Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 854

Chapter 854 Twisting The Facts

After taking care of Amelia and Tony, Olivia gave Isabella a call. “Isabella, what will it take for you to leave Oscar?” she asked straightforwardly the moment Isabella answered the phone.

“My love for Oscar is true, Aunt Olivia. Don’t worry; I promise I’ll love him even more than Amelia ever could!” Isabella said submissively.

“Nonsense! Do you really think I’d approve of you dating my son after what you’ve done to him? Leave him right now, and I’ll pretend this never happened!” Olivia yelled angrily.

After a brief moment of silence, Isabella said coldly, “I’ll be honest with you, Aunt Olivia. There’s no turning back after everything I’ve done. I won’t ask you to understand my actions, but I hope you’ll stay out of this. Otherwise, I’ll make Oscar hate you forever. As you know, I have cast a spell on him, so I’m the only one who can remove it. You can take him to all the doctors in the world, but it wouldn’t do him any good. Unless you want your precious son to hate you, I suggest you leave us alone.”

“Are you threatening me?” Olivia asked with a sneer.

“It is what you make of it,” Isabella replied nonchalantly.

Olivia hung up the phone with a terrifyingly gloomy look on her face.

“What’s wrong, Dearest? Why are you so angry?” Owen asked with a smile as he came in through the door with his assistant.

Olivia broke down in tears the moment she saw her pillar of support. “Owen, how are you able to smile when someone has cast a spell on your son? He doesn’t even recognize Amelia anymore!”

The expression on Owen’s face grew solemn the moment he heard that. He quickly sat her down on the couch and said, “Calm down and tell me what happened.”

Olivia proceeded to tell him everything.

“What? Isabella has gone way too far! Let’s go talk to Matthew and the others about this. If they can’t stop her, then we’ll take matters into our own hands. Oscar may be in charge of Clinton Corporations at the moment, but I’m still the chairman. A mere girl like Isabella doesn’t stand a chance against me!” Owen exclaimed angrily.

“Owen, I’m worried about Oscar. What if he doesn’t recover from this? I don’t want him to just lose his memories like this! Honestly, I wish I could strangle Isabella to death! I shouldn’t have treated her so well before!” Olivia said with a worried expression.

“Don’t overthink it, Dearest. There’s no problem money can’t solve. I’m sure there’s a doctor out there who’s able to treat Oscar!” Owen reassured her.

Although extremely worried, Olivia could only nod helplessly in response.

Later that night, Owen invited Oscar, Isabella, Matthew, and Carol over for a talk.

“Mom, Dad, Isabella has told me everything. I know I’m still married to Amelia, but Isabella is the one I love. Hence, I’m going to divorce Amelia and marry Isabella instead. I won’t let Isabella suffer ever again,” Oscar said the moment he sat down on the couch.

Owen simply shot him a glance without saying anything.

Matthew and Carol, on the other hand, were incredibly anxious and fidgeted in their seats.

Oscar may be determined to marry Isabella, but Owen is the head of the Clinton family, so he’s the one calling the shots here. Our family will be in for a bad time if we anger him! Why did Isabella have to go as far as casting a spell on Oscar? Is she trying to get us all in trouble?

“Isabella! Come here!” Matthew yelled anxiously.

Isabella gripped Oscar’s hand tightly and flashed him a worried look.

Oscar squeezed her and motioned for her to stay calm.

“Please calm down, Mr. Walker. I love Isabella, and I promise to treat her right. I may not remember why I married Amelia back then, but I will put an end to this mistake as soon as possible. I will divorce Amelia and marry Isabella,” Oscar said solemnly.

Matthew shook his head. “Don’t do anything rash, Oscar. I’m glad that you love Isabella, but she really isn’t suitable for you.”

Oscar frowned in response.

He was about to say something when Olivia clapped her hands to draw everyone’s attention.

“Oscar, if you still insist on marrying that woman after watching this video, then I will not object to your decision any further,” she said while playing a video on her phone.

Isabella went pale the moment she saw herself having a great time in the video. She lunged forward and tried to snatch the phone out of Olivia’s hand, but Olivia was quicker and pulled her hand out of the way.

Isabella then turned to look at Oscar and yelled, “This isn’t what it looks like, Oscar! I can explain!”

Oscar’s expression grew cold as he walked up to Olivia and held his hand out. “Can I have a look at that video, Mom?”

Olivia handed the phone over to him, and the look in his eyes grew terrifyingly dark when he saw Isabella’s obscene acts.

“Would you care to explain yourself, Isabella?” she asked.

Isabella bit down on her lip and burst out crying on the spot.

The gaze Oscar leveled on her was icy. Despite that, he wasn’t particularly angry.

“If you want to know the truth, then go ask your bodyguard, Oscar. Kurt abducted me and gave me some kind of drug so he could record that video! I felt so horrible that I thought about committing suicide, but I didn’t want you to get upset over my death. If you think I’m unclean, then I’ll leave you alone and jump to my death!” Isabella exclaimed with tears flowing down her cheeks.

Oscar’s eyes went wide the instant he heard that. “Kurt did this?”

“Feel free to question him if you don’t believe me!” Isabella replied.

Oscar then gave Kurt a call and told him to come over immediately.

“Hello, Boss!” Kurt greeted him casually when he arrived about ten minutes later.

Oscar held the phone in his face and said, “Kurt, I want you to tell me what this video is all about. Do not lie to me.”

Kurt glanced at the video being played and replied honestly, “I was the one who recorded it.”

Those words had barely left his mouth when Oscar sent him flying backward with a kick to the stomach.

Before Kurt even realized what was going on, Oscar stepped forward and stomped hard on his chest. “Didn’t I tell you to protect her with your life?”

Kurt looked away and coughed up a mouthful of blood before shifting his gaze back to Oscar. “I only received orders to protect Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Anthony! Isabella is a horrible piece of trash! Don’t let her fool you, Boss! Mrs. Clinton is the one you love!”

Oscar pressed down even harder on Kurt’s chest, causing the latter’s face to turn red from the immense pain.

“That’s enough, Oscar!” Owen yelled.

Oscar shot Owen a glance and lifted his foot from Kurt’s chest.

As Kurt struggled to get back on his feet, Oscar turned around and sent him flying with another kick to the side. Kurt coughed up yet another mouthful of blood as he crashed into a bunch of furniture in the corner.

This time, he was so badly hurt that he couldn’t even get up on his own.

“Godpa!” Tony cried out from upstairs, drawing everyone’s attention to him in an instant.

Tony then ran down the stairs and attacked Oscar with punches and kicks while screaming angrily, “You big meanie! I hate you! I don’t know you anymore!”

Oscar simply stood there and watched as Tony continued hitting him.

Amelia shot him a conflicted gaze as she came down the stairs moments later. She then walked up to Kurt and helped him back to his feet.

“Are you okay?” she asked worriedly while wiping his mouth with a handkerchief.

Kurt coughed a few times and shook his head as he attempted to steady himself. “I’m fine, Amelia. Don’t worry about me.”

“You’re badly injured, Kurt. Come on, I’ll have Hugo send you to the hospital,” Amelia said.

Fearing they would hurt Amelia, Kurt insisted stubbornly, “That won’t be necessary. I’m really fine, Amelia. I’ll stay here and keep you safe.”

Oscar frowned in displeasure when he saw how intimate they were with each other.

“See? I was telling the truth, Oscar! That bodyguard of yours is the one Ms. Winters truly loves! She tricked you into having sex with her and then later got pregnant with Tony. That’s why you agreed to marry her, but her goal has always been to get closer to Kurt. You were mad at being cheated on and went to a banquet, which is where you met me. The two of them fled to Beshya after that. It wasn’t until two years later that you found them and brought them back. You can ask Aunt Olivia if you don’t believe me. I have no reason to lie to you at all,” Isabella added in an attempt to fuel his jealousy, twisting almost every aspect of the story.

Oscar clenched his fists tightly as he felt the pain in his chest. Although he had lost the memories of him and Amelia, the mere thought of her loving another man made him extremely uncomfortable. It got so bad that he even felt the urge to kill Kurt on the spot.

I don’t know why I’m getting so worked up, but seeing Amelia get intimate with other men drives me insane with jealousy. This is not a good sign…

“Mom, did she really spend two years in Beshya with Kurt?” he asked.

“It’s not what you think. You and Amelia went through a lot before finally getting back together, Oscar. She’s the one you truly love. Don’t let Isabella’s words drive a wedge between you two,” Olivia replied after giving it some thought.

“I asked you a question, Mom. Was it true that she went to Beshya with Kurt?” Oscar pressed.

“Yes, it’s true,” Amelia answered his question before Olivia could say anything.

Oscar glared at her and muttered through clenched teeth, “So, you really are cheating on me as Isabella said!”

Amelia’s lips curled into a wry smile as she took a few steps back.

Oscar then shifted his gaze toward Kurt as he continued, “I trusted you so much, Kurt. How dare you sleep with my wife? I’ll kill you!”

Amelia stepped in front of Kurt and said, “Believe it or not, Kurt and I have nothing going on between us!”

Oscar took a deep breath to calm himself down before asking, “Is Tony really my son, or is he the product of you cheating on me?”

After hearing Isabella’s words and seeing for himself Amelia wipe the blood off Kurt’s mouth, Oscar was starting to believe her twisted story.

I can’t believe I married a f*cking cheater! Why am I so unlucky? I may not remember anything about marrying her, but I most certainly feel like I’ve been toyed with! As a man, this is something I will not put up with!

Amelia felt like her heart had been stabbed by a knife when she heard that. “Oscar, could you say that again?”

“Is Tony really my son, or is he your bastard with Kurt?” Oscar asked coldly.

Amelia let out a bitter chuckle. “Did you just call your son a bastard child?”

Olivia got up from the couch and scooped Tony up as she yelled, “What the heck are you saying, Oscar? Tony is your son! Amelia nearly died giving birth to him after a horrifying car accident! You two went through a lot before finally reuniting with each other! How could you say such hurtful things to her? Are you trying to drive her away again?”

“Stay out of this, Mom. I came here to divorce her today. I will not tolerate my wife cheating on me while the woman I love remains a mistress. I must’ve lost my mind back then!” Oscar said coldly with his fists clenched.

“You didn’t before, but you sure have now!” Olivia shouted angrily.

Her hand was clutching her chest as it throbbed from her fury.

Owen quickly reached out to hold her steady as he chastised Oscar, “Stop it, Oscar! Tony is our grandson! That is an undeniable fact!”

Pursing his lips, Oscar felt his anger subside a little when he looked at Tony’s face and saw some resemblance between them.

“All right, I’ll acknowledge that Tony is my son. However, I am still going to get divorced today. There’s no way I’m staying with a cheating woman. I’ve brought my lawyer with me. He’ll negotiate the terms for the division of property with her,” he said stubbornly.

Isabella’s eyes lit up with glee when she heard that, and she shot a triumphant look at Amelia.

Amelia took a deep breath and tried to appear calm as she stared at Oscar. “Are you really that determined to divorce me? Is there no room for discussion at all?”

“That’s right,” Oscar replied without even looking at her.

Amelia walked up to him and asked gently, “Could you at least look at me when you say that?”

Oscar hesitated for a bit but turned to look her in the eyes at last.

As the two of them locked eyes with each other, Oscar felt as though he was being drawn to the affection in her eyes.

“Oscar, I don’t know what she has done to you, but has it truly made you forget every single memory that we shared?” Amelia asked softly.

Oscar swallowed hard as a voice in his head kept telling him to kiss her.

Right as he was about to lean in for a kiss, Isabella dragged him aside and asked, “Oscar, have you forgotten about her betrayal?”

Oscar froze upon hearing that, and the dazed look in his eyes faded instantly.

He was about to say something when Alex and the others arrived.

“Hello, Mr. Clinton,” Alex greeted him politely while making his way over.

“You deal with her, Mr. Feltham. She can have anything she wants as long as her request isn’t too unreasonable,” Oscar said generously as he sat down on the couch with Isabella in his arms.

As Alex and the others had witnessed his love and affection for Amelia in the past, they were all shocked when they saw him divorcing her for another woman. Even so, they had seen lots of crazy situations throughout their many years working in this field, so they were quite used to it by then.

Alex looked at Amelia and said solemnly, “Mrs. Clinton, these are some property settlement agreements that we have drafted according to Mr. Clinton’s properties. Please have a look at them and voice out your concerns or disputes, if any. We will then discuss them with Mr. Clinton and modify these documents accordingly.”

Amelia felt her heart sink when she heard that. And here I thought Oscar would still have some feelings for me regardless of how much he has changed… Looks like I’ve overestimated our love for each other and underestimated Isabella’s capabilities.

“So, you insist on divorcing me no matter what, huh? Very well, then. I have only one condition—I want custody over Tony.”

Those words had barely left Amelia’s mouth when Olivia hugged Tony tightly and protested, “No! You two are not getting a divorce!”

“All right, you can have Tony,” Oscar replied a few seconds later.

He was starting to dislike Tony after hearing Isabella’s convincing story. As he believed that Isabella was his true love, he didn’t want to keep Tony around because it would upset her. Oscar was willing to give up his son for Isabella’s sake.

“Tony is my grandson! I’ll fight anyone who dares take him away from me!” Olivia yelled furiously.

“Will you please stop this nonsense, Mom?” Oscar exclaimed with an exasperated frown.

“That’s my line, Oscar! Amelia is the one you love! This woman is feeding you with nothing but lies! Stop listening to her!” Olivia snapped back at him.

Oscar clenched his fists tightly as he said, “What I know is the truth, Mom! I don’t remember when I married Amelia, but I know for a fact that Isabella is the one I love. I won’t let her suffer any longer!”

“Oscar, don’t you find most of her explanations riddled with holes? You don’t remember marrying Amelia even though you retain your memories of everyone else. Don’t you find it odd? Doesn’t this feel like a conspiracy to make you forget about Amelia? Have you never questioned how suspicious and unreal this situation is? Snap out of it, Oscar!” Olivia reminded him.

For a brief moment, Oscar started to waver a little.

Isabella gave his hand a tight squeeze while leaning against him in an insecure manner, and whatever feelings of doubt he had were gone a second later.

“I trust Isabella, Mom. There’s no way she’d ever lie to me,” Oscar said confidently.

Olivia shot Isabella a vicious glare in response.

Matthew and Carol quickly stepped forward and urged her anxiously, “Stop this nonsense and come home with us, Isabella!”

Oscar shielded Isabella behind him and told them, “Mr. Walker, Mrs. Walker, I know you two are trying to stop her because you value your relationship with my family. Don’t worry, though. I promise that Isabella and I will get married.”

At that, Matthew and Carol exchanged glances with each other as calculating looks appeared in their eyes.

They were both hoping to have Oscar as their son-in-law, but they didn’t dare make their intentions obvious for fear of offending Owen and Olivia. That was why they pretended to be against the marriage even though they wanted it to happen.

“Listen to us, Oscar. You are a married man, and Isabella is just fooling around. Please stop this nonsense, okay?” Carol pleaded.

Oscar wrapped an arm around Isabella’s shoulder and replied, “We’re not fooling around. I’ve always loved Isabella with all my heart.”

He then turned toward Alex as he continued, “Mr. Feltham, please hurry up and get this divorce over with. I don’t want to drag this out any longer.”

Alex nodded and walked up to Amelia.

“Please sign these papers, Mrs. Clinton. Not only will you receive all the properties listed on this document, but you will also gain custody over your son.”

As Amelia read through the property settlement agreement, she noticed that the contents were similar to the one she signed when they divorced the first time. Although Oscar no longer remembered her, he was still as generous as before when it came to his assets.

Her hand began to tremble as she picked up the pen and got ready to sign.

Suddenly, Owen grabbed her by the hand and shook his head.

“Oscar, I’m not sure why you insist on getting a divorce, but I believe you’re not in the right state of mind at the moment. We’ll discuss this again when you’re able to think straight,” he said authoritatively.

Oscar stared him in the eye as he replied firmly, “I’ve let Isabella wait far too long, Dad. I’m not going to make her wait any longer. I will get divorced today no matter what. Amelia has occupied the position of my wife for long enough.”

“You used to be a lot more mature than this, Oscar,” Owen said calmly.

Isabella tightened her grip on Oscar’s hand.

“Don’t worry; I’m here with you,” Oscar comforted her.

It was unclear what Isabella had told him throughout the afternoon, but she most certainly had painted herself in such a way that he would take pity on her. At that very moment, Oscar truly believed it would be a sin for him to marry anyone other than Isabella.

Owen motioned at Amelia to bring Tony upstairs.

“Dad, I need to have someone bring Kurt to a hospital first. He is my friend, after all,” Amelia said while carrying Tony in her arms.

Owen simply nodded in response.

Amelia walked up to Kurt and asked, “Can you walk?”

“Yeah,” Kurt replied.

The look in Oscar’s eyes grew icy-cold as he watched the three of them leave. They look just like a family of three! I can’t believe I have to put up with this crap! This is so humiliating!

“Mom, Dad, do you two seriously want me to accept that cheating woman as my wife?” he asked with a defiant snort.

Owen stared deeply at him for a few seconds before shifting his gaze toward Isabella. “Isabella, I don’t care what happened between you and Oscar, but we’re having a family meeting right now. Please go home with your parents. Don’t think we’re powerless against you just because you’ve got Oscar backing you up. If you truly believe that, then you are a lot more naïve than I thought,” he said solemnly.

The look on Isabella’s face changed the moment she heard that. Because she had tricked Oscar, she was somewhat afraid of the Clintons coming after her for revenge.

“I’ll get going now, Oscar,” she whispered.

Oscar agreed to it after giving it some thought.

“I’ll have someone send you home.”

“That won’t be necessary, Oscar. Your bodyguards only take orders from that woman. They might try to kill me on the way home,” Isabella replied.

“They wouldn’t dare. I’ll order them to only listen to you in the future,” Oscar promised.

Isabella let out a chuckle. “Thanks for being so kind to me, Oscar. I truly am the luckiest woman in the world!”

The look in Oscar’s eyes turned gentle as he said, “Things are only going to get even better in the future. Now, go on home with your parents. I promise I’ll marry you soon.”

He then personally escorted Isabella out the front door and ordered his bodyguards to follow Isabella’s orders the same way they followed his. Those who refused to comply would be kicked out of the organization forever.

Amelia, who was standing nearby, shuddered when she heard that.

With her fists tightly clenched, Jolin stood up for Amelia by saying, “Hey, Boss! We’ve all seen how much you loved Amelia back then. You treated her like she meant the world to you! Have you forgotten all of that? Is your love really that cheap?”

Oscar shot her an icy-cold glare and asked, “Are you disobeying my orders, Jolin?”

Jolin shuddered, but the anger in her eyes was still burning brightly. For the first time ever, she decided to talk back to Oscar and protested, “I wouldn’t dare disobey your orders, but I feel really bad for Mrs. Clinton. You used to love her so much that you’d be upset all day if she so much as cut her finger! What the heck did this woman do to make you forget only Mrs. Clinton?”

“That’s enough, Jolin! Question my decisions again, and you will be the first to get kicked out of this organization!” Oscar yelled.

Livid with rage, Jolin was about to say she would rather leave than serve a woman like Isabella, but Amelia stopped her in time by clamping a hand over her mouth.

“Thanks for protecting me all this while, Jolin. I’m glad to have had you by my side, and I will never forget what you’ve done for me. Remember what I told you last night and help take good care of him while I’m gone. I’ll reclaim what is rightfully mine when I return someday,” Amelia said.

Naturally, Jolin knew who she was referring to.

Honestly, I feel really bad for Amelia. She’s still worried about Oscar’s well-being even after all the horrible things he said earlier. Words cannot describe how much I hate Isabella right now! Amelia and Oscar wouldn’t be getting divorced if it weren’t for her manipulating him! If I knew this was going to happen, I’d have killed that woman long ago!

“Jolin, would you please get Kurt examined at a hospital? Give me a call about his condition regardless of whether he’s all right. I’ll be fine, so you don’t have to worry about me,” Amelia said with a smile.

Jolin flashed her a concerned look but did as told and helped Kurt toward the car anyway.

Amelia turned to look at Oscar as she continued, “Oscar, I don’t know what Isabella has told you, but nothing is going on between me and Kurt. You can divorce me if you want, but please don’t hurt those who are innocent.”

For some reason, Oscar found himself unable to refuse her request when he saw her sincere expression.

“All right, I won’t harm Kurt as long as you agree to divorce me. I’m sure you know full well what I’m capable of.”

“You have my word.”

Oscar then escorted the Walkers to their car and saw them off before returning to the house.

Amelia was still standing there waiting for him. “Oscar, you still want to marry her even after you’ve seen that indecent footage of her?” she asked when he passed her by.

Oscar shot her a glance and replied, “That’s none of your business.”

“Yeah, you’re right. It is none of my business,” Amelia said with a wry smile before heading into the house without looking back.

Oscar simply stood there and stared at her with a conflicted look in his eyes. Even he did not know why he was feeling so.

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