Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 872

Chapter 872 Nothing Else Matters Without The Love Of My Life

Amelia, Tiffany, and Kurt planned to leave before the charity gala came to an end. They had just walked out of the event space when Derrick and Oscar came out after them. None of them knew why Isabella didn’t tag along with Oscar. Oscar swept his gaze over Kurt, and the latter immediately stepped aside.

Seeing Kurt’s action, Amelia got worried that he would get punished for following her to Anglandur without informing anyone a year ago. Back when he defied Oscar’s orders and followed her to Beshya, Oscar didn’t punish him for her sake, but her words didn’t have any power over him now. Will Kurt be safe? I’m not sure about that.

Amelia wasn’t confident at all. “Kurt, you can head back without us. Tiff and I will take a taxi back,” Amelia uttered. She wanted to send Kurt away on purpose.

Hearing that, Kurt shook his head gently and stood aside like a lamp post. It was obvious to Amelia that he was worried about her, so she heaved a silent sigh and didn’t press on.

Amelia took it as a normal interaction, but Oscar couldn’t stop the displeasure rising within.a

He recalled what Isabella told him earlier, “Oscar, I think your bodyguard, Kurt, isn’t loyal to you. It is obvious he is in love with Amelia. He had the audacity to follow her to Anglandur, so it was pretty obvious how he felt about her. I’m afraid they had gotten involved intimately a long while ago. I think you should fire such a disloyal bodyguard. Who knows, he might betray you one day.”

Oscar narrowed his eyes as discomfort rose in his heart.

He didn’t have a good impression of Amelia in his memories, but seeing her close to his bodyguard made him feel double the betrayal.

“Kurt, you should know the consequences of betraying the organization. A year ago, you deserted your post without asking for a leave. I didn’t pursue the matter. Now that you’re back, go get your punishment. After you endure the punishment, I will no longer be your employer,” Oscar announced as he looked straight at Kurt.

Kurt hung his head low and nodded. “Got it, Boss,” he responded flatly.

Amelia instinctively stood in front of Kurt in a protective manner and met Oscar’s gaze.

“Mr. Clinton, you can get mad at me. You were the one who gifted Kurt to me as a bodyguard, so it is normal for him to follow me overseas. You told me he only has to listen to my orders. You might not remember anything now, but I believe you will keep your word, right?” Amelia told him with a smile. No one would suspect her as she looked calm and unruffled.

Oscar gazed at her without a word. Strangely, his instincts told him to trust her.

“Oscar.” Isabella strode out and interrupted their interaction.

Oscar’s smile slipped, and he looked serious.

Holding the edge of her gown, Isabella came over to hold Oscar’s arm. She then gave Kurt and Amelia a nonchalant look.

“Kurt, you’re finally back, huh? Ms. Winters and Oscar have gotten a divorce, so you can be open with your relationship. Back when they were still together, I noticed how protective you were of her. Now, you can finally be with her,” Isabella said innocently.

Kurt shot her an icy look but said nothing.

“Ms. Walker, I don’t think you’re in the place to comment on my relationship with Kurt,” Amelia retorted.

“Yes, your relationship is none of my business, but I feel bad for Oscar. Your marriage was rocky, but I think it was disgusting for you to flirt with his bodyguard behind his back,” Isabella uttered. She was trying to be ambiguous.

Amelia pursed her lips.

“Isabella, the truth will reveal one day. What goes around comes around. You know what despicable trick you used, so stop framing an innocent woman. I feel ashamed on your behalf,” Tiffany declared angrily.

Isabella’s exquisitely made-up face turned distorted slightly.

“Oscar, let’s go. My tummy feels queasy. Besides, I refuse to talk to a bunch of crazy dogs.” Isabella schooled her expression carefully and made sure her expression was normal before she talked to Oscar in a wheedling tone.

Oscar turned slightly to look at her and nodded in response.

Taking his hand, Isabella led him away. A hint of reluctance appeared in Amelia’s eyes as she watched Oscar’s back.

“Amelia, won’t you go after him?” Derrick inquired, smiling.

Amelia looked away and turned to Derrick. Feeling amused, she shook her head.

“Derrick, you must’ve come out as you wanted to talk to Tiff. Kurt and I shall give you some space. Don’t you dare bully Tiff verbally,” Amelia warned.

Derrick bobbed his head.

After Amelia and Kurt went aside, Derrick stared at Tiffany with deep affection swirling in his eyes.

Tiffany felt her cheeks turn pink as she avoided his gaze shyly.

“Tiff, how was life overseas?” Derrick asked.

Tiffany raised her head to look at him. A goofy grin teased at her lips as she gave a bark of laughter.

“Not bad. I had a great time. I also published two novels that were well-received by my readers. This time, I flew back to talk to Mr. Zabriskie who adapted my novel previously. He is going to make a movie based on the novel,” she revealed happily.

A smile bloomed on Derrick’s lips.

“I’ve read both novels, and they are different from your previous work. They are actually a different style. Nevertheless, I love them. If I’m still the CEO of a publishing company, I’d definitely fight for the adaptation rights,” he revealed.

Tiffany widened her eyes and stared at him incredulously.

“I closed down my companies and took over Hisson Group. Grandpa handed over everything to me, so I am now the head of the Hisson family,” he added calmly.

But the companies were everything to you. Are you sure you are willing to give them up?

Tiffany wanted to ask the question out loud but remembered that they weren’t in a relationship anymore. Thus, she swallowed her words.

“The companies weren’t that big. I was too stubborn in the past and lost the love of my life. Now, I finally understand that the only way to protect my loved one is to become so strong that no one can deny me what I want. After you left, someone taught me this quote,” Derrick explained as he saw the confusion in her eyes.

He wanted to tell her that the companies he established were meaningless without her around.

Feeling flustered, Tiffany wanted to flee the scene.

“That’s great. I need to leave. I’ve been suffering from jet lag the past few days and didn’t get to sleep too much. I’m really sleepy,” she mumbled with her head hung low.

Derrick nodded. “Sure. Go back and get some rest.”

He didn’t force her to stay as he knew how important it was to take things slow. “Tiff, we might not be a married couple anymore, but we’re still friends. You don’t have to put on that expression. I won’t harm you. When you found someone new, I shall give you my blessings,” he added.

No one knew how difficult it was for him to say words that went against his heart.

Disappointment overwhelmed Tiffany when she heard what he said.

“I’ll be off now,” she told him coldly.

Derrick nodded.

Tiffany spun on her heels and went straight to Amelia without sparing Derrick another glance.

“Babe, let’s go home. I’m a little sleepy,” she said in a soft voice.

Amelia gave Derrick one last look before leaving with Tiffany and Kurt. meanwhile, Derrick remained rooted to his spot as he gazed at Tiffany’s retreating back adoringly. His eyes shone with a flash of determined glint.

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