Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 871

Chapter 871 Cannot Let Go

Oscar gave a curt nod. Seeing his response, Isabella could finally relax her tensed body. She held Oscar’s arm and gave the other elders a nod before stalking away like a proud peacock.

“Look how impatient, rude, and smug she is. I don’t understand what Oscar sees in her,” Rhonda commented unhappily.

Amelia listened to her comment and discovered one thing—Isabella had managed to make everyone despise her as she took advantage of the fact that Oscar adored her and was rude to most of the upper-class families.

Initially, she assumed Isabella’s social skills would improve as a year passed, but the latter was so spoiled she couldn’t even flatter someone else.

After chatting briefly with Rhonda, Amelia led Tiffany to the other end of the hall. She didn’t show up before Isabella to upset her. “Won’t you provoke Isabella?” Tiffany asked.

“No need. I found out that Oscar doesn’t hate me as much as I expected, so that shall suffice. I’ll go and see him after the charity gala ends.” Amelia’s lips curled into a smile. She seemed to be in a good mood after discovering that Oscar didn’t hate her. That is a good start.

“Don’t tell me that makes you happy, Amelia. That’s hardly anything. I think you should continue striking while the iron is hot by showing your authority. I saw how Oscar’s eyes lit up when he saw you earlier,” Tiffany told her. She was pleased to see Oscar’s response earlier. It is annoying to see Isabella using despicable tricks to steal someone else’s husband but pretending to be the victim by accusing the real victim. Doesn’t she feel ashamed? Hmph! Her shamelessness knows no bound.

Amelia shot Tiffany a bemused look, and the latter shrugged in response.

Coincidentally, Amelia spotted Derrick coming in through the entrance.

A smirk played on her lips as she gave Tiffany a nudge.

“Tiff, your trouble is here,” she said purposely.

Tiffany gave her a strange look.

Seeing her response, Amelia pursed her lips in Derrick’s direction. Tiffany turned to look at the entrance and spotted Derrick. The smile on her lips froze, and she seemed awkward.

After a year, Derrick was more intimidating and mature than before. His handsome face was icy as he gave off an aura that repelled anyone who came close.

Seeing how different Derrick looked now, Tiffany couldn’t help but recall how disheveled he was at the airport a year ago. She wasn’t prepared to meet Derrick yet. If she knew he was going to be here tonight, she wouldn’t have attended the charity gala.

“Amelia, block me. I shall head out to take a breather. Give me a call when you’re ready to leave,” Tiffany whispered before preparing to escape as though she had done something wrong.

“Tiff, Derrick is coming this way. It will look like you’re escaping from him if you leave now,” Amelia told her.

Tiffany froze before slowly returning to Amelia’s side. She could only watch as Derrick came to her.

Never in Derrick’s wildest dreams did he know he would bump into the woman he missed dearly for one year. Finally, she’s back. I didn’t wait so long in vain. Now that she’s back, I shall never let her leave.

Overwhelmed by emotions, Derrick couldn’t help but flash a smile. He returned to his indifferent self when he came to a stop before Tiffany, for he was afraid of scaring her away. He didn’t want her to escape overseas again.

“Tiff, you’re back. When did you come back? It has been a year since we last met. It looks like you’re doing well overseas. You’ve gained weight, but you look prettier now,” Derrick greeted her naturally as though they were friends who hadn’t met for some time.

Tiffany gave him a long look. He acted natural, so her attempt to escape would seem pretentious.

“I got back two days ago and was busy with publishing my novel, so I didn’t have time to contact my old friends. Fancy running into you here!” Tiffany responded stiffly.

Derrick’s lips twitched when he heard her response. It turns out that I’m just a friend to her now.

Tiffany gave him a careful look. She had the urge to ask him whether he was married but soon changed her mind. After all, she was afraid of getting an answer that wasn’t to her liking.

A year ago, she escaped overseas hastily and cut off all ties with Derrick.

Tiffany dared not ask the question, but someone else asked it on behalf of her.

“Derrick, Ms. Halliwell must’ve given birth, right? When did you get married?” Amelia asked nonchalantly.

Derrick glanced at her. “I didn’t marry her. After giving birth to her son, she took the huge sum of money that the Hissons gave her and went overseas. She said I’m a stubborn man who gave my heart to someone else. Thus, she’d rather head overseas to find the right guy instead of wasting her time on me.”

Amelia gazed at Tiffany, who was obviously distracted.

“So you dumped her?” Amelia asked wryly.

Amused, Derrick curved his lips. “Amelia, we’re friends, right? Tiff and I are no longer married, so there’s no need for you to be sarcastic to me because of her. I went all out at the airport a year ago but failed to persuade you to change your mind. That was when I realized Tiff no longer loved me anymore. Hence, I took over the family business and spent all my time working. I’m still single now. What about you? Did you get a boyfriend overseas?”

One would think Derrick seemed unfazed if one didn’t pay attention to his expression. It was as if he no longer loved Tiffany. However, Derrick was clenching his fists so tightly that his veins started popping up.

Both Amelia and Tiffany didn’t notice his unusual action.

“No one is pursuing me, but Tiff has an admirer. I believe you know who he is. He is one of the person in charge of Atlas Corporation and my mentor for the past year. I think they make a great match, and Tiff is about to say yes to him. As her ex-husband, shouldn’t you congratulate her?” Amelia asked as though she wanted to challenge Derrick deliberately.

Derrick stiffened as shock rippled in the depths of his eyes. However, he soon concealed his emotions and maintained a cool composure.

“Oh, the person in charge of Atlas Corporation. It looks like I’ll have to meet him. After all, Tiff is my ex-wife. Even though we’re no longer a couple, I need to check on him as a friend. If he visits the country, let’s grab a meal together,” Derrick suggested calmly.

Amelia gave him a scrutinizing look, for she refused to believe Derrick fell out of love with Tiffany that fast. However, he was acting too nonchalantly. She couldn’t figure out if he was being sincere or merely too good at concealing his real emotions.

Derrick was at ease when Amelia gave him the once-over.

Seeing that, Tiffany felt an ache spreading in her heart. Strangely, she felt thoroughly uncomfortable to hear Derrick pushing her to another man like they were nothing but friends.

Initially, that was what she wanted, but now, she was filled with dejection and anguish that she couldn’t bring herself to say a word.

Derrick and I can never get back together. Well, that’s a good thing. That way, I won’t be moping over our past relationship anymore.

“Amelia, have you said hello to Mr. Clinton? Should we greet him together?” Derrick turned his attention back to Amelia after glancing at Tiffany briefly.

Amelia shook her head and told Derrick, “I’ve already greeted him earlier, so you should go see him alone without us.”

“Okay. I’ll do that now. Please excuse me.” With that said, Derrick strode away from them without looking back.

Turning over her shoulder, Amelia noticed that Tiffany was staring at Derrick’s back in a daze. She patted the latter’s shoulder helplessly.

“Earth to Tiff. You claimed that you’re over him, but that doesn’t seem to be the case,” Amelia remarked. She knew Tiffany couldn’t forget Derrick. I don’t think she can let the past relationship go just yet.

Tiffany looked away and flashed a smile that looked more like a grimace.

“That’s not right. I ignored his pleas and boarded the plane a year ago, so I should count my lucky stars that he doesn’t hate me. He seems to be doing well, so that’s a big relief for me. It’s a good thing since we’re both doing well instead of disturbing each other,” Tiffany rambled on, seemingly out of sorts.

Amelia sighed as she felt bad for Tiffany who had to put up a tough front.

“Tiff, there’s no need to act tough in front of me,” she said earnestly.

A smile nudged Tiffany’s lips, but she didn’t say a word. Her gaze would still occasionally flit toward Derrick’s direction.

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