Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 861

Chapter 861 Reality And Rumors

Early the next morning, Amelia and Tiffany got up to prepare breakfast. Afterward, the two and a child ate a lavish breakfast before leaving the apartment with their luggage.

Tiffany looked at the apartment she had bought not long ago and said, “Goodbye. I’m not sure if there will be a chance for me to return and stay here in the future. If I can’t stay here, I’ll rent you out.”

“You don’t have any plans of selling it?” Amelia asked.

“No. It’ll save us the time of finding a place to stay if we return,” Tiffany replied.

Amelia changed the subject. “Let’s go.”

Tiffany nodded and joined them in the lift to head downstairs.

They took a taxi to the airport, and when they arrived, they met Jolin and Hugo.

“Ms. Amelia,” Jolin called out with red-rimmed eyes.

Amelia smiled and said, “Jolin, Hugo, what are you two doing here?”

Jolin wiped her eyes and felt that it was useless for her to cry.

“Mrs. Clinton, are you really heading out of the country?” Jolin asked sadly.

“Our flight is at ten o’clock in the morning. If you go abroad for tasks, you can make time to visit Tony and me,” Amelia said as she pretended to be happy. “Don’t cry. Everyone has to say goodbye at some point. Besides, you need to help me take care of Oscar. Don’t let him heed Isabella’s advice anymore.”

Jolin looked at Amelia. She looked like she was about to say something but thought better of it.

“Jolin, what’s wrong? Do you have something to tell me?” Amelia asked with a smile.

“Mrs. Clinton, I didn’t want to hide this from you, but Hugo, Kurt, and I have been dispatched to other cities by the boss, and we might never return to Tayhaven in the future. I want to promise you that, but it’s hard for us to go against the boss’ orders. Sorry,” Jolin said in disappointment as she held her head down.

Being dispatched to other cities also indirectly meant that Oscar was abandoning them.

Amelia was taken aback for a moment before she chuckled bitterly and said, “I should’ve known that Isabella wouldn’t be able to tolerate you. Whatever. You all should leave this wrongful circle to avoid Isabella coming up with schemes to harm you.”

“I’m not scared of her. I’m more scared if she does nothing. If she does something, I’ll make sure she’s a goner,” Jolin said harshly.

Amelia patted her shoulder and smiled before she said, “Don’t get angry. It’s good for you to go to other cities. If Oscar really doesn’t give you any tasks, it won’t be so bad for you all to become normal citizens. You all are at the age to get married. It’ll be great to see your children when I come back.”

Jolin asked with hope in her tone, “Mrs. Clinton, you’ll come back?”

“I will. I can’t give up on Oscar.”

Jolin’s eyes lit up and she smiled through her tears.

In the end, they were all afraid of saying goodbye. Amelia made the two of them return first. The duo did not object and hailed a taxi back.

When their car left, a car swerved uncontrollably and stopped at the airport entrance.

The car door opened, and a tall figure got out. He ran inside the bustling airport to look for Tiffany and Amelia but could not find either of them. He panicked and yelled, “Tiff, where are you? Come out.”

However, no one replied.

An airport staff went up to him and tried to invite him inside. He grabbed the arm of the female staff and panickily said, “I’m looking for someone. She’s my wife. I can’t lose her. Please broadcast that I’m looking for her. If I miss her, I’ll regret it for my entire life.”

The staff saw how panicked he was and had no choice but to agree before she invited him into the broadcasting room.

Soon, a woman’s voice could be heard through the broadcast system.

“Ms. Tiffany Winters, are you here? A man named Derrick Hisson is waiting for you here in the broadcasting room. If you hear this broadcast, please come to the broadcasting room.”

The woman in the broadcast repeated that several times.

Just in time, Amelia, her son, and Tiffany walked out of a snack shop and heard the broadcast. A glimpse of confusion flashed through Tiffany’s eyes before she cruelly ignored it.

“Tiff, you should go. There’s still another hour before we have to board,” Amelia said.

Since Derrick had rushed all the way here, it would only leave regrets for the two of them if she were to leave like that.

Tiffany thought about it for a moment before she shook her head and said, “No need. Our relationship ended a long time ago. What am I supposed to say if I meet him? Crystal will give birth, and he’ll have to take up the responsibility of being a father. I will never forget his initial betrayal, so what’s the use in me meeting him?”

Amelia was speechless as she felt bad seeing Tiffany holding back. “It’s good if you figured it out. Let’s go through the security check.”

Tiffany nodded.

Before the two could queue up, Amelia’s phone rang.

She held it up and looked at the name displayed on the screen. Shock flashed through her eyes as the hand holding the phone trembled.

Tiffany noticed her discomfort and shuffled close to take a look. She was shocked to see that it was Oscar who had called Amelia.

“Answer it. Maybe he recovered his memories,” Tiffany said.

The corners of Amelia’s lips curved up instinctively.

She answered the call and tried to stay calm as she said, “Oscar.”

“Why haven’t you gone through the security check? Don’t come back after you’ve gone abroad this time.” Oscar’s cold voice could be heard from the other end of the call.

Amelia turned and looked around but did not see Oscar’s figure anywhere.

“Stop looking around. You won’t be able to find me. Since you’re going abroad, you should stay there and look for someone else to live your life with. I won’t hold a grudge against you for what you did to Isabella.”

Amelia felt a sharp pain stabbing through her heart, yet her face was calm as she replied, “Oscar, did you purposely rush to the airport to call me and tell me all that?”

The answer she received was him hanging up the phone.

Amelia stared at the black screen and chuckled bitterly. She could not figure out Oscar’s intentions for a moment.

From her understanding of Oscar, he would not rush to the airport if it weren’t someone he cared for. Yet now that he was here and had given her such an ambiguous warning, she wondered if she could take it as something out of her expectations that Oscar had some care toward her even amidst his mistaken memories.

The corners of her lips uncontrollably twitched once more. That confirmation gave her hope for the future. She felt hopeful, knowing there was still a chance for her to win back Oscar’s heart.

Tiffany stared at Amelia’s transition from a bitter chuckle to a smile and quickly asked, “What’s wrong?”

“He’s at the airport.”

“Did he remember something?”


“What’s he doing at the airport then? Is he here to monitor whether you’re really going abroad?” Tiffany pursed her lips. “Did his intelligence go downhill along with his changed memories? No matter what, Tony is also his son. Shouldn’t he come and hug him?”

Amelia shook her head. “Tiff, I think he’ll definitely remember me when I come back.”

“You’re that confident?”

“It’s my intuition.”

“It’s great if you’re that confident.”

Amelia pulled their luggage, and Tiffany held onto Tony as they went through the security check. After their tickets were checked, Derrick arrived, heavily panting.

He wanted to rush inside but was stopped by the guard.

“Tiff, don’t leave. Come out. I beg of you,” Derrick screamed.

Tiffany turned her head and met with Derrick’s disappointed eyes. Her heart clenched, and she put Tony on the ground before walking over.

“Tiff, don’t go,” Derrick said as he broke free from the guard’s hold and ran over.

Tiffany stared intently at him and said, “Derrick, you should go back. It’s not possible between us anymore. There won’t be an end if you keep clinging on. You’re an adult. You should take up the responsibilities that are required of you.”

Derrick wanted to climb the barrier and grab Tiffany’s arm, but his hand was not long enough to touch her.

“Tiff, please don’t go. I beg of you. I don’t want the child. I love you. I won’t do anything to hurt you anymore,” Derrick said, his voice now hoarse.

Tiffany’s eyes were red as her tears fell uncontrollably.

“Derrick, I’m sorry. I can’t let an innocent child not have a father. Go back and restart your life.” With that, Tiffany cruelly turned around and left. Derrick wanted to climb over, but the guard held him down again.

“Tiff…” Derrick called out hoarsely. A deep sense of disappointment could be seen in his eyes.

He loved Tiffany deeply. For her, he could even give up his child.

Tiffany stopped in her steps for a moment, but in the end, she still cruelly followed Amelia inside.

Derrick’s heart broke into two as he leaned on the barrier and cried. The passersby who saw such an excellent-looking man cry felt sympathetic and empathetic.

“Sir, are you all right?” the guard asked awkwardly.

Derrick straightened his back and walked out of the airport in a daze.

A car stopped in front of him when he walked out of the airport. The window lowered to reveal Oscar.

“Get in. I think we both need a drink,” Oscar said calmly.

Derrick opened the car door and sat at the back. He was in a daze as he stared out the window.

Oscar used the rearview mirror to take a look at Derrick and frowned. He said, “The Mr. Hisson in my memories is a charming playboy who’s chic and suave. Looking at you now, I’m sure the people in our circle would treat you as a joke.”

Derrick finally responded. He turned to look at Oscar and hoarsely said, “Aren’t you sad that Amelia is going abroad? I heard that you and Isabella are a couple now. Did you really forget Amelia? I thought you would be loyal.”

Oscar raised his eyebrows in confusion.

“Was I close with her before? Why is she clingy and unreasonable in my memories?” Oscar asked, confused.

His memories were completely different from what he saw in the photos on his phone and what he heard from others. That was why he came to the airport today. He wanted to seek a different answer from Amelia. However, when he saw Amelia’s and Tony’s figures, he backed away instead. There was a voice in his head telling him that he must trust Isabella. Isabella was the woman he loved most. That was why he ended up not appearing before Amelia.

Derrick chuckled bitterly before he replied, “It looks like you’ve really forgotten. I don’t know what you went through, but I can tell you there isn’t any difference between how much you love Amelia and how much I love Tiff. Since you could easily forget her, Isabella seems to be a mastermind at scheming. Be careful of that woman. Don’t treat her as a treasure even though she’s trying to hurt you. I’ll be honest with you. Right now, you’re living a life full of lies spun by that woman.”

Oscar was silent as he drove. Neither of them knew what he was thinking.

Derrick leaned against the seat as he looked out the window. Tiffany’s departure had broken his heart into pieces. Physically, he was there, but there was no difference between him and a zombie.

Oscar drove the two of them to a private club.

Once they entered the private dining room, Derrick ordered a bunch of alcohol from the waiter. Soon, the waiter brought all the alcohol into the room.

Derrick opened a bottle and downed it, not caring about Oscar, who sat at the side.

Oscar held a hand to try and stop him from drinking to his death.

“Mr. Hisson, men should be able to learn to let go. What you have to do now is to become stronger. The only way to do that is to take over the Hissons’ family business and monopolize that power. That way, no one will force you to marry Crystal. As for the child, it’s just another mouth to feed. If you don’t want to see him, just send him far away. I can guarantee you that Tiffany will come back. When the time comes, you can welcome her back with a new look and start over again. Will you be afraid of pursuing her then? A strong woman is afraid of a clingy husband. No matter how determined she is, if she still loves you, she’ll definitely be with you again once you act out a few pity scenes,” Oscar said from a third-person point of view.

Derrick’s eyes lit up. He was clouded with his thoughts. That was why he was entangled with Tiffany and never saw the problem. Now that Oscar had given him some advice, he knew what to do.

“Mr. Clinton, are you sure that she’ll come back?”

“This place is her roots, isn’t it?”

The corners of Derrick’s lips twitched as his heart filled with hope once more.

However, in the next moment, he stared at Oscar suspiciously. “Someone said you lost your memories, but you seem to know everything about Tiffany and me. Now that I see it, you seem to have only forgotten that Amelia is your beloved.”

Something flashed through Oscar’s gaze as a long finger gently stroked the rim of the glass.

“Mr. Hisson, was I really in love with Amelia?” he asked tentatively.

“That’s something that everyone knows. You can ask anyone around you. You can even ask the people at the company. They’ll all tell you that the only thing left you didn’t do is hold her in your arms and shower her with love.” Derrick was suddenly excited and honestly wanted to help Oscar and Amelia. He took out his phone and opened a video he had previously recorded. “Look. This was when the four of us had fun at a resort. You confessed to Amelia in front of everyone.”

Oscar watched the video and noticed how affectionate he was staring at Amelia as he confessed and how Amelia was smiling sweetly at him.

He wracked his brain trying to remember, but no matter how he tried to think of this image, the only thing he could remember was Amelia’s clinging and her scary and hateful stalking.

My memories are completely different from what I’ve seen and heard from others. Is something wrong with my memories, or are these people ganging up to lie to me?

If they’re lying to me, what about these pictures and videos?

Isabella was the lover in his memories, yet his phone did not have pictures of them together. In reality, there were also no pictures of him and Isabella being lovey-dovey.

He was puzzled.

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