This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1314

Chapter 1314 Their Savior Arrived

She knew she could not last much longer too. The smoke was simply too intense that anyone would surely pass out within seconds and suffocate to death before they could be rescued.

Even Sonia could feel that her breathing was erratic, her mind was blank, and she might lose consciousness at any moment. But she knew she could not pass out, at least for now.

She had to hold on so that when aid arrived, she could yell for it, allowing the rescuers to swiftly find Toby and her. If she passed out now, the rescuers would have no idea where to look for them and would have to waste a lot of time trying to locate them.

That delay would perhaps cost them both their lives! Hence, she had to hold on. Sonia securely held Toby in one hand while pinching her thigh with the other to keep herself awake and prevent herself from passing out.

No matter how difficult it was for her to breathe or how badly she coughed, she would not allow herself to faint.

Because it wasn’t only her life at stake; Toby’s life was too! At the same time, Asher was nearby the factory, standing in the shadows. He chuckled madly as he stared at the blazing fire in front of him.

Burn! The fiercer the better! Burn the two people inside to death! Asher was the arsonist. He hated Sonia as well as Toby, the man who was always behind her.

From the start, Toby was not on the list of people Asher wanted to kill; it was only Sonia. But this time, Toby was the one who insisted on getting involved. That being the case, Asher reasoned that the duo could both meet their death together.

Toby deserves this for constantly supporting that woman, enabling her to tightly grip all the power. Without him, that woman would not be my match at all. I could have chased her out from Paradigm long ago!

So, Toby Fuller is my enemy as well. Asher was giddy with joy at having killed both of his adversaries at once.

However, at this very moment, firefighter sirens began to sound not far away. Asher’s face turned from one of excitement to one of disappointment as he turned his head to look in the direction of the sirens.

When he saw a few firefighter trucks making their way toward the factory, he was outrageous. This meant that someone was coming to rescue Sonia and Toby, signifying the failure of his plan.

“Damn it!” Asher angrily yelled.

He knew they would call the police, but he did not take it to heart as he thought that the police would not be coming anytime soon since they were in a rural region.

Furthermore, it was now rush hour and there were traffic jams everywhere. It was entirely possible that when the police arrived, the factory had collapsed and the couple Asher hated was burned to ashes.

As such, he was not at all concerned that they would call the police.

But things didn’t turn out the way he had hoped. The police showed up quickly after Toby and Sonia made their report.

The factory had just been surrounded by fire on its exterior and the fire had not yet spread inside. The factory was spacious, and it seemed possible that neither Sonia nor Toby had yet experienced anything fatal.

That enraged Asher, but he knew there was nothing he could do to alter the situation.

He could only find some solace in the fact that even if the two of them inside hadn’t yet died, they would surely be suffocating.

The most important thing for him now was to leave this place right away. If he stayed any longer, things would turn ugly very quickly.

He had to escape now so that he would have the chance to deal with them in the future.

Hence, Asher gave the firefighter trucks one last gloomy glance before crouching down and going toward the direction where his car was at.

Not long after he left, the firefighter trucks stopped in front of the factory and the firefighters hurried down to put out the flames and begin their rescue.

Tom was here as well. When he saw the blazing flames, sweat broke out all over his head as he quickly raced to the front and shouted for both Sonia and Toby with his loudspeaker.

At the same time, Sonia had already reached her limits. Her head and eyelids were all too heavy for her.

She looked at Toby, her expression dejected. Though her vision was already blurry, and it made it difficult for her to see clearly, she continued to fix her gaze firmly on the man.

Caressing Toby’s scorching face, she mumbled with a bitter smile, “It seems that we are unable to get out now and will perish here. I am sorry to have implicated you…”

Truth was, Sonia had no fear of dying.

But she was afraid of implicating others. She was also concerned about how those still alive would feel if she or Toby passed away.

Grandma, Toby’s parents, and the rest will undoubtedly be devastated whereas Asher, Connor, and the Grays would be so happy!

“I genuinely have never thought that I would die in such an aggrieved way,” Sonia said to herself while trying to draw a breath with her mouth, which made her cough even more.

But that was all she could do. Her nose was wholly blocked, and no air could go through, which was why she could only breathe with her mouth.

She had anticipated her demise—be it from natural causes, a disease, or even the Grays when she was competing with them.

However, it had never occurred to her that she would die in a fire that one of her adversaries had started rather than any one of the causes she considered possible.

What an irony.

Her body began to crumble as she could no longer hang on.

At this instant, she vaguely heard a sound.

What sound is that?

Sonia’s mind was blurry, and she could not reason what sound that was.

But that wasn’t the point. The crucial thing was that she heard something outside!

She had no idea whether the sound came from the arsonist or someone else, but this remained a hope for her.

What if it is indeed from someone else and not the arsonist?

With this sudden rush of adrenaline, Sonia hugged Toby closer and shouted with all of her strength in the direction of the sound, “I’m here! We’re here! Please save us! I will reward you greatly when we are saved!”

She yelled, but the large factory space eventually muffled her voice, preventing it from traveling out at all.

Tom, on the other hand, was becoming worried as well after receiving no response.

He had no idea how long the fire had been burning but he was aware that the longer it took, the more likely Sonia and Toby would die, especially since he was getting no response at all at the moment.

With no other option, Tom pulled out his phone and called Toby, praying in his heart that the man was carrying his phone and could answer the call.

He feared that Toby’s phone was lost in the fire. If that were the case, Tom genuinely didn’t know what else he could do.

“Come on… Please be alive and answer the call,” he murmured while waiting for the phone to be answered.

Meanwhile, in the factory, Sonia’s heart sank into despair when she noticed that there was no longer any sound coming from the outside.

There’s no sound now…

It is all silent…

Has the person outside left?

Or perhaps the arsonist purposefully made a noise to give us false hope before driving us to despair when I yelled for help?

A hopeless smile appeared on Sonia’s face.

We’ve lost all hope now.

It seems like we are destined to die here.

But why? I don’t want to die just yet!

Her hopeless smile gradually turned into mocking laughter.

Suddenly, a sound rang again. This time, the sound was louder and most importantly, it seemed close, as if it rang from somewhere near them.

After some time, Sonia recognized that it was music.

Why would there be music playing nearby?

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