Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 869

Chapter 869 Getting Oscar Back

Kurt immediately stood up from the couch. Amelia cast him a conflicted look. A glint of guilt flashed across her eyes.

She felt sorry for Kurt about her return to Chanaea. I am in debt to him for the rest of my life.

Although she treated him as her beloved family, she knew he did not want such familial love from her. He wanted to be with her and protect her instead.

Thinking of that, she could only apologize to the man inwardly. “Amelia, which date are you planning to go back? I’ll help to book a flight ticket online,” said Kurt gently.

“Three in the afternoon today. I’ve already booked the flight ticket for all of us.” She avoided his sad eyes as she spoke.

Kurt smirked at her reply. It turns out that Amelia is not here to discuss it with me but to inform me. I’ve underestimated my place in her heart, after all.

“It’s good that you’ve already booked the flight tickets. Else, I may not be able to get us the tickets for this afternoon. I’ll go and pack my things now. We will leave at one thirty in the afternoon.” With that, he headed upstairs briskly.

Amelia stared at the man’s back and heaved a sigh.

Seeing that, Tiffany only gave her a look and did not press the matter.

Amelia had already informed Teddy the night before that she had decided to return to the country. That was when he asked her to make a trip to Atlas Corporation.

After leaving Tony in Tiffany’s care, Amelia went to the office alone. There, Teddy appointed her as the company’s spokesperson in Chanaea and also the branch office’s director of design. Since the management already approved both the positions, everything would take effect once she returned to Chanaea and reported for duty.

Amelia accepted the offer and left the office with Teddy.

“Thank you, Teddy. I’ll go back first. Do drop by Chanaea when you have the time. I’ll treat you to the most delicious Chanaen food,” she said with a smile.

“I already had enough delicious Chanaen food in the past few months. By the way, can you do me a favor since I’m your mentor and also your boss? I need you to talk good about me in front of Tiff. I’ll go to Chanaea once I’ve settled all the things here. I want to pursue her.” Teddy beamed.

Amelia shrugged her shoulders in response.

“I’m afraid I can’t help you with this favor, and you have to fight for it yourself, Teddy. As I have told you earlier, someone lives in Tiff’s heart. You must put in a lot of effort if you want her to accept you. But I’m sure you can do it because you are a very charming and humorous man. Best of luck!” she praised Teddy.

“All right. Travel safely. Please send my regards to Oscar. He’s so blessed to have an intelligent and conscientious wife like you. If I’m given a chance, I’m willing to exchange such a wife with everything I have.” Teddy gave Amelia a passionate hug as he spoke.

She hugged him back at the same time, feeling grateful to him.

After bidding Teddy goodbye, Amelia returned home. Kurt walked over when he saw her.

“Amelia, I’ve asked someone to investigate Boss. He will attend a charity gala together with his partner two days later. All the senior management of Atlas Corporation’s branch offices have already received the invitation. if you wish to attend the event, I can accompany you.” Kurt stared at Amelia.

Although Amelia was smiling, a conflicted look flashed across her gaze.

“Are you no longer mad at me?” she asked.

“As I have said, I’ll support all the decisions you made. I was not mentally prepared when you told me that you would return to Chanaea today. That was why I had a negative reaction. Don’t take it to heart,” Kurt explained.

A slither of guilt rose in Amelia’s heart when she heard that.

She avoided the man’s dark gaze and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Kurt. Oscar is going to marry Isabella, so I must go back no matter what. I love him deeply and am willing to give up my life for him. I’m so sorry…”

Kurt smiled bitterly, thinking that he had overestimated himself. It seems I don’t have a chance at all. I thought I would deserve a chance by coming abroad with you.

Amelia cleared her throat before continuing, “I don’t want to lie to you, Kurt. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, but someone has occupied my heart before you. There’s no space left in my heart anymore. I will treat you as a beloved family who is irreplaceable.”

A wry smile spread across Kurt’s face when he heard that.

“Amelia, can I hug you?” he pleaded.

She hesitated for a moment but nodded her head in the end.

Holding her in his arms, he kissed the top of her head as if she was a rare treasure. Soon, his eyes reddened.

“Amelia, I promised you I would be your indestructible family member. What am I to do? I can’t accept such familial love. If possible, I want to force you into submission by confining you to my side.” Kurt rested his chin on her head. His voice was hoarse. “I don’t care if you will hate me. But in the end, I can’t bear to see you be aggrieved. Fine. If you want to get Boss back, I’ll help you. I’ll give you a surprise when you return to Chanaea. Trust me. Boss will not marry Isabella.”

Amelia did not understand what Kurt meant and would only know what the surprise was after she took the flight and returned to the country.

The vehicle Kurt arranged beforehand had already waited for them at the airport when they got off the plane.

He opened the car door for Amelia and passed Tony over after she entered the car.

Then, he sat in the front passenger seat and told the driver their destination. The driver nodded in response and drove steadily.

Kurt had purchased a condominium secretly. When they arrived at his condominium, he helped Amelia and the others to put away their luggage.

“Amelia, I’ve already got the housekeeper to clean up this place. Both Tiffany and you may stay here in the meantime. Don’t worry for it’s safe here. No one can enter this condominium unless that person is a resident here or a visitor brought in by a resident.”

Amelia nodded in response. “Thank you, Kurt.”

Wow! He only takes one day to arrange all of this. I owe him more favors now.

“Well, I did all of this at my own will. I can tell Tony is exhausted. Why don’t you bring him upstairs to sleep? I’ll accompany you to the charity gala tomorrow night. Are you ready for that?” Kurt added.

Amelia nodded before explaining, “I’ve already contacted the people at the branch office. I’ll report for duty tomorrow and attend the charity gala as a representative in the evening.”

Kurt nodded in acknowledgment.

After chatting for a little while, he let Amelia bring Tony to rest upstairs.

Tiffany hurried behind her upon seeing that.

“Amelia, which charity gala are you going to attend tomorrow night? I don’t think I have heard about it from you before,” she asked.

“It was held by Wilbur Ferguson, the founder of Primo Foundation, to gather a bunch of affluents from the upper class for fundraising. Initially, I had no intention of going, but Kurt told me that Oscar would be there. That’s why I want to go there. I miss him,” said Amelia, lowering her gaze. In fact, she could not wait any longer to see Oscar. Even though she might end up witnessing a heartbroken scene, she did not mind it at all.

During the year she spent abroad, her memory of Oscar did not vanish but became clearer. She would think about him in the dead of night, which made her heart ache.

“Do you still want to be there even if he’s taking Isabella to the charity gala tomorrow night?” asked Tiffany.

“Isn’t that what we’ve expected?” Amelia flashed her a smile. She had been through too many things that made her physically and mentally strong. Therefore, she would face everything with an open heart except death.

“I knew you would say that. Well, as long as you’re happy. I’m going with you tomorrow night.” Tiffany paused before continuing, “I think Mr. Zabriskie mentioned to me about attending the charity gala before. Hmm… I should be able to get an invitation card from him.”

Upon hearing that, Amelia nodded at her with a smile.

After having a good night’s sleep, Amelia and Tiffany went to a premium hair salon to get their hair done the next day. Then, they went to choose their evening gowns specifically for the charity gala.

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