Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 865

Chapter 865 Guidance

Amelia and Kurt brought Tony out to play the whole night before returning home at ten o’clock. After helping Tony to shower and coaxing him to sleep, she sat on the bedside and stared at him in a daze.

Tiffany, hair disheveled, opened the door and entered the room. She walked to the side of the bed and whispered, “Is he asleep?”

Amelia nodded.

Tiffany sat on the bedside as well before saying, “Did you take Tony out today with Kurt? I suppose Tony was delighted?”

“He was thrilled and didn’t even mention Oscar or his grandparents. Still, I feel bad for him because he has to leave home and stay abroad with me at such a young age. Not only did he agree without hesitation when I suggested that he attends school, but he also started learning Erihalese secretly. My heart aches whenever I see how sensible this child is. Sometimes, I hope he can be himself or even be a little naughty around me,” Amelia uttered guiltily.

She felt she had wronged Tony with her complicated relationship with Oscar. The child she had miscarried due to her negligence was a pain she had to live with for the rest of her life. At the same time, Amelia was clueless about the best way to take care of Tony.

“Babe, don’t think too much. Tony knows what’s going on. Perhaps he’s not even missing the Clintons.” Tiffany attempted to comfort Amelia.

“That’s not possible.” Amelia sighed. “Yesterday, when he was talking to his grandma on the phone, he mentioned he wanted to go back, but he had to stay here to protect me, his weak and helpless mommy. He even told his grandma to stay well in the country and wait for his return because he’ll be able to take care of both of us when he’s older.”

Even Tiffany was a little touched after hearing that. She had borne witness to Tony’s brilliance and obedience at a young age. Due to the difficulty for her in having a child, she had long since thought of him as her own son.

“Baby, don’t dwell on this matter anymore. Things will get better,” Tiffany said.

Amelia bobbed her head.

Tiffany chatted with Amelia for a short while longer before she got up to return to her room. When Tiffany reached the doorway, Amelia suddenly recalled something and asked, “Tiff, have you selected your school?”

“I’m still surveying. After I finalize the decision, you can inform Mr. Rice to utilize his connection and put me in the institute. I’d like to further my studies, too,” Tiffany replied.

Amelia nodded.

After Tiffany left, Amelia ambled to the side of the window. As she took in the scenic night view of the bustling city, complex emotions churned within her.

She took out her phone and opened her gallery to look at a photo of Oscar and her. She couldn’t help curling her lips into a smile at that sight.

“How are you, Oscar? Do you know how badly I miss you? I know you went to the airport but didn’t show yourself on the day I departed. Can I assume you did that because you still care about me, but you’re just reluctant to admit it?” she muttered.

However, there was no reply to her questions besides the whistling sound of the night breeze.

“Wait for me, Oscar. I’ll return to the country as soon as I can. By then, I’ll do my best to win you back,” Amelia added.

A determined look flashed across her eyes.

Perhaps driven by her intense yearning to go back to the country and meet with Oscar, Amelia studied very hard and tried her best to learn everything she could acquire from Teddy. As a result, she improved drastically in her design skills. Even Teddy was taken aback by her speedy advancements.

Teddy gave her a thumbs-up after reviewing her latest design draft and chirped, “Amelia, you did an excellent job. I think this blueprint is just a little shy of achieving a perfect score. If you continue to work hard, I believe you’ll become an expert in less than a year. Having said that, I suggest you study a little longer, at least for another one and a half years. This way, I daresay you’ll surpass me in a few more years.”

Amelia’s eyes shone, and she couldn’t stop herself from grinning.

“Teddy, thank you for your compliment. I owe my improvements to your guidance,” she said with a smile.

“That’s enough chitchatting. I hope you’ll continue to work hard and not become too full of yourself.”

Amelia bobbed her head.

Subsequently, Amelia exerted herself tirelessly. Not only did she hand in her assignments at school in advance, but she also went to help out at Atlas Corporation as Teddy’s assistant. Her design even caught the eye of Atlas Corporation’s person in charge. Both parties proceeded to sign a contract for the company to purchase the copyright of the blueprint.

After that, her works began garnering attention from other companies, causing her reputation to become widespread among the designers’ circle at Erihal. Everyone knew she was a Chanaean disciple Teddy had personally recruited. On top of that, he had high hopes for her and almost guided her in person on every occasion. For that reason, everyone was curious about Amelia’s identity for being able to get Teddy’s recognition. After all, he was known for having high standards. Hence, many designers approached Amelia, intending to interact with her.

Amelia was initially surprised when she had to deal with those random and strange people frequently, but she grew accustomed to it after some time. She could now maintain her composure and engage in conversations courteously with those people.

Teddy introduced the person in front of her, “Amelia, this is Ryan Spock.”

Then, he said to the bearded, macho man, “Ryan, this is Amelia Winters. She’s the Chanaean girl I always talked to you about.”

“Hello, Ms. Winters. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve always heard Teddy mentioning your name, which made me wonder who could’ve possibly caught the attention of someone as picky as Teddy. Now that I’ve finally met you, I can see that you’re indeed extraordinarily gorgeous. I like you,” Ryan said happily while giving Amelia a passionate hug.

“Hello, Mr. Ryan. It’s a pleasure to meet you too. You speak very fluent Chanaean. Your command of the language is almost as good as a Chanaean like me,” she complimented after he let go of her.

“Really? I thought my Chanaean has deteriorated.” Ryan guffawed.

Instantly, Amelia had a good impression of the bearded middle-aged man before her.

“Ryan, Amelia is my favorite disciple. You’re not allowed to bully her. Otherwise, I won’t let you off,” Teddy said half-jokingly.

Ryan laughed. “You’re already so protective of her before I even do anything?”

Teddy punched Ryan’s chest. Then, he led the latter to take a look at Amelia’s designs.

After examining her works, Ryan nodded in satisfaction. “Not bad. Her designs are vibrant. Now that she has become your pupil, I’m afraid your student will surpass you in the future. Teddy, if you don’t feel like teaching her anymore, you can refer her to me.”

“Stop it. How dare you try to steal my disciple.” Teddy punched Ryan’s chest again.

The corner of Amelia’s lips twitched as she stared awkwardly at the two middle-aged men bickering.

They’re arguing in Chanaean, giving me a false impression as if I’m back in my home country now.

“Amelia, your designs are dynamic and unconventional. If you ever grow sick of your mentor, you can consider joining me. Here, take down my phone number. I welcome you to join my ranks at any time,” Ryan said to her straightforwardly.

Is it really appropriate for him to recruit me so openly?

Amelia felt her worldview had been entirely changed at that moment.

Still, despite the thoughts in her mind, she jotted down Ryan’s contact details.

Teddy said, “You can get lost now, Ryan.”

After that, Ryan did get lost. To put it more nicely, he left.

“Teddy, you seem very close to Mr. Ryan,” Amelia chirped.

“We’ve been acquainted for twenty years, so we share a bond. He’s a straightforward person and is friendly with others. He’s also one of the greats in the design world. You can call him if you have any problems that you can’t solve in the future. He will assist you. Naturally, as your mentor, I’ll provide you with all the help within my means, too,” Teddy uttered.

Amelia felt warm in her heart.

“Thank you so much, Teddy. My friend and I will be cooking tonight. Why don’t you come over and join us for dinner? You’re my mentor as well as my friend, so I should treat you to a meal,” Amelia suggested.

“Sure. I’ve been craving Chanaean dishes for a long time. Regrettably, there are very few people adept at making Chanaean dishes here. Even if I go to a Chanaean restaurant, their food is either too sweet or lacking the authentic Chanaean taste. It seems like I’m in luck tonight.” Teddy flashed a chowhound-like expression and successfully cracked Amelia up.

In order to play host to Teddy, Amelia and Tiffany went to the supermarket to purchase a lot of cooking ingredients.

The two prepared a feast for Teddy. The latter’s eyes shone when he saw the table full of scrumptious, aromatic food.

“Woah! They smell so good. It’s been so long since I last got a whiff of such good dishes.” Teddy gave Amelia and Tiffany a thumbs-up. “Cool! Any Chanaean girl who can cook such a delicious meal must be kind and loving. Coincidentally, I intend to marry a Chanaean lady. May I know what’s your name, Miss? Are you married? What do you think of me? Are you satisfied with my appearance and personality?”

His speech was directed at Tiffany.

Tiffany felt awkward at once.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Rice, but I already have a significant other,” she replied courteously. I’m telling the truth. It’s just that I am divorced from my significant other halfway through our marriage.

“This is such a waste. I can’t believe another man has won the affection of a girl as perfect as you before I do.” A disappointed look spread across his face, but he quickly pulled himself together. “Miss, you haven’t told me your name. Do you have any sisters? I’m not that picky about a girl’s appearance, and I’m contented as long as she’s as great a cook as you.”

I don’t think you’re looking for a lover. It sounds like you’re in search of a nanny instead.

Tiffany commented inwardly.

Still, she continued smiling at him. “Mr. Rice, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Tiffany Winters. I don’t have any sisters, but I do know a lot of Chanaean ladies who are skilled in cooking. All of them are editors, and they’re beautiful and caring. If you’re interested, I’ll introduce them to you when you visit Chanaea next time.”

Teddy nodded. “Great. It’s a deal.”

Tiffany shot a meaningful glance at Amelia. It was as if she was telling the latter her mentor was unexpectedly sociable.

To Tiffany’s recollection, anyone who could attain such remarkable achievements in the design field should be some old man with a stern temperament. She certainly didn’t expect Teddy to be so young, chatty, and easy to get along with in private. Foreigners are indeed different.

Because of Teddy’s presence and effort in livening the mood, everyone around the dining table had a great time during the dinner. Teddy was positively glowing as he ate the food. He couldn’t stop praising how delicious the food was and kept repeating how blessed a man must be to be able to marry Tiffany.

The corner of Tiffany’s mouth twitched in response as she thought. Now I know he’s actually a glutton.

Tiffany felt extremely exhausted after Teddy left.

“Baby, your mentor is so extroverted and so talkative. I don’t think I can stand entertaining him anymore,” Tiffany said.

Amelia was slightly surprised because she could sense Teddy’s interest in Tiffany.

“Tiff, I can tell Teddy is quite fond of you. What do you think? Are you at all interested in getting to know him better? I can help set the two of you up.” Amelia said with a smile.

“Don’t. Please don’t. I can’t handle a foreign man. Besides, I can’t get used to their appearance, and I don’t want to give birth to a mixed baby,” Tiffany refused at once. Nonetheless, she knew the real reason was that she couldn’t forget about Derrick.

Amelia didn’t press the matter either.

After cleaning the utensils on the table, Amelia helped Tony shower and coaxed him to sleep by telling him bedtime stories.

After Tony dozed off, Amelia received a phone call from Olivia.

“Amelia, is Tony asleep?” Olivia asked.

Amelia subconsciously clenched her fists while replying in an undertone, “He just drifted off. Should I wake him up?”

“That’s not needed. I’m calling because I want to talk to you.” Olivia hesitated briefly before continuing, “Amelia, Isabella is already planning to move into your place. I tried to persuade Oscar, but he wouldn’t listen to me. They’re about to move in together. When are you coming back? Do you think you made a wise decision by leaving the country?”

Amelia’s heart tightened after hearing that. She anticipated that to happen sooner or later. Still, she didn’t expect her chest to hurt so much upon learning about their plan to move in together.

“Mom, please give me a little more time. I’ll be able to return to the country soon.” Amelia gulped to moisten her dry throat. “Oscar has fallen for Isabella now, so it is not surprising for them to move in together. I can only hope he won’t be merciless when I go back.”

Olivia fell silent.

She spoke after some time. “Amelia, do you really think you made the right choice, going overseas back then?”

“Mom, I have my reasons.”

Olivia sighed before expressing her heartfelt thoughts, “Amelia, I did harbor a grudge against you when you left with Tony in the past. At that time, I had the intention of letting Isabella become my daughter-in-law, but I couldn’t accept her scheming against my son. Therefore, I’d rather you come back now. At the very least, you’ll never do anything to harm Oscar.”

Discomfort churned within her as she flashed a wry smile. “Mom, I wronged you in the past when I left without considering your feelings. Nonetheless, I take you as my birth mother. I promise you that I’ll never let that woman control Oscar forever. I will invoke his memories.”

“Okay. I’ll help you keep an eye on Oscar. Your dad and I will never allow Isabella to marry into our family. Isabella won’t dare to act brazenly with Oscar’s dad around.”

Warmth filled Amelia’s chest. “Thank you, Mom.”

“We’re a family, so you don’t have to be so formal with me.”

Amelia beamed in response.

After hanging up the phone, she contacted Jolin, who was located far away at Chanaea.

“Mrs. Clinton,” Jolin greeted Amelia cheerily.

Amelia curled her lips into a smile. “Jolin, can you return to Tayhaven? I’m very worried about Oscar. You’re the person I trust the most. I don’t know who else I can turn to for help aside from you.”

Jolin didn’t utter a response for a long while.

After an extended period of silence, she finally said, “Okay. I’ll sneak back to Tayhaven. I’m willing to do your bidding even if I have to risk being discovered by Boss.”

Amelia was touched. “You have my gratitude, Jolin.”

Jolin chirped, “You’re welcome, Mrs. Clinton. After all, I was assigned by Boss to protect you. Even though I’m at Chanaea, I can at least help you safeguard him.”

Amelia thanked Jolin again, channeling all her emotions and thoughts in that few simple words. She was genuinely grateful to the latter.

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