Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 863

Chapter 863 Unrequited Love

After they were done with the meal, Oscar asked, “Why did you quarrel with Linda and the guard just now?”

Isabella’s face sank a little. However, she put up a sensible front and said, “Oh, it was nothing. Your secretary just thought I didn’t look like I worked here and wanted to ask the guard to chase me out of your office. She was quite close to Amelia. So, it’s understandable that she’s a bit hostile toward me.”

Oscar’s gaze darkened as he contemplated her words.

Isabella stole a glance at him and smiled. “Oscar, it’s all right. You divorced Amelia, after all. So, she’s only looking out for her. I didn’t mind it at all, and I hope you won’t, either.”

Oscar tapped her nose as the look in his eyes softened.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to work here? Why don’t you be my special assistant? That way, we can go to work and get off work together,” Oscar said with a smile.

Isabella was overjoyed to hear him. However, she maintained her composure and said, “Oscar, I’m afraid that people might gossip behind your back if I agree to that. I don’t mind it since I’ve already gotten used to it all these years. But it’s different for you. You’re so outstanding. I don’t want to put you through all that.”

Oscar was already feeling guilty. Adding on top of the fact that he almost doubted her because of Linda and the guard, another pang of guilt hit Oscar. I shouldn’t have doubted her in the first place. We’ve been together for so many years, after all.

“Nobody will dare to say a thing about that,” Oscar said assertively.

Isabella circled her hands around his neck and brushed her nose against his. Just when she was about to kiss him, Oscar turned his head to one side and dodged the kiss.

She gave him a puzzled look.

Oscar hugged her and said, “I’ve got a meeting coming up. If you’re bored, feel free to call your friends to go shopping. I’ll arrange for you to work here as discussed. Since you studied design arts, I think you’d be a good fit in the design department.”

Isabella was stumped by the sudden change in his demeanor.

Didn’t he just say that I could be his special assistant? Why is he suddenly saying that I should go to the design department now?

“Oscar, didn’t you say I could be your special assistant? Why are you sending me to the design department instead?” she asked.

“I just feel like your talents should be put to good use. Come on, you’re going to be great there,” Oscar coaxed.

Isabella took in a deep breath and begrudgingly pursed her lips. “Oscar, you wouldn’t go back on your words like that in the past. Did I do something wrong? You could just tell me. Your hot and cold attitude is really throwing me off these two days. I told you that I can be a really great help to you as your wife, but it’s obvious that you don’t think the same.”

Oscar circled her into his embrace and planted a soft kiss on her brows. “My silly girl, you’re overthinking again.”

His genteel manner pleased Isabella as she said coquettishly, “Okay. I’ll listen to you as long as you really do care about me.”

“Call a few of your friends to go shopping. I’m going to take you out for dinner tonight. We’ve tried the place before. I think it’s time I take you there to revisit our sweet times together,” Oscar said casually. However, he was carefully gauging her reaction.

Isabella smiled and said, “Sure.”

“I still remember your words that touched me deeply back then. Do you still remember them?” Oscar planted another kiss on her forehead, almost making Isabelle lose all rationality.

However, his question snapped all senses back into her.

Her brain went into overdrive trying to figure out the right things to say, especially since she was not the one who had those moments with Oscar.

“Have you forgotten it all? You said that you would buy the yacht that we were standing on once you started earning money. Well, I could buy it on my own, but it was so sweet of you to make that promise. Isn’t that so?” Oscar asked. He raised her chin and smiled.

Isabella was bewitched by Oscar’s handsome face, which was just inches away from her own then.

Still, in a daze, she nodded along. “Sure. I will buy you a yacht. I will even give you my life if that’s what you desire.”

Oscar blinked. His eyes darkened with an unfathomable glint.

The Isabella, whom he knew, had never said anything about yachts back then. However, the woman who was standing before him had no inkling that he was trying to sound her out. Oscar couldn’t help but wonder if the woman before her was truly the woman with whom he shared those sweet memories.

Truth be told, Oscar did not have an answer either. Hence, he did not wish to ruin the serenity of the moment.

I should be in love with Isabella. She’s Isabella.

“Oscar, what’s the matter?” Isabella asked as she reached out to caress his face when she noticed his odd demeanor.

He grabbed her hand and put it down. With a smile, he said, “I’m going to the meeting now. Enjoy the time with your friends. You may come into work next week.”

Isabella suppressed the arising feeling of suspicion and replied meekly, “I’ll get going then. See you tonight.”

Oscar nodded in response.

He fell into deep thought after Isabella left.

When he was about to head out, his phone rang.

A man’s voice could be heard coming from the other end of the line as soon as Oscar answered the call. “Boss, Kurt is missing. We can’t find him. Do we send more people to search for him?”

Oscar’s gaze darkened as he said, “When did he go missing?”

“He was still around last night. But we couldn’t reach him this morning when we tried calling him. Do we send people to look for him?”

“I’ve stationed him and Hugo at another city. Call and ask Hugo. If Kurt’s with him, then all is good. But if he’s betrayed us, just let him be,” Oscar said after a moment of contemplation.

“Noted, boss.”

Oscar rubbed his temples after hanging up the call. He decided he was not going to concern himself with Kurt’s whereabouts. There were far too many people in his organization, and it was impossible to keep track of everyone.

Oscar left his office to head for the meeting room. Linda trailed behind him and tactfully said, “Mr. Clinton, I was not deliberately trying to stop Ms. Walker from entering your office. It’s just that I remember you explicitly ordered me never to let anyone enter your office without your prior approval. Ms. Walker was trying to barge into your office, and I was left with no other choice but to call security to stop her.”

Oscar glanced at her and said, “You were just following my orders. No need to feel sorry about that. Just lead her to the guest lounge and wait for me next time. I have a lot of classified documents in my office. Do you understand?”

Linda heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly replied, “Yes, Mr. Clinton.”

The two of them went into the meeting room one after the other, and they soon put the incident behind them.

Isabella thought that she had won Oscar over. However, she was still oblivious that he still treated her like an outsider.

It was almost six in the afternoon when he was done with the meeting. Oscar was planning to continue working when Isabella called him.

He passed the phone to Linda and asked her to tell Isabella that he was out to look at finished goods with clients and accidentally left his phone behind. Oscar also asked Linda to pass the word to Isabella, not to wait for him and get back home first after meeting up with her friends.

Though perplexed by Oscar’s intention, Linda did as she was told.

After Linda hung up the call, she couldn’t help but wonder how was Oscar getting along with Isabella. How did they even get involved in the first place? Didn’t Oscar use to hate Isabella? Has the world gone upside down in just a few days?

Nonetheless, Linda knew it was her boss’ private matter, and she’d better keep her own opinions to herself.

Oscar went back to his office and lay on the bed once he was in his own private lounge, staring blankly at the ceiling above him.

After about ten minutes, he fell asleep.

It was already three at midnight when he woke up. Thinking that Amelia must have landed overseas by then, Oscar made a call.

“Mr. Clinton,” the man answered.

“Did you spot her?” Oscar asked.

“Yes, Mr. Clinton. But I was too late. She was picked up by somebody else right after stepping out of the airport. I’m sorry,” the man said.

Oscar’s face sank as he asked, “Are you saying that you lost her trail as well?”

“I’m very sorry for disappointing you, Mr. Clinton.”

“It’s fine. No big deal. I’m going to hang up now.” Oscar hung up the call and covered his face in exasperation. He was baffled by his feelings as well. For reasons unbeknownst to himself, he called an acquaintance overseas in the middle of the night the day before and asked him to help pick up Amelia at the airport and send her to her place. Oscar was worried that Amelia might not make it on her own overseas, and he’d wanted to know her whereabouts so that he could send someone to keep tabs on her from time to time. However, now that his acquaintance had lost trail of her, there was nothing he could do.

Meanwhile, Amelia was staring at the man standing before her, confounded by his presence. She never thought he would follow her all the way here.

“Kurt, why are you here?” Amelia asked.

“I’m worried about you. I asked Tiffany about your itinerary before you guys even departed so that I could pick you guys up at the airport,” Kurt explained. “Amelia, I promised to protect you and Tony. He’s going to be terrified to be alone here. I’m here to protect him. You can’t chase me away.”

Amelia parted her lips to say something, but she said nothing as she was overwhelmed by mixed feelings. She didn’t know how to deal with Kurt then.

Knowing full well that she could never reciprocate Kurt’s feelings for her, Amelia just didn’t wish to receive any more help from him, even if he was willing to do so. It was burdensome, to say the least.

Amelia knew she could never repay him.

“Kurt, you’re really the man. But since Amelia and Tony are both safe and sound here, I think you should head back home. There’s no fun in following behind a woman and a child all the time, am I right?” Tiffany joked.

Tiffany knew that Amelia would never return Kurt’s feelings. Hence, she thought it was best to tell Kurt to move on.

However, Kurt shook his head and said adamantly, “I’m not going back. I will protect you guys from somewhere you can’t see me if that’s what you are concerned about.”

Amelia and Tiffany didn’t know what else to say.

“Kurt, you don’t have to do this,” Amelia said helplessly.

The more Kurt did for her, the more burden she felt. She didn’t want to hold him up, for she knew she would forever be plagued by the guilt.

“Amelia, don’t overthink this. I’m just worried that you and Tony can’t get used to living abroad. I promise to keep my distance and not bother you guys when he’s back in the country,” Kurt said. It was never his intention to force his feelings onto Amelia. Kurt was already grateful that he got the chance to spend some time with them this time.

Though his unrequited love for Amelia was hurt, Kurt was pleased to know that Amelia was getting by okay on her own.

Kurt knew he was being foolish, but he was content to just stay by Amelia’s side and protect her. It was the deepest love one could feel for another.

Amelia sighed and turned around to tend to her luggage.

The place that they were going to stay was arranged by Kurt. They didn’t go to the one arranged by Teddy. It was not that Amelia wished to reject Teddy, but it was Kurt who rejected the place on behalf of her. The personnel sent by Teddy called Teddy to inform him, and he chose to respect their decision.

Tiffany patted Kurt’s shoulder and said, “Kurt, you’re a fiercely loyal guy, but Amelia’s the wrong girl. She’s still trying to get over Oscar. Your feelings for her are only going to trouble her. Do you really want to do that?”

Kurt looked at her and said stubbornly, “I never want her to feel burdened by my feelings. I’m just worried that she and Tony might get bullied overseas. I’ll stay away from her as soon as she gets back to the country. I won’t put her in a difficult situation.”

Tiffany was rendered speechless.

She admired his tenacity, but it was all for the wrong person.

Tiffany went to the bedroom and noticed that Amelia was unpacking her luggage by herself. She approached Amelia and said, “Babe, don’t overthink. Maybe Kurt showing up is a good thing.”

Amelia folded her clothes and said softly, “I’m not overthinking this. I just feel like I owe him too much. I don’t think I can live with the guilt.”

“Or you could just think that he’s here for me,” Tiffany said with a shrug.

Amelia cast a glance at Tiffany and pursed her lips in a disapproving manner.

It made Tiffany chuckle. “Babe, what do you mean? You’re making me feel like I’m an uncharismatic woman. Kurt and I are good friends. He might really be here because of me.”

Amelia paid no further heed to her and continued to fold her clothes.

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