In the comment, he thanked everyone for gossiping about his fiancée, even ending his sentence with a smiley.

Amelia thought that someone must have hacked into Oscar’s account to write such a comment since there was no way he would do something like that.

Alas, she was mistaken. At that moment, the man she swore would never do such a thing was using his phone to upload a photo his investigators had found. It was a picture of Isabella kissing another man—the very same Isabella whom he proclaimed his love for.

The woman in red standing next to Oscar was watching him intently. The puzzlement in her eyes grew. Even she could not figure out his motive for doing such a thing.

It stood to reason that Isabella was Oscar’s fiancée. Regardless of whether or not he loved her, the right thing to do was to remove the pictures and the video from circulation. To the woman’s surprise, Oscar did the opposite, posting a comment, digging up more racy photos, and sharing them as though he wanted to add fuel to the fire.

I no longer understand how the world works.

“Boss, are you not going to remove the photos and the video? If we let this fester, Clinton Corporations’ stocks will be affected to an extent. After all, Ms. Walker is your fiancée, and you two will get married soon,” the woman uttered.

Oscar raised an eyebrow.

“Lindsay, do you think a woman like this is fit to be my wife?” he asked mildly. For reasons unknown to him, the gorgeous Amelia recalled to him. Logically, he should feel nothing but hatred for her, but he could not stop himself from thinking of her.

“Boss, that was out of line. I should’ve kept my thoughts to myself. These are your personal affairs, so I have no right to say anything,” Lindsay said apologetically with her head lowered.

Oscar merely waved a hand in response. “You may leave. I’ll send for you again when it’s your turn to act.”

Lindsay nodded and left without saying another word.

A tinge of darkness flashed across Oscar’s eyes as he looked at Isabella’s pictures spreading like wildfire on the internet. Isabella had been hiding them from him for far too long. On top of all the affairs she was having, she had the audacity to claim that she loved only him.

He wondered how he was stupid enough to trust her.

What he needed to do then was to string Isabella along and figure out how he ended up like that.

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