Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 870

Chapter 870 A Fight

That night, Amelia put on a low-cut red gown and tied her hair into a bun. She went to the charity gala together with Tiffany and Kurt.

When they arrived, almost half of the guests turned their attention to them. Admiration flashed across the men’s gazes. Those who recognized Amelia didn’t bother hiding their surprise.

A year ago, Oscar announced that he had gotten a divorce from Amelia. The Walker family’s eldest daughter, Isabella, then showed up by his side. As part of the upper-class society, they knew some couples acted all lovey-dovey but hid the fact that their marriages weren’t harmonious at all. Thus, they weren’t surprised to hear that Oscar got married or even got a divorce. Nevertheless, everyone was curious about where Amelia went. After the divorce was announced, she seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Now that she had shown up at the charity gala dressed in a sexy red gown, everyone had the urge to gossip. They wanted to know how she would deal with Oscar and Isabella when the couple showed up later.

The crowd grew excited as they looked forward to watching a good show tonight. Some guests who didn’t know about Amelia noticed how gorgeous and elegant she was. They started asking who she was.

While those who knew what happened explained that Amelia was the ex-wife of the heir of Clinton Corporations. They got married and divorced twice, so their relationship was rather complicated. Alas, they went their separate ways.

The guest who wasn’t in the know got curious. “Ms. Walker is all right, but she isn’t as charming as this ex-wife. I wonder what Mr. Clinton was thinking. How could he dump his gorgeous wife and went after an obviously ill-tempered socialite?”

The other guest snorted. “Perhaps he got bored and wanted a change. That’s the people in the upper-class society for you. Many couples might look loving but they are faking it. Maybe we can get to see how she gets Mr. Clinton back later. Life has been boring lately. I think it’s interesting that we get to gossip about them. Just relax. Don’t worry about the gorgeous lady. It isn’t your place to worry about her.”

The guest who didn’t know anything grinned and sipped on his champagne. However, he kept looking at Amelia from the corner of his eye, thinking that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.

Tiffany inched nearer to Amelia and chuckled. “Amelia, all eyes are on you tonight.”

Amelia’s lips curled into a smile that didn’t reach her eyes. She quickly scanned the crowd in the hall to discover that Oscar had yet to arrive.

She was both delighted and nervous to meet him later. In fact, she was scared of seeing something that might upset her.

When her gaze landed on Oscar and Isabella who came in together, she was no longer afraid and gazed fervently at Oscar, whose expression was sterner after a year of not seeing each other.

As if sensing her gaze, Oscar turned over his shoulder and glanced at her. An unfathomable glint flashed across his eye.

Isabella sensed Oscar’s change and looked in the direction he was looking too. Her eyes narrowed in surprise at the sight that greeted her. At once, she raised her hand and held Oscar’s arm in a possessive manner.

“Oscar, let’s meet Mr. Ferguson now. He sent his men to invite you personally, so you should meet him,” Isabella said softly.

Oscar looked away and gave her a nod.

Isabella’s eyes crinkled in laughter as she went to Wilbur with Oscar. When the latter wasn’t paying attention. she shot Amelia’s direction a displeased look as fear rose in her heart. Why did Amelia return to the country after one year of living abroad?

Beside Amelia, Tiffany glared at Isabella.

“I don’t think Isabella has changed much. She is only good at using tricks,” Tiffany sneered.

Amelia merely pursed her lips.

“Tiff, don’t forget how she used those tricks to steal Oscar from me. I think Oscar has lost some weight. I wonder if he got so busy with work and didn’t eat on time,” Amelia replied worriedly. When she remembered that Kurt was still with her, she hid the look of concern and looked elsewhere.

Tiffany’s lips twitched, for she didn’t think it was a big deal. Oscar was an adult who was perfectly capable of taking care of himself. It was Amelia who got too worried and treated Oscar like a son. That was why she purposely ignored the intimacy between Oscar and Isabella.

Does she really not care? Or is she merely pretending to be tough before me?

Amelia’s gaze was fixed on Oscar.

“Amelia, Mr. Ferguson has shown up. You and Tiffany should go meet him while I hide and protect you secretly. Boss is here, so I can’t show my face.” Kurt finally spoke up after staying silent the whole while.

A year ago, he left his post without notifying anyone and went overseas. It wasn’t a secret in the organization anymore. However, Oscar didn’t send anyone after him. He didn’t know what Oscar had in mind, but it was obvious he had to be punished severely if he were to return this time. There might be a possibility he would end up crippled. Nevertheless, it was worth it if he could cause Isabella trouble and buy some time for Amelia.

Since I can’t spend the rest of my life with her, I shall help her out in secret. Huh, I’m willing to sacrifice myself.

Meanwhile, Amelia was immersed in her thoughts as she was about to talk to Oscar soon. Thus, she didn’t notice Kurt’s determined expression. She had no idea how much he had sacrificed for her. Those who left the organization without notifying anyone in advance would be punished severely. Therefore, his future was bleak.

However, Kurt would never let her find out about his fate.

Amelia glanced at Kurt and bobbed her head.

She went over with Tiffany and gave the elderly man in a wheelchair a polite bow.

“Mr. Ferguson, I’m the new director of Atlas Corporation’s local branch, Royce Technologies. I’m honored to represent my company to attend tonight’s gala. I heard that you love drinking coffee so I have prepared some Black Ivory Coffee for you. I hope you’ll like it,” Amelia said as she offered him a pleasant smile.

Wilbur’s assistant took the gift from her.

Wilbur lifted his head to look at Amelia. He might be in a wheelchair, but his years of experience gave him the upper hand in such a situation.

“You should be Oscar’s other half.” Wilbur glanced at Oscar before returning his attention to Amelia. “Did you get a divorce? When did that happen?”

Unfazed, Amelia responded, “I can’t believe you still recognize me, Mr. Ferguson. After all, we’ve only met once years ago. Mr. Clinton and I got a divorce a year ago due to irreconcilable differences. He’s with Ms. Walker now.”

Something appeared in Oscar’s gaze when he heard her words as he was standing not far away. He shot her a look.

Wilbur nodded.

“So you and Oscar got a divorce. You’re a good person. Look at how pretty and polite you are. I quite like you, but Oscar isn’t lucky enough to stay married to you,” he commented.

Isabella’s expression changed as she gritted her teeth silently.

“Mr. Ferguson, I am Oscar’s fiancée now. We’re going to get married soon. Won’t you give us your blessings?” Isabella asked as she did her best to tamp down her irritation.

Wilbur gave Isabella an assessing look before his lips curled into a meaningful smile.

“Oscar, your taste in women has gotten worse. However, you’ve made a decision, so I have no choice but to give you my blessings,” he said.

Oscar wore a poker face, but Isabella grew increasingly upset.

How dare the old b*stard say that? I only showed him respect because of his old age!

Isabella wanted to fly into a fit of rage, but she didn’t lose control of herself and lashed out at Wilbur. Otherwise, she would be labeled a bad-tempered b*tch and also humiliates Oscar in public. Besides, Amelia would also get to watch her embarrass herself.

“Oscar, I see some elders whom our company works with. Let’s go greet them,” Isabella suggested politely.

Oscar glanced in the direction she pointed and nodded in agreement.

“Mr. Ferguson, I shall greet the others and come back to you later,” he said.

Wilbur bobbed his head.

Both Oscar and Isabella walked away with their arms wrapped around each other. Amelia merely gave them a brief glance before looking away.

Wilbur threw her a glance like he was sussing her out.

“Amelia, you should greet those people, too. I believe you met them previously when you were Oscar’s wife. It won’t be awkward,” Wilbur told her.

Caught off guard, Amelia gave Wilbur a confused look. She noticed the cheekiness in his gaze and promptly understood that he was helping her create an opportunity.

Amelia had no idea why he chose to help her, but his action left a favorable impression on her. He’s pure-hearted, huh?

“Mr. Ferguson, please excuse me. I shall return later to chat with you.” Amelia flashed a smile.

Wilbur only nodded gently.

With that, Amelia and Tiffany went over as told.

A vicious look flashed across Isabella’s eyes when she spotted them. She was on the verge of losing her temper. It would only take a little effort to ignite her anger.

“Ms. Winters, what a coincidence. Even if you are in dire need of a man, you shouldn’t throw yourself onto someone else’s fiancé,” Isabella managed between gritted teeth.

Amelia merely smiled in response.

Isabella’s fury heightened instantly. Her fight with Amelia made her look like a child trying to cause trouble. She felt as though she was punching on cotton as Amelia remained calm.

Ignoring Isabella’s scowl, Amelia beamed and greeted the elders she was introduced to back when she was still Oscar’s wife.

“Amelia, you’re back. I heard Olivia say you went overseas to continue your studies. Indeed, you’ve grown more charming,” the wife of Champer Group’s chairman, Rhonda, greeted her warmly. Rhonda might be in her sixties but still looked her prime as she took care of herself well. The lady was also a good friend of Olivia and had heard of Isabella. Thus, she didn’t have a good impression of Isabella and only did the bare minimum. Nevertheless, she looked rather enthusiastic to see Amelia tonight.

“Hello, Mrs. Champer. I only returned two days ago and immediately reported to work. I was busy moving house and other stuff, so I didn’t have time to pay you a visit. Tonight, I’m here at the charity gala representing Royce Technologies. I instantly came over to greet you when I saw you here,” Amelia explained politely. Compared to Isabella, who was ignored by everyone, she looked as charming as ever. “It has been a year since we last met, but you look younger now. Both you and Mr. Champer don’t look like you’re in your sixties. In fact, you look like you’re in your forties. People will believe me if I tell them you’re my sister.”

Rhonda beamed happily.

“Look how sweet Amelia is, Darling. No wonder Olivia misses her so much. If I were in her place, I would adore such a daughter-in-law too.” She was flattered.

Isabella’s scowl deepened.

I’m the future Mrs. Clinton, but they ignored me and lavished praises on Amelia. Do they think I’m dead? I can’t stand it any longer.

“Please don’t say that Mrs. Champer,” Amelia responded cheerfully.

Isabella tugged at Oscar, but he only looked at her without showing any intention of siding with her.

At that, Isabella clenched her jaw. What the hell!

She took a deep breath and decided to take action.

“Mrs. Champer, I’m Oscar’s fiancée. I believe we’ve sent our wedding invitation to the Champer family. Please come to our wedding with Mr. Champer,” she said warmly.

After a pause, she turned to Amelia as her smile grew wider. “You’re welcome too, Ms. Winters. It’s just that I’m afraid you’ll feel awkward attending the wedding ceremony as Oscar’s ex-wife.”

Amelia’s fingers twitched, but she kept a calm front.

“Congratulations,” she said calmly.

A smug look gleamed in Isabella’s eyes.

Amelia, no matter what you do, I’m the one who ends up with Oscar. So what if the rest don’t approve of me? I shall let them see that I’m the one who suits Oscar the most. I will help boost Oscar’s career as his wife. You will only be someone he met in his life. You won’t be of any importance to him anymore.

Deep down, she was proud and wicked.

Oscar merely looked at Amelia.

At the same time, Amelia gazed at Oscar.

“Oscar, we haven’t met for a year. How are you? I see that you’ve lost weight. Don’t forget to eat on time even though you’re busy with work,” she said with a smile.

Oscar seemed touched.

For the past year, he kept dreaming about Amelia. In his dreams, they seemed like an intimate couple. He loved giving her back hugs and pressing kisses on her nape, calling her his adorable little princess.

Every time, he would laugh in his dreams. Alas, he would always forget almost everything after waking up save for the scene where she pleaded with him to remember her as soon as possible.

Confused, he tried hard to remember his relationship with Amelia. He seemed to have realized that he was living in a dream someone had woven for the past year. Nevertheless, he just couldn’t break free no matter how much he struggled.

Despite remembering that Isabella was his loved one, he didn’t have any desire to touch her. Isabella did complain, but he told her they would only have sex after their marriage as he wanted the best for her.

He knew it was just an excuse, but he just couldn’t bring himself to touch her. Every time she wanted to take a step closer, he would come up with an excuse to say no. He didn’t even know why he would react that way.

Once, Isabella burst into tears and asked if he no longer loved her, but he denied it.

Many people told him that Isabella wasn’t his lover, and that was completely different from what he remembered. He kept investigating his past but failed to discover anything. Most of the memories he had were related to Isabella.

Oscar couldn’t differentiate between what was true and what was false. Thus, when Isabella cried pitifully and asked to marry him, he thought about it and decided that it was unfair for him to think about another woman. Out of guilt, he finally caved in and agreed to marry her.

“Oscar, let’s go grab a bite. I’m a little hungry,” Isabella urged as she held onto Oscar’s arm tightly so he wouldn’t look at Amelia. She sensed the glint in Oscar’s eyes and couldn’t help but grow nervous. At once, she tried to get Oscar to focus on her.

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