Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 873

Chapter 873 The Video Is Exposed

After sending Amelia and Tiffany back home, Kurt told the two women he had to head out because of an errand, then reminded them to lock the door before they went to bed. Amelia stopped him. “Kurt, tell me honestly. Where are you going?”

“Back then, I went abroad without Boss’ permission. This is considered my second betrayal, so I want to go back and accept my punishment. This is something I have to do. After all, Boss has groomed me, and I have sworn to be loyal to him until the end. Now that I have gone back on my word, I’m not fit to serve him anymore. I deserve the punishment.” Kurt looked at her with a slight quirk in his mouth. “Amelia, I have spent a total of three years with you in Beshya and overseas. Although things between us didn’t progress to the next level, I’m content nonetheless. Therefore, I don’t regret betraying Boss. The only issue is that I can no longer protect you and Tony in the future. You have to be careful.”

Amelia felt a pang of heartache. She became much more reluctant to let Kurt leave and take the risk.

“Kurt, I don’t want you to go. If I still mean something to you, then don’t go. If not, I will tell Oscar that I was the one who instigated you. Anyway, he doesn’t recognize me. I doubt he will go easy on me. If you want something untoward to happen to me, then go ahead,” said Amelia stubbornly.

Kurt smiled in resignation.

“What nonsense is this? Kurt, stop saying such things that will worry Amelia. After all, Oscar didn’t say that he plans to do anything to you. Aren’t you being foolish if you walk into the lion’s den by yourself?” Tiffany voiced as she waved her hands and eyed Kurt as if he was an idiot.

All the man did was smile. He did not reveal the crucial details.

If Kurt did not accept the punishment, then he would never be able to leave the organization. Oscar would always be his boss. In that case, he could only watch over Amelia on the quiet and could never be seen publicly next to her.

He had his own selfish motives. That was why he wanted to be unshackled from the grip of Oscar.

If they had stayed overseas all the way, he could rid himself of the shackles. However, he had no choice right then. As long as he did not die, he would be able to stay by Amelia’s side openly as a man and not as an insignificant bodyguard.

It was something that had always bothered him.

“I’m just joking with you two. I’m meeting Hugo for a drink. We haven’t seen each other for a year,” said Kurt jokingly.

However, it was obvious that Amelia did not buy his story.

“Amelia, if you feel nothing for me, then please don’t keep showing your concern for me. This will make it harder for me to let you go. Don’t worry about anything. I won’t be so easily defeated. I’ve promised you that I will protect Tony until he becomes an adult, and I will keep my word.” With that, Kurt turned around and left.

For some strange reason, Amelia felt like crying all of a sudden.

“Babe, don’t worry. He’s a grown man. He knows what he is doing,” consoled Tiffany.

Amelia let out a sigh.

“Tiff, I’m very selfish,” she said sadly.

Tiffany held her arm and brought her into the bedroom. Tony was already asleep. As for the woman lying face down on the edge of the bed, she got up quickly when she heard sounds. Upon seeing Amelia and Tiffany, she relaxed.

“Mrs. Clinton, it’s both of you,” the woman said.

“Jolin, it’s been hard on you. You come over the moment we return. If it weren’t for you looking after Tony, we wouldn’t know what to do,” said Amelia with a smile. It turned out that the woman was Jolin. Two months ago, both she and Hugo were transferred back by Oscar. However, Oscar did not assign any duties to them, causing them to be idle. Therefore, when they found out that Amelia was back, they came over eagerly.

“It’s nothing. It’s my honor to be able to look after you and Mr. Anthony,” Jolin replied with a smile.

She genuinely liked Amelia, finding her simple, gracious, polite, kind, strong, and considerate, unlike the scheming Isabella. When Oscar stopped Hugo and her work because of Isabella, Jolin did not mind. After all, she had no intention of serving Isabella.

It was better to be idling than to face the annoying Isabella, who despised her as well.

Amelia invited Jolin out of the bedroom for a chat and a meal.

The latter followed her.

Then, Amelia entered the kitchen and cooked a plate of pasta bolognese for her. Jolin accepted the food gratefully and started to dig in.

In no time, the plate was empty.

“Here, wipe your mouth.” Seeing that, Amelia handed her a napkin.

Jolin took it and cleaned her mouth casually. Looking a little shy, she said, “Mrs. Clinton, I’ve made a fool of myself in front of you. I eat as though I’ve starved for days. There’s nothing feminine about me when I eat.”

All Amelia did was smile gently.

“Mrs. Clinton, do you have plans now that you have returned? I suppose you want Boss to be with you again?” asked Jolin as she looked at Amelia.

The former really hoped that Amelia could become their boss’ wife again. That way, Oscar’s group of loyal bodyguards, including her, would enjoy better days. Otherwise, with Isabella throwing her weight around, they would definitely complain as days went on since they were all proud people. It would only be a matter of time before conflicts arose between Oscar and the bodyguards. When that happened, the empire that he built from scratch would be ruined.

“Oscar is my beloved. Of course, I will return to him,” said Amelia.

Hearing that, Jolin let out a sigh of relief.

“Jolin, there’s something I’ve been meaning to find out. If any one of you wants to leave the organization, what kind of punishment will you receive?” Amelia asked after a moment of contemplation.

Jolin glanced at her with complicated emotions in her eyes. For a moment, she fell silent.

“Jolin, are you not allowed to tell me?” Amelia’s heart sank.

Raising her head, Jolin sighed.

“Mrs. Clinton, technically, it’s neither easy nor hard if we want to leave the organization. As long as you can take three gunshots, you are allowed to leave freely. But, ten years ago, someone wanted to leave. In the end, he succumbed to the shots and didn’t make it out alive,” she then explained with a grim expression.

After a pause, she forced the following words out with some difficulty. “Mrs. Clinton, are you asking about this because Kurt intends to leave? When he went overseas with you without leaving a word behind, the buddies who grew up with him know that it is only a matter of time before he leaves. But, we really don’t want him to take the risk.”

Amelia tightened her fists slowly.

“Jolin, is there any other solution?” she asked.

Jolin answered, “Yes. As long as Boss agrees, he may leave.”

There was no response from Amelia.

“What kind of dumb rule is this? How can a living person survive three gunshots? No human is made of metal. Nobody in their right mind will allow themselves to be shot. Their bodies may become hornet’s nests,” Tiffany grumbled with her arms akimbo.

“Rules are rules. All of us have been groomed by Boss. Without him, we would have long been dead or homeless. We have all sworn our loyalty to Boss. In the entire organization, only one person had attempted to leave. In the end, he died in our hands. Up till now, Kurt is probably the only one who wants to leave.” Jolin eyed Amelia with mixed feelings before continuing, “Mrs. Clinton, Kurt listens to you. Please talk him out of it. When he left with you to go to Beshya back then, he had already exasperated Boss. Boss doesn’t hold a grudge against him because of you. But, now…”

Even though the former did not finish her last sentence, the latter knew what she was trying to say. Since Amelia was no longer Oscar’s beloved woman, there was no way he would forgive Kurt’s betrayal for her sake. That was the main point.

“I’ll talk to him,” Amelia stated.

Jolin lowered her head and rubbed her nose awkwardly.

“Jolin, go upstairs with Tiff and take a rest first. I need to make a phone call.” Amelia then got up and walked out of the house. Initially, Jolin wanted to follow her but unexpectedly had her neck hugged by Tiffany, who then led her upstairs.

Amelia stood in the corridor and phoned Kurt. The call was answered very quickly.

“Amelia, please don’t worry about me. I really am having a drink with Hugo. I’ll be back in a short while.” As though he knew what she wanted to say, he beat her to it before she could express her thoughts.

Amelia was speechless.

After a moment of silence, she said, “Come back earlier then.”

Kurt mumbled something on the other end of the line, and she merely advised him not to drink too much before hanging up.

At that moment, Kurt was in a bar. The colorful, dazzling lights there made his eyes look even more glazed.

He was fiddling with the glass in his hand, and his phone had been tossed onto the table.

“Are you sure you want to upload this video to the internet? Kurt, a year ago, you stopped yourself from posting it. Aren’t you worried about infuriating Boss by posting it now? Boss is very enamored with that woman right now. He even assigned quite a number of highly-skilled bodyguards to protect her. That shows how much she means to him,” said Hugo as he eyed Kurt, who had become much more reticent since returning from overseas.

Hugo had no idea what had happened between Kurt and Amelia when they were overseas. However, he knew that Amelia did not accept Kurt. Otherwise, the two of them would not have returned. It was beyond him that his buddy was such a fool for love that he was willing to betray their boss for a woman. Kurt went all out for Amelia, yet it was all for naught. At that point, Hugo could not figure out if what Kurt was about to do was worthwhile.

“Help me upload the video online. Given your ability, I believe that no one will find out. If Boss still thinks Isabella is his true love after witnessing the ugly side of her, I feel sorry for Amelia,” Kurt responded after taking a sip of his drink.

Hugo could not help but sigh inwardly when he saw the way his friend behaved.

“As long as you don’t regret your decision,” he uttered.

A small smile appeared on Kurt’s face. He was not one to regret his decisions, especially where Amelia was concerned.

The following day, an indecent video of the fiancée of the heir to Clinton Corporations showed up on various websites. In the video, Isabella was seductive, and her eyes were glassy. That alluring body and sensual red lips of hers set men’s lust on fire.

That was why the video hit a million views in a short amount of time. Thereafter, the views increased at a rate of ten thousand hits every second. The comments kept coming in and consisted of horrible remarks. In any case, Isabella’s video had become even more viral than Jennifer’s.

When Isabella saw the video, her face turned pale. With trembling hands, she picked up the phone and called someone. Once the call went through, she harshly instructed the person to remove the video. Unfortunately for her, the video reappeared after the first one had been taken down. It was as if someone was going against her on purpose.

It dawned on Isabella that someone was out to get her, and she knew who it was right away. There was no need to think about it.

Other than Amelia, she could not think of anyone else who would have a deep-seated hatred for her. Back then, she should not have allowed Amelia to return to the country. The moment the latter came back, such a thing happened.

Her abhorrence for Amelia gave her a strong urge to skin the latter alive.

However, Isabella knew that deleting the video from the internet was of paramount importance. If not, once it continued to spread, things between Oscar and her would be over.

In the past, she had been too carefree. If she had known things would turn out that way, she would have asked Oscar to get Kurt to give up the video.

Given Isabella’s ability, she would not be able to get rid of the video. In the end, she had no choice but to phone Oscar for help.

“Isabella, don’t worry. I have already gotten someone to delete the video. No one is allowed to bully my woman,” assured Oscar in his rich bass voice before she could say anything.

His words warmed her heart, and they made her feel safe.

After composing herself, she asked, “Oscar, weren’t you angry when you saw the video?”

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