Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 859

Chapter 859 Chased Off

Olivia left Tony unwillingly. When she returned home, she saw Oscar sitting on the couch alone, and Isabella was nowhere in sight. Although she was delighted by that, she kept a grim expression.

She walked over and said mockingly, “It seems you still remember you have parents in this household.”

Oscar raised his head and replied helplessly, “Mom, you used to like Isabella. Why do you have something against her now? You’re ruining the peace for no reason.”

This angered Olivia, and she scoffed coldly. “You must be under her spell that you can’t even make your own judgment. How can you not even doubt her lies?”

A hint of doubt flitted across Oscar’s eyes, but he lowered his gaze to hide it. “Mom, Isabella is the woman I love. I know you have something against her, but I believe time reveals a person’s integrity. You will eventually grow to like her.”

Olivia’s chest was heaving with rage. “Fine! You may continue to be stubborn. Amelia is about to travel abroad soon anyway, so you won’t be able to see her after that. You’ll be free to continue living with the falsehoods Isabella has told you.”

A strange glint flashed across his eyes as he looked at Olivia and asked, “She’s going abroad?” However, he immediately realized his words sounded as if he was close to Amelia and added, “She used to live aboard. There’s nothing strange with her going overseas now.”

When Olivia heard that, she felt that Oscar’s impression of Amelia was the same as what he had toward Isabella previously, and she suddenly had an idea.

She asked tentatively, “Oscar, can you tell me why you suddenly hate Amelia?”

Furrowing his brows, he replied, “She keeps pestering me and teamed up with Stephanie to bully Isabella. Shouldn’t I hate her? Anyway, I still have work, so I’m heading off to the study.”

Olivia instantly grabbed him and said, “Oscar, wait. I have a question.”

Oscar turned around and looked at her indifferently.

“Oscar, tell me honestly. What does Amelia’s family do?”

“Mom, what’s wrong with you? Didn’t they come back a few years ago to do business here? I know you’re close with her parents, but you can’t keep protecting her and even sacrifice my marriage for that. She and I have already divorced, and she has custody of the child. I don’t have anything to do with her anymore. Please stop trying to get us together, Mom. Isabella has already suffered a lot by insisting on staying by my side. I hope you don’t keep targeting her, or else I’m going to get angry,” Oscar said in an annoyed tone as he frowned.

Realization dawned on Olivia as she let go of him.

“You can get back to work. I know what to do,” she replied while waving a dismissive hand.

Oscar stared at her briefly before he strode up the stairs.

When he reached the second floor, Olivia shouted, “Oscar, Amelia’s flight is at ten in the morning tomorrow. If you still have some regard for her, you should send her off. Otherwise, you won’t see her anymore in this lifetime.”

Oscar froze, and some indiscernible emotion flitted across his eyes.

However, it was only for a moment before he entered his study without hesitation.

Olivia watched him disappear from sight and sighed deeply. Problems keep coming one after the other in this household. When is it ever going to end?

Entering Stephanie’s room, she saw her daughter playing with her grandchild. The gaze she leveled on Stephanie was a complicated one.

As if Stephanie felt Olivia’s unusual scrutiny, she raised her head and looked at the latter in confusion. “Mom, why are you looking at me like that?”

Olivia walked toward the bed and sat down, extending her hand to play with her grandchild. After a while, she finally said, “Stephanie, be honest with me. Did you participate in the things Isabella did to your brother?”

Stephanie tried to act innocent and looked at Olivia, replying, “Mom, what are you saying? Isn’t Oscar fine?”

At that, Olivia raised her head and retorted, “You’re still trying to pretend with me? Do you know Isabella has told me everything? She used your brother’s affection for her to push all the blame on you. She said you’re the one who instigated everything, and she was only an accomplice. If she were to persuade your brother into transferring all our family’s assets under her name, our family is doomed.”

As expected, Stephanie took the bait. “What nonsense is she uttering? She’s the one who planned everything, yet she dared to blame everything on me? She can go ahead and die! How dare she try to steal our family’s assets? I’m going to kill her!”

Stephanie finally realized what she was saying and immediately stopped talking. She turned her head slowly to look at Olivia; sure enough, the latter’s expression was grim.

“M-Mom, listen to me. I’m not—” Stephanie stammered as she tried to explain. However, before she could finish her sentence, Olivia gave her a slap which sent her falling onto the bed.

Olivia said coldly, “Stephanie, I’m so disappointed in you. What did we do to you that you must do this to your brother? Do you know how dumb you are? We might never recover from this. Oscar is now under Isabella’s control. Do you want me, your dad, and you to be chased out of our own home?”

Although her words were slightly exaggerated, the Clinton family would really be in a problematic situation if Isabella had ill intentions.

Stephanie got up from the bed and said tearfully, “Mom, listen to me. I only wanted to chase Amelia out. I didn’t mean to put our family in a difficult situation. I love our family and would never want to bring trouble to you guys.”

Olivia cast a complicated glance at her crying daughter. She was tremendously disappointed in the latter. Her earlier words had only been a test, but it turned out she was right. Her daughter had teamed up with an outsider to harm her own brother. It was both ridiculous and foolish.

“Stephanie, I’ll ask the housekeeper to pack your things. You should return to the Walker residence. I don’t want to see you for a while,” Olivia stated icily.

Stephanie raised her head and looked at Olivia as tears streamed down her face.

“Mom, I don’t want to return to the Walker residence! Isabella used me. You can’t do this to me!” she cried.

Shrugging off Stephanie’s hand, Olivia left the room. Stephanie stumbled and ran after her mother, grabbing the latter’s hand again. “Mom, you can’t do this to me!”

Olivia replied, “Let go.”

Everyone heard the commotion and came over to see what the fuss was about.

When Oscar came out of the study and saw the scene, he asked, “Mom, what happened?”

Olivia shook her head and replied, “Oscar, go back in and do your work. I have some things to say to Stephanie.”

Stephanie threw herself in front of Oscar, at which point Olivia said coldly, “Stephanie, do you want me to tell Oscar everything you have done?”

Fear appeared on Stephanie’s face, and she immediately let go of Oscar’s pants.

“Mom, I’ll head back in first.” Oscar glanced at the crying Stephanie and turned around to return to his study.

Stephanie sat on the ground, defeated. “Mom, I really didn’t do anything. Isabella used me. You have to believe me! Please don’t kick me out.”

Olivia took a deep breath. “Go back to your room. I’ll ask the housekeeper to pack your clothes. You’re already married, so you should be living with your in-laws.”

No matter how much Stephanie begged, Olivia refused to forgive her. In the end, Stephanie had no choice but to return to the Walker residence glumly.

Carol saw her return and asked anxiously, “Stephanie, what’s wrong? Why did you suddenly come back? Weren’t you doing well in the Clinton residence?”

Stephanie glared at Carol and retorted, “You have some nerve to ask me that. It’s all because of your eldest daughter that my parents are angry with me now. They say that they will withdraw their investment in the Walker family business if Isabella doesn’t stop what she’s doing. She has caused unrest in everyone’s lives. You guys can keep dreaming that she will marry into the Clinton family. Let’s see how our lives are ruined then.”

Carol’s expression changed drastically, and she quickly sent the housekeeper to bring Stephanie and her child into their room. Then, she went to find Matthew.

“Matthew, what should we do now? It seems Olivia is serious this time. She even chased her own daughter out of the Clinton residence,” Carol said anxiously.

A grim look took over Matthew’s face. He did not know what to do either.

“Bring Isabella back here first,” he uttered.

Huffing, Carol answered, “If I could call her back, I would have already done so. She doesn’t even listen to me now that Oscar is protecting her and only picks up my calls when she feels like it. In fact, she probably won’t help Noah even when she has the power to do so. Stephanie is better since she cares more about Noah. I don’t think there’s a need for us to offend Olivia and Owen for Isabella.”

Matthew waved his hand and said, “Let’s wait and see. We won’t get any advantage if we take a stance now.”

Carol lowered her gaze and thought about it before saying viciously, “If the Walker family gets into trouble because of her, I’ll strangle her myself! I’ll take it that I don’t have such a disgraceful daughter like her.”

Matthew stayed silent as he fell into deep thought.

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