Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 864

Chapter 864 Tony Is Thoughtful

After resting for a day, Amelia met up with Teddy, who gave her a warm hug. Smiling, he said, “Welcome, Ms. Winters. I believe your talent in design will shine.”

Amelia returned the hug and said, “You can just call me Amelia, Mr. Rice. Ms. Winters sounds too formal.” “Then, please address me as Teddy. Our ages aren’t too far apart, anyway.”

Amelia nodded, grinning. “Sure.” With that, Teddy took her around the school she was enrolling, explained its history, and introduced her to the principal and professors. Perhaps it was Teddy introducing her personally that made the big shots scrutinize her.

Using the local language, Teddy praised, “She’s an extremely talented woman. With me as her mentor, she’ll one day make a name for herself in the design industry.”

When the principal and the professors heard that, they nodded at Amelia, making her wonder if Teddy told them something about her.

Once Amelia had met everyone, Teddy said, “Let’s go have a meal. You’ve come all the way from Chanaea. As the host, I must treat you to our local dishes.”

“Thank you, Teddy,” Amelia said with a smile.

“Don’t be so formal. We’re going to be colleagues in the future. I believe we’ll become great partners.”

“I look forward to it.”

With that, Amelia had a meal with them before Teddy sent her home to the apartment Kurt bought.

“Well, this is my place. Would you like to come up for a cup of coffee?” Amelia asked out of politeness.

“Oh, I’ll be honored to, but I still have matters to deal with at the company. Next time, perhaps? I look forward to drinking Chanaea’s Black Ivory Coffee.”

“All right, go ahead with your work. I brought many types of coffee from Chanaea. Feel free to get some from me if you like them.”

“I can’t replicate the taste even if I did. I prefer to have one made by you. Anyway, I should get going. I look forward to a piece of great work from you.”

Amelia bobbed her head.

Soon, Teddy drove away. Just as she was about to turn around to enter the building, she saw Kurt standing at the entrance. The sight of him stunned her momentarily, but she quickly snapped out of it and walked over hesitatingly.

“Why are you here, Kurt?” asked Amelia as she arrived before him.

Gazing at her, Kurt explained with a smile, “I was worried about you, so I came down to wait. I can accompany you when you go to school next time. After all, you’re not familiar with this place yet. It makes me worry a lot.”

Amelia merely flashed him a smile and changed the topic. “Let’s go up. I miss Tony.”

Kurt’s gaze darkened, but he still entered the elevator after her.

While waiting for the elevator to come to a stop, Amelia fixed her gaze on her reflection, not knowing what to say to Kurt. Suddenly, the atmosphere turned awkward.

Kurt glanced at her and smiled. “Amelia, I made your favorite soup. Make sure to have more of it later. You look like you’ve lost some weight these days.”

Amelia lowered her gaze as if she thought of something. Then, she lifted her head and said politely, “Thank you, Kurt.”

The hopeful look in Kurt’s eyes gradually disappeared, and an ache appeared in his heart.

He opened his mouth to say something but decided to swallow the words instead.

Not long after, the elevator door opened. Amelia was about to step out when Kurt finally blurted, “Amelia, can we go back to how things were in Beshya?”

Amelia halted. In the end, she sighed and turned around, saying, “Kurt, I don’t want to waste your time. You’ve always been like family to me. I really hope you can get married and have children. I don’t want you to be lonely for the rest of your life.”

Kurt smiled a smile that made his stern expression melt away.

“Amelia, being able to love you openly is the best thing that can happen to me. Really. I’m more than happy as long as I can be by your side when you’re in trouble. At least I can ensure your safety. Everything I did for you, I did out of willingness. It’s not to make you feel guilty. Living the rest of my life alone is not a big deal, anyway,” Kurt assured in an earnest tone.

Amelia’s lips parted, but she did not know what she should say.

Finally, she sighed gently and said, “Fine. You win.”

Kurt treated her too well and he was willing to give unconditionally. Amelia would have fallen in love with him if she did not already have Oscar.

Men like him treated the women they loved so well that they took good care of the latter with all their hearts. No woman on earth would not fall for someone like him. Regardless, Amelia knew she could not reciprocate Kurt’s feelings for her. Hence, she viewed him as a family member instead.

Kurt smiled wider when he heard her words.

As they stepped into the house, Tiffany, who was playing with Tony, walked over, grinning. “You’re back! How did your meeting with Teddy go?”

Amelia thought about it before saying seriously, “Quite well. In fact, he has already helped me with the admission procedures. So, I can start attending classes next week. He even offered to be my mentor. I’m really grateful for all the help he’s given when we’ve only met a few times.”

“Find a time to treat him to a meal, then. This is his territory, anyway. We can’t be too indifferent,” Tiffany suggested casually.

Amelia nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Kurt glanced at the two women before quietly disappearing into the kitchen. While watching him leave, Tiffany went deep in thought before saying, “I might actually consider dating Kurt if he liked me.”

Amelia side-eyed her friend, asking suspiciously, “Really?”

With a smile, Tiffany shrugged. “Why not? He’s actually not bad. Most importantly, he’s a responsible person. If he was interested in me, I would’ve accepted him in a heartbeat. Getting to know someone from scratch in a relationship is such a hassle. I’d rather date him. At least, I know him from the inside out.”

A look of surprise flashed past Amelia’s eyes. The more she thought about it, the more she found the idea plausible. Her only fear was Tiffany not being serious about it.

“Be honest with me, Tiff. Do you really wish to develop a relationship with Kurt? Have you forgotten about Derrick already?” Amelia probed.

The smile on Tiffany’s face stiffened slightly, and the heartbreaking scene of Derrick calling out to her at the airport resurfaced in her mind. She could never forget that scene for the rest of her life.

“I’m kidding. I only see Kurt as a friend. Besides, he’s devoted to you, while I’m going to need a few years to forget Derrick.”

Amelia rolled her eyes. “Tsk. You and your nonsense. You got my hopes up for nothing.”

Tiffany shrugged in response.

By the time Kurt brought the dishes out of the kitchen, their conversation had ended.

“Let’s eat,” said Kurt after arranging all the dishes on the table.

Originally, Amelia wanted to tell them she had eaten, but she did not have the heart to say so when she realized everyone had been waiting for her to start the meal. Hence, she sat down and fed Tony before having some.

After finishing her last mouthful, Tiffany wiped her lips with a napkin and asked, “Kurt, you’re such a kind and loving person. No one out there would’ve guessed that you can even cook. Have you ever thought of dating me?”

Kurt almost spat out the food in his mouth. Thankfully, he swallowed it just in time but still choked on it.

After rolling her eyes at Tiffany, Amelia handed him a glass of water. She only sighed with relief when he stopped coughing.

Kurt swallowed with difficulty and cast Tiffany a look. In a serious tone, he said, “Tiffany, I don’t like jokes like this. Please stop making such jokes in the future.”

Feigning ignorance, Tiffany asked innocently, “Who says I was joking? I was being quite serious here.”

Kurt immediately pursed his lips into a tight line, looking extremely frosty.

Tiffany burst out laughing, finding it fun to tease Kurt once in a while. He had a handsome face, but he always put on a stern expression. He would only show his gentle side to Amelia.

If not for Oscar, Tiffany would think Kurt was a better match for Amelia. Sadly, Amelia did not have feelings for Kurt.

Right then, Amelia said, “Watch your words, Tiff. You’ll choke.”

The moment she finished speaking, Tiffany actually choked on her saliva.

Amelia was baffled.

Seriously? Did I just jinx her? Tsk… Whatever.

Thanks to Tiffany’s antics, the atmosphere lightened, and Amelia stopped worrying about Kurt’s reasons for staying by her side. After all, there was no getting rid of him, and she would only end up hurting each other if she were too direct.

Slowly, Amelia accepted Kurt’s presence in the house. She began attending classes at school. Sometimes, she would attend seminars specially organized by members with Teddy. She learned a great deal through interacting with others. Once she had adjusted to life there, Teddy brought her to Atlas Corporation and introduced her to the employees and partners there. It was her first time experiencing foreigners’ work culture. Surprisingly, the employees were enthusiastic and curious about having an Astorian in their company. That helped her to feel less nervous without realizing it.

Teddy eyed her and grinned. “So? What do you think about the culture and people in the company? Are you adapting well?”

Returning the smile, Amelia responded, “It’s amazing! They’re the most harmonious group of people I’ve ever met in my life. I’m sure I’ll have a great time if I work here in the future.”

Teddy beamed. “I’m glad to hear that. If you really like it here, you can work here once the renovations end. We can just look for another spokesperson for Astoria.”

A subtle smile formed on Amelia’s lips, and she declined politely, “I’m sorry, Teddy. There’s someone terribly important to me in my country who I need to return to. I really can’t stay.”

However, Teddy did not seem bothered by her answer. “I sort of guessed it. That’s why I told the others long ago to pick you as our spokesperson because you have a healthy image. Besides, you have a face loved by both locals and foreigners. That’s why I believe you can help our company to build a market in Chanaea.”

Amelia could not help but chuckle. She felt relaxed when she was with Teddy, and she believed he could become a great mentor and friend to her.

“Thank you, Teddy. I’m beginning to realize you’re an interesting person. To be honest, I found you annoying back in Chanaea. I thought you were too bold for allowing someone to follow you out of the country. But from what I see now, you’re someone who’s really easy-going,” said Amelia with a smile.

“I’m only friendly to talented people. Moreover, you have your own ideas about your designs. That’s the reason I chose you. So, work hard, and I’ll guide you through it. Soon, you’ll make a name for yourself in this industry.”

“Well, thank you in advance.”

They continued chatting while heading to another location to look around.

When the tour ended, Teddy said, “Amela, there’s a party tonight, and many experts from the design industry will be there. Would you be interested in coming as my partner?”

Amelia thought about it. It was tempting, but she felt guilty when she recalled how little time she had spent with Tony for the past few days because she had been so busy. In the end, she had no choice but to decline politely.

“I’m sorry, Teddy. Tony’s waiting for me at home. I haven’t been spending quality time with him. I’m afraid he’s going to get mad at me if I go home late tonight again,” said Amelia apologetically.

Teddy shrugged after listening to her. “That’s okay. There’ll be lots of parties like this in the future, anyway. You can always go to the next one. Like what you Chanaeans always say, haste makes waste. Sometimes, it’s good to take things slow.”

Amelia grinned. “Who would’ve known you’d know so much about our language?”

“I studied Chanaean before. I love the culture in your country, but I didn’t get to pick it up. Anyway, I plan to live there when I’m older. I love the lively atmospheres there.”

“Oh, you’re more than welcome in our country. I’ll treat you to meals often. All on me.”

“Mmm… I’ve got to prepare my stomach for good meals, then. Chanaean food is so yummy. I’m sure I’m going to gain a lot of weight there,” Teddy said, pretending to look excited and troubled at the same time.

His dramatic response made Amelia laugh.

Teddy, too, laughed along with her. When he finally recollected himself, he continued, “It was great talking to you, Amelia. You’re not like the others. I’m sure we’ll become best friends in the future. By the way, please send my regards to Oscar when you get back. I hope he doesn’t fly over to slaughter me for inviting you over.”

The smile on Amelia’s face faded lightly, but she still maintained a polite smile.

Now that she had visited the places Teddy intended to show her, Amelia felt rather tired. “All right. I’ll go back now.”

Teddy nodded and walked her out. Initially, he wanted to send her home. To his surprise, he saw Kurt outside, leaning against a car. As Teddy was not sure, he asked, “That’s the bodyguard Oscar assigned to you, right?”

Amelia thought about it before nodding. “He’s also an old friend.”

Teddy nodded in understanding, smiling. “Okay. I shan’t bother you anymore, then.”

After bidding Teddy farewell, Amelia approached Kurt, saying, “Hey, Kurt. Have you been waiting for long?”

“Tony and I just arrived. Go on inside. He misses you already,” Kurt said as he opened the car door.

Amelia’s eyes lit up instantly, and her heart melted at the sight of a sleeping Tony in the car.

“He’s asleep.”

With a soft expression, Kurt whispered, “He was begging to see your earlier. Well, who would’ve known that he’d fall asleep so soon?”

While Amelia entered the car, a meaningful gaze flashed past Tony’s eyes as he watched her pulling Tony into her embrace.

Any outsider would think they were a happy family of three if they saw the scene. It was a thought that came to Kurt’s mind as well. Despite how much he wished it were true, he knew it was only a dream.

He sighed internally, feeling slightly disheartened. However, he quickly shook his head to dismiss the thoughts and got into the driver’s seat to start the engine.

Hearing that, Tony slowly woke up. He gazed at Amelia and smiled. “Mommy, you’re back.”

When she saw the trust in Tony’s eyes, she felt an inexplicable pang of guilt in her heart. She felt bad for insisting on bringing him out of the country when he was still so young and even cut off his ties with the Clintons temporarily. It was just like how she left with him when he was still an infant.

I wonder if Tony will blame me for my decisions when he gets older.

“You’re sleepy, aren’t you? Why didn’t you stay at home with Kurt to get some sleep?” asked Amelia gently.

“I wanted to see you sooner.” Tony’s honest words melted her heart.

She hugged him even tighter, and asked softly, “Tony, will you hate me for bringing you to a foreign place that speaks a language you don’t understand?”

“No. All I need is you, Mommy. I can always learn a foreign language, anyway.”

Though Amelia felt guilty, she also felt proud of him for being so considerate at his age.

“I’m planning to sign you up for school. Are you okay with it?” Amelia finally asked about the matter she had been pondering about.

After all, Tony was of school age. It would give him the opportunity to learn the language there if he attended a local school.

“All right,” Tony agreed instantly. He then leaned nearer to Amelia and whispered into her ears, “Mommy, I have a secret to tell you. I can actually speak Erihalese. Big Meanie hired someone to teach me before. He told me not to tell you about it, because he was afraid you might think I’d have a tough time. Grandma even hired someone to teach me other languages. So, don’t worry. I’m fluent in multiple languages.”

A look of surprise flickered in Amelia’s eyes, but she quickly composed herself.

Pinching his nose gently, she smiled and teased, “You cheeky little thing. Just exactly how many things are you hiding from me?”

“Just this one. Big Meanie and Grandma said I’m the Clinton family’s heir, so I’ve got to learn the basics from young. That was why I had classes in the Clinton residence when you were away at work. I’ve learned so many things! I can definitely protect you in the future,” said Tony proudly.

Amelia felt her eyes moisten. Tony always managed to spring her surprises. It made her heart so full that she did not know how to express her excitement. In the end, she hugged Tony and planted kisses on the latter’s cheeks, grinning. “Tony, you always surprise me. I really love you. You’re so thoughtful that it makes me feel bad.”

Hearing that, Tony returned her kisses and comforted her sweetly, “Don’t cry, Mommy. You have me here. I won’t let Big Meanie come back to your side.”

Amelia hugged him tightly.

Meanwhile, Kurt, who was driving, glanced at the duo’s interaction through the rearview mirror. It made his eyes glimmer with emotion.

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