Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 860

Chapter 860 A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

The Walkers were a tad unhappy with Isabella as they could not locate her whereabouts. That was why they were willing to leave their eldest daughter in the lurch so that they could be on good terms with Owen and Olivia.

Later in the evening, Matthew and Carol discussed the matter with Noah. Noah advised them not to act in haste, as Oscar was now managing Clinton Corporations and had mistaken Isabella for someone else. “Perhaps Isabella can put in a good word for us with Oscar. He might be able to help us grow our family business too.”

Carol knitted her brows and replied, “Now that Isabella has Oscar on her side, everything I said has fallen on deaf ears. She has been giving me an attitude as if she had forgotten who raised her. Do you think she’ll help the Walkers had she married into the Clinton family? She’ll probably just rub salt in our wound!”

Noah lowered his eyes and went deep in thought before responding to her remark, “Mom, Isabella is no longer the girl she used to be as she has won Oscar’s heart, so you better treat her with respect. Since we’re a family, I don’t think she would turn a blind eye to the problems you and Dad are going through. Moreover, she’ll still need our support if she wishes to marry into the Clinton family. Don’t you think?”

Carol kept mum. It was a silent agreement to Noah’s words.

Meanwhile, when Isabella returned late at night, she was taken aback by Noah as he was sitting alone in the dark living room. She asked, “Noah, you scare the hell out of me. What are you doing here? Why didn’t you turn on the lights?”

Noah stood up, walked toward her, and asked, “Did you have a blast? Are you not tired?”

A corner of Isabella’s lips quirked up as if she was giving him a sarcastic smirk. “Do you care? You wouldn’t have waited for me for no reason. Is there anything you want to talk to me about?” she asked while shrugging her shoulders.

“Let’s go to the top floor. You and I haven’t had a chat for a long time,” Noah suggested sincerely while looking into her eyes.

Isabella did not turn him down. She went up with him.

“What do you want to talk to me about?” Isabella sat on the chair, crossed her legs, and asked nonchalantly.

Noah gulped before asking in disbelief, “Are you really… together with Oscar?”

Everyone knew Oscar was deeply in love with Amelia, and he would never allow her to feel aggrieved. Yet now, the tables had turned so quickly. Noah could no longer underestimate his sister.

“Yes, we are. But I still remember how you made fun of me and called me a daydreamer.” Isabella studied Noah from the corners of her eyes. “Noah, you’ve always thought of me as a good-for-nothing who only knows how to splurge. You know what? Oscar will listen to everything I say, so I should get him to withdraw his investment from Walker Group. You guys have always thought of me as an ingrate anyway, so there’s no point for me to help this family.”

A hard glint flashed across Noah’s eyes, and the wine glass in his hand started trembling.

He continued swirling the wine and grinned. “You won’t do this to us, Isabella. You’re one of the Walkers, and this is where you belong. Without us, you’ll have no one to depend on. Do you think you can stand on your own without the support of the Walker family?”

Isabella responded with a cold snort as if she was not bothered by what he said.

“Noah, do you believe I can get Oscar to transfer the ownership of Clinton Corporations to me in no time? Stop doubting me. If I can get him to fall in love with me, I can get him to transfer all his family assets to me too. Yes, I admit to using dirty tricks to get what I want, but they’re effective, aren’t they?” Isabella said while glaring at the red wine in the glass.

The expression in Noah’s eyes changed. He gazed into his sister’s eyes.

Isabella chuckled and said, “Noah, do you still think I’m nothing but a daydreamer?”

After remaining silent for a few seconds, Noah burst into laughter. He continued swirling the wine in the glass and said, “Of course not. I always knew you were a capable person. That’s why I came to you for help. Can you please say nice things about us in front of Oscar?”

After flashing a gloating grin, Isabella glanced at Noah. You finally acknowledge my capabilities.

Noah smiled in response and said nothing.

“I can help you, Noah, but you have always been rude to me. Shouldn’t you apologize to me first before asking me for help?” Isabella questioned while staring at her brother.

Noah froze for a moment. She’s getting overboard, but what else can I do? The Walkers still need to rely on Oscar. Though the Walker family could benefit from Noah’s relationship with Stephanie, they still hoped to milk the Clinton family for all it’s worth.

Isabella looked away. She picked up a wine glass and said, “You don’t seem sincere, Noah. I’m going to go to bed now. That day, Oscar asked me if my family treated me well. I’ll have to think it through before giving him an answer. After all, Dad and Mom had never treated me as well as how they had looked after you and Rachel.”

Noah got up immediately and grabbed Isabella’s wrist. He then flashed a smile and said, “Isabella, we’re siblings, so it’s okay to throw tantrums. But do you expect me to kneel before you and seek your forgiveness?”

Isabella turned around and stared at him, but before she could respond to his question, Stephanie walked out in her nightgown and snorted. “Why aren’t you two sleeping at this hour? What are you talking about?”

The expression on Isabella’s face changed right away. She plastered a smile on her face, walked over, and held Stephanie’s hand. “Stephanie, when did you come back from the Clinton residence? You shouldn’t expose yourself to the night breeze since you’d just given birth. We should avoid any untoward repercussions. Come, I’ll walk you down.”

Stephanie gave Isabella an icy stare but did not stop her from walking her down.

After entering the house, Stephanie swung and pulled her hand away. She said, “Isabella, how dare you frame me? You drugged my brother but told my mom I was the mastermind. What were you thinking? Do you think my mom will believe your story and start hating me? If you try to put me through hell, I’ll drag you along!”

Stephanie was at a loss for words. She asked, “Stephanie, what are you talking about?”

Stephanie shot daggers at her and replied, “Save it. Stop acting as if you don’t know anything. If it were not for you, my mom wouldn’t have known I was a part of it. You’re not who I thought you were.”

Isabella’s face darkened for a moment, but she soon regained her composure. “Stephanie, it’s all a misunderstanding. I’ve been telling Oscar good things about you during dinner and even suggested having dinner with you once you recover so that you two could reconcile. If you don’t believe what I said, feel free to ask Oscar about it. And I didn’t say anything to Aunt Olivia. She was smart enough to trick you into telling the truth.”

Stephanie mulled over it and felt her words made sense. “Did you mean what you said?”

“We’re a family, Stephanie. Why should I sell you out? It has nothing to do with me. I wouldn’t have said nice things about you to Oscar had I intended to drive a wedge between you two,” Isabella said sincerely.

After getting hold of herself, Stephanie asked, “So you’re saying Oscar is willing to reconcile with me?”

“He’s no longer in love with Amelia, so he doesn’t hate you as much as before. Now that I’d also painted you in a good light, Oscar is more than willing to mend his relationship with you.” Isabella smiled, but deep in her heart, she despised Stephanie. I wouldn’t have bothered to associate myself with this dumb and willful woman had I not needed her help. Not only is she brainless, but she’s also as stubborn as a mule and might even get me into trouble. Anyway, if anything goes south, I can always make her the scapegoat.

“Looks like I’ve wrongly accused you of something you didn’t do. I’m sorry, Isabella. Please forgive me. A woman during confinement can be a little hysterical.” Stephanie immediately responded with a wry smile and asked for Isabella’s forgiveness.

Isabella, too, responded with a grin. “I won’t be mad at you, Stephanie. I told you we’re a family. But I’m afraid Aunt Olivia has misunderstood me. It was my fault, to begin with. I shouldn’t have pushed too hard and aroused her suspicion. Please put in a good word for me with Aunt Olivia, will you?”

“Of course I will. I’ll take care of it, don’t worry. My Mom will not get mad at me.”

“Thank you, Stephanie.”

“Don’t mention it. Like what you’d said just now—we’re a family.”

The two women exchanged glances and smiled at each other. Indeed, birds of a feather flock together.

“You should take a rest now, Stephanie. I’m also getting a little sleepy,” Isabella said after teasing the infant for a bit.

“All right.”

After Isabella had left, Noah sneaked into the room, hugged Stephanie from the back, and whispered affectionately in her ear, “I’ve missed you and our son, Stephanie. I’m glad that you’re back now. It’s inconvenient for me to go to your parents’ place anyway.”

Stephanie pulled herself from him, poked his chest with her finger, and sneered, “You must have wished I was still away so that you could continue to flirt with your assistant or secretary, right? But you’re also kinda useless since you can’t handle your sister, who made you apologize to her. I can’t believe I married a man who’s incapable of running a company and has to depend on a woman to get my brother’s help, not forgetting you’re a cheater too. Besides your good looks, I can’t see any other strong points in you.”

Upon hearing that, Noah instantly darkened his face. He was about to explode with rage.

“Someone’s getting mad, huh?” Stephanie continued poking his chest with her index finger and raised her voice. “You’re mad at me for calling you useless, huh? If you think you’re capable, work hard and prove me and my family wrong! Marrying any young man from the other influential families would have been much better than marrying you.”

Noah’s gaze darkened. Just when Stephanie thought he was about to throw a fit, Noah leaned forward and gave her a deep kiss to stop her from talking.

A few seconds later, Noah said in a deep voice, “Stephanie, I’m not useless. I love you so much that I wish to get the Clintons’ help to bring the Walker family to the next level. I allow you to speak your mind, not because I’m terrified of you but because I want you to be happy. Can’t you tell?”

Stephanie narrowed her eyes and stared at him for a moment. Her cheeks started blushing, and she stopped complaining. “Take care of our son tonight. I’m exhausted.”

“All right. You sleep well. I’ll take care of him.”

Stephanie lay on the bed, shut her eyes, and mumbled, “Don’t worry. I’ll get Isabella to speak to my brother. You might be useless, but you’re still my husband. You’ll always have my support.”

A corner of Noah’s lips quirked up as he watched her doze off. A vicious glint flashed across his eyes.

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