Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 856

Chapter 856 Venting Anger

Oscar took the phone and helped Isabella clean it. “Silly girl, you’re the love of my life. Have you seen a man who will give up on his beloved just because of a few pictures?” he asked with a loving look.

Isabella gazed at Oscar, her eyes red. She couldn’t tell whether he was being sincere. As she felt guilty, she would be skeptical of things many times, afraid that he would remember clues about his past.

“Are you really afraid that I will live the rest of my life with a woman I don’t remember?” Amused, Oscar tapped her nose. “Stop crying. If not, you’ll look ugly. I don’t remember you being such a crybaby. In my memories, you’re a very strong woman. I recall when you were on the brink of death after you got into that car accident. When you woke up, even I cried. Yet, you were still trying to comfort me by saying you were not in pain. Why are you crying so easily now?” Oscar asked casually, but there was a hint of probing in his voice.

Isabella’s heart inadvertently skipped a beat.

She quickly wiped her tears and explained, “Oscar, I just love you too much. I’ll be okay as long you don’t leave me.”

Oscar’s gaze darkened. Although he smiled gently at Isabella, there was not a sliver of warmth in his eyes.

I’m starting to get suspicious of Isabella, but there are still many things I’m not sure of, so I can’t take action recklessly. I must gradually investigate everything and find out why despite not remembering Amelia, I have many pictures of us on my phone. I want to know whether losing my memories is part of a scheme or if my memories changed unconsciously.

Seeing him deep in thought, Isabella clenched her hands subconsciously. The next moment, she hurriedly grabbed some grapes and said, “Oscar, I’ll peel some grapes for you.”

Regaining his senses, Oscar smirked. “Isabella, have you forgotten? I don’t like grapes.”

Isabella’s hand froze, and a look of embarrassment crossed her face.

Glancing at him, she asked awkwardly, “Really? You never told me before, Oscar. You always ate it when I gave it to you.”

Seeing Oscar deep in thought, Isabella felt her heart pound.

Suddenly, Oscar chuckled and declared, “I was lying, silly girl.”

However, Isabella was not amused, as she felt that Oscar sensed something.

“Oscar, I kept something from you,” she mumbled, lowering her head.

A glint flashed in Oscar’s eyes before turning into a warm look. “What’s it?”

“Actually, I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist lately. My psychiatrist told me I was under too much stress, so my memories were all jumbled up. That was why the things I said were very different from reality. Why don’t you see my psychiatrist with me? I was very jealous when I saw you living happily with Amelia and was afraid you would forget me. But now, I’m so happy you’re finally by my side again, so why don’t you go to the psychiatrist with me? I don’t want to be mentally ill. I don’t want to become a patient.”

Oscar stared at her intently.

Raising her head, Isabella gazed at him adoringly and continued, “Oscar, I feel quite guilty for making you divorce Amelia, but I’m selfish when it comes to love. I feel very conflicted. When I remember how you two were so happy previously, I was afraid you really fell in love with her. Thankfully, the person you love is me. I’m overjoyed that you divorced her for me, so why don’t you see my psychiatrist with me? I want a complete version of me to stay by your side.”

Oscar’s resolve wavered. As he recalled his past with Isabella, his suspicions about her were replaced by guilt.

“Okay, let’s go for your peace of mind. Why didn’t you tell me you were seeing a psychiatrist?” Oscar asked, embracing her.

“It’s my fault. I don’t want you to feel guilty because of me,” Isabella replied tenderly.

Oscar stroked her head as his gaze darkened. Although he was still bothered by the pictures of him with Amelia, he decided to investigate in secret. After all, it was Isabella he should be concerned with now.

The first thing that Amelia saw when she came downstairs with Tony in her arms and Tiffany following behind was the two locked in an embrace.

Raising her hand, Amelia covered Tony’s eyes and shook her head at Tiffany, signaling her friend not to get angry and shout. Since Oscar did not recognize Amelia anymore, starting a ruckus would only make her look bad.

Tiffany could only hold in her fury and follow Amelia downstairs. When she passed by Oscar and Isabella, she purposely declared, “Ms. Walker, you’d better keep a good watch over your man. If a mistress as cunning and evil as you appear, you might lose your position.”

Isabella stiffened when she heard that.

As for Oscar, he simply gazed at Amelia musingly as he watched her leave with Tony.

When Amelia and Tiffany left the building, he suddenly pushed Isabella aside before running out and grabbing Amelia’s hands.

Just when Amelia was looking at him in confusion, he declared in a firm tone, “Let her carry Tony. I have something to ask you.”

The light in Amelia’s eyes immediately dimmed.

I thought he had run out because he remembered something. I can’t believe he just did it to say this.

Amelia sighed internally, but she handed Tony to Tiffany anyway and replied, “Let’s talk over there.”

The two walked aside while Tiffany, with Tony in her arms, blocked Isabella who also ran out.

“Ms. Walker, stop being so shameless. The love you schemed to get will not last long. Once your lies get exposed, all you have now will vanish,” Tiffany sneered, gazing coldly at Isabella.

Isabella also stared at Tiffany with equal coldness and chuckled. “I bet you’re just jealous of me, Tiffany. No matter what, I’m the one by Oscar’s side now, while Amelia can only be kicked out of the house. I’m the winner while she’s just the loser, and just like you, she ended up divorced.”

Tiffany’s face turned thunderous.

Feeling smug, Isabella continued, “So what if Tony is the only grandson of the Clinton family? He still got chased out of the family by me. When I marry Oscar and have kids, who will even remember Tony? When that time comes, the Clinton family will be under my control.”

Enraged by her smug look, Tiffany kicked at her abdomen.

Not expecting that kick, Isabella fell to the ground, but before she could scream, Tiffany placed Tony down before she went and pinned Isabella on the ground by sitting on her. Then, she covered Isabella’s mouth and started hitting her.

“Tony, help me grab her legs. I’m going to show you how to teach this shameless woman a lesson!” Tiffany ordered, not even trying to hide this scene from Tony.

A glint of excitement flashed in Tony’s eyes, and he ran over to sit behind Tiffany before starting to bounce on Isabella.

Every time he bounced, Isabella’s face turned paler. She tried to scream in pain but to no avail. The bodyguards who were protecting Oscar in secret also looked on indifferently. No one planned on helping Isabella.

Jolin, who was hiding in the shadows, asked excitedly, “Hugo, can I help Mr. Anthony? I want to help Mrs. Clinton and Kurt to vent some anger. Because of this woman, Kurt’s chest still hurts whenever he talks.”

“Go, but don’t cross the line. Hurry up and come back before our boss returns. Make sure not to leave any wounds on her,” Hugo replied.

“Don’t worry. She’ll only get internal injuries from my beating.” Jolin jumped down the tree and ran over eagerly.

Meanwhile, Amelia had led Oscar to the lake, and naturally, Oscar had no idea that someone dared to beat Isabella up right under his nose.

“What’s with this?” Oscar asked, showing the picture on his phone to Amelia.

Pain pierced Amelia’s heart when she saw the pictures on the phone. She tried to look at Oscar calmly before replying bitterly, “Oscar, even though there’s evidence right before you, you still don’t believe we were in love before?”

Frowning, he replied, “I only trust what’s in my head. What means did you use to get such pictures on my phone?”

Amelia could not help but laugh.

“Oscar, you’re a smart man, yet you’re asking me such a dumb question now. Is it because you don’t want to admit it, or do you really believe Isabella is your true love? If that’s the case, you won’t believe me no matter what I say.” Taking a deep breath, she continued, “Since you don’t believe me, why are you still asking me?”

Lowering her gaze, she turned to leave.

Oscar reached out to grab her hand on reflex.

“Why do I not remember you?” he asked, confusion stark in his eyes.

Amelia laughed bitterly as her heart wrenched in pain.

“I, too, would like to know why you became like this. Just a few days ago, you were planning our lives together as a family of three, but suddenly, you forgot about me. I want to know what happened. I also want that husband who loves and treats me well to return,” she declared softly.

Oscar was moved by her words, and when he saw the tears in her eyes, his heart twisted.

He wanted to raise his hand to wipe away her tears, but he retracted to hands midway for some reason.

“I’ll get to the bottom of this matter. If I find out you’re the mastermind, don’t blame me for being heartless and cruel,” Oscar warned coldly.

Amelia stared longingly at him before lowering her head. “Take care of yourself when I’m not here. Don’t forget your meals,” she mumbled.

Oscar’s heart skipped a beat.

However, he repressed the strange feeling he felt and replied, “Don’t say these sugar-coated words to me. I hate them.”

With that, he turned to leave.

Staring at his retreating figure, Amelia could not help but sigh.

Oscar, when can you remember and realize everything is part of Isabella’s scheme? Do I still have a chance to get you back?

Heavy thoughts occupied Amelia’s mind, weighing her down. To be honest, I have no confidence at all. I had confidence in him because he loved me, but now… I wonder if I become a stronger person, Oscar will see how great of a person I am and thus remember our moments together.

Seeing Oscar return, the bodyguards in hiding informed Jolin and the rest, so Jolin went back to his tree. Tiffany also ran back to the house with Tony and handed the boy over to Olivia for protection.

When Oscar saw Isabella lying on the ground, and after she told him it was Tiffany and the others who had beaten her up, he helped her into the house to question her further. However, it was Olivia who dealt with the matter.

“Isabella, I thought you were a nice girl, but I didn’t expect you would even accuse my grandson of such a thing. Now that you managed to cling to Oscar, you treat me as if I’m dead! Will you only be satisfied when the father and son are on bad terms?” Olivia shouted.

Rubbing her aching abdomen, Isabella replied aggrievedly, “Aunt Olivia, it was really Tiffany and Tony who hit me.”

“Don’t call me Aunt Olivia. From the moment you did such a shameless thing to my son, I’m no longer your godmother. You’ll have to get through me first if you want to destroy their father-and-son relationship!” Olivia replied contemptuously, waving her hands.

Isabella stared pitifully at Oscar.

“Mom,” Oscar uttered, vexed.

“Are you that blind and unable to distinguish between right and wrong that you actually think your son hit her? Only fools will believe such rubbish! She wants to sow discord between you and Tony! How can you believe her words?” Olivia shrieked, losing all her usual elegance.

After all, Isabella was accusing Olivia’s precious grandson. There was no way Olivia could stay calm after that. Isabella is simply looking for trouble!

Isabella’s expression changed, and she pretended to compromise by saying, “Oscar, I’m fine. Don’t be angry with Aunt Olivia.”

“No, don’t call me Aunt Olivia. I don’t want to hear it,” Olivia answered irritatedly, waving her hands. You haven’t even married Oscar yet, and you’re already sowing discord between him and Tony. If you really marry into our family, there will be no place for my grandson in this family. Let me make myself clear. Regardless of who Oscar marries in the future and how many kids he has, the grandchild I love the most will always be Tony. My husband’s and my wealth can only be inherited by Tony. If he is met with an accident, the money will be donated to an orphanage. I will never allow my grandson to be treated unfairly.”

Isabella lowered her gaze as a menacing glint crossed her eyes.

Hatred for Olivia welled up within Isabella. She said such nice things to me back then. But now that I have a chance to become her daughter-in-law, she keeps getting in my way as if I’m a hot potato.

With a darkened expression, Oscar turned to leave while hugging Isabella.

“Mrs. Clinton, you’re so cool!” Tiffany praised, satisfied to see Isabella defeated.

Olivia smirked. “She’s still too young to go against me.”

After a pause, she continued in a worried tone, “I don’t know what that woman did to Oscar. Things will be tough if she really cast black magic from Southeast Aploth on him.”

Tiffany also felt deflated. Only after seeing Oscar that day did she finally believe Amelia and realize she had underestimated Isabella.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Clinton. Why don’t you take Oscar to the hospital to get a check-up first?” Tiffany suggested.

Olivia sighed. “Of course, we’d like to do that. However, Oscar only listens to Isabella now. If we really bring him to the hospital, he will fight with us. Moreover, he has a mind of his own. His dad and I can’t force him to do anything.”

“Why don’t you find a psychiatrist to hypnotize him and see what happened to him?” Tiffany suggested another stupid idea.

Olivia sighed again.

Tiffany scratched her nose awkwardly upon realizing how bad her idea was.

Just then, Amelia walked into the house, glanced at Tiffany, and asked, “Did you and Tony beat Isabella up?”

“Yes, to help you get your revenge. Tony was so amazing. He bounced on Isabella so much that she almost puked out bile,” Tiffany declared gleefully.

“Tiff, you’re too reckless. If you really made Oscar angry, he has thousands of ways to mess with you. Besides, your actions could have dragged the bodyguards who were protecting Isabella in secret into this issue. Don’t be so reckless in the future, and I hope Jolin doesn’t get involved in this.”

Tiffany rubbed her nose awkwardly again. Indeed, she was too reckless, but she didn’t regret it.

“Amelia, you can stay in this house with Tony first.” Olivia changed the subject.

“Mom, it’s all right. I’ll stay at Tiff’s place with Tony. If you want to see Tony, you can come over. I don’t want to see Isabella now,” Amelia refused, shaking her head.

Olivia pondered for a moment. Indeed, everything that has happened is very aggravating. There’s no need to force Amelia to stay, but I’ll miss Tony. It’s all because of Isabella, that ungrateful brat. I can’t believe we fell into her trap so easily.

Tony circled his arms around Olivia’s neck and declared, “Grandma, you must help Mommy protect Big Meanie and make sure that vixen doesn’t steal him away. When Mommy and I return, I’ll protect you all and give that vixen a good beating.”

Upon hearing that, Olivia could not help but laugh. Her love for Tony ran deep, plus the boy’s cleverness made people inevitably love him.

“Oh, my obedient grandson. All right, I promise you,” she replied.

Tony nodded firmly.

After Tony shared some more words of concern with Olivia, Amelia scooped Tony into her arms and left with Tiffany.

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