This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1309

Chapter 1309 The Most Innocent Person

No, she’s even worse than the devil. When a devil falls in love with a person, they will act selflessly for them. However, that’s impossible for someone like Tina. “What exactly is going on? Tell me.” Sonia tugged on his arm, urging him to hurry up and give her the details of his investigation.

Toby did not disappoint her and lightly parted his thin lips to say slowly, “Back then, Tina dated Quentin because he was handsome enough to make her look good.”

“That’s true. With Miles looking like that, I can tell that Quentin’s looks weren’t far from Miles’ based on his looks, although I never saw what he looks like. With a boyfriend like that, it would make her look much better when she took him out.” Sonia nodded and continued, “Besides, I just remembered something. When I was in college, I heard people talking about Tina’s boyfriend who looked like an angel. That probably was Quentin.”

He hummed in agreement. “It is him. During their three years of being together, Quentin had feelings for Tina. I’m not sure how she felt about him though. But she probably didn’t like him back, or she wouldn’t have been so cruel.”

“You have a point.” “The first time I met with Tina was at a charity banquet. Back then, my heart condition was so severe that I couldn’t stand up and could only stay in a wheelchair, and Tina came to talk to me then.”

“What did she say to you?” Sonia asked, sending him a furtive look. As he sensed her jealousy, Toby felt elated. After all, that meant that she cared about him. “She didn’t say much except for a few questions about my pen name,” he replied.

Sonia froze for a moment before her face twisted into a frown. “I used to be dormmates with Tina in college, and when I exchanged letters with you, she mocked me by saying that I was old-fashioned for having a pen pal in this day and age. At that time, she obviously looked down on me for exchanging letters with you.

Until one day, she stopped and was very concerned about whether I had written to you or not, and whether I had received your letters. Later, I realized that she had peeked at our letters and somehow realized that you were the one writing those letters to me, which was why she decided to sound you out at the party you mentioned. She was probably trying to confirm if you were the one who sent the letters to me.”

“I think so too. However, I didn’t think much of it at first and just had a casual conversation with her before dismissing her. Then, the second time we met, it was when my heart had completely failed, and I had come to terms with my death in the hospital. That time was a week before my heart transplant surgery. She came to the hospital and told me that she was Maple and mentioned some of the contents of our letters, so I believed her.”

At this point, Toby turned to look at Sonia, his eyes full of guilt. “I’m sorry for not realizing that she wasn’t you from the start. By the time I noticed that something was wrong, it was too late, and I had already been hypnotized.”

It was true that he had not suspected Tina was not Maple before he went for surgery. After all, with his sickness, he was barely awake for most of the day and didn’t have the energy to realize that something was off.

It was only after his surgery had ended and his body had recovered a little that he had the time and energy to talk to Tina, and only then did he notice several questionable things from their conversation. However, before he could solve his doubts, Tina had Miles hypnotize him and convince him that she was Maple.

Sonia shook her head. “It’s fine. Before I knew the truth, I did hate you, but now that I know what happened, I understand that you were a victim as well. You don’t have to feel guilty.”

She flashed him a reassuring smile, indicating that he shouldn’t overthink things.

He was still driving, and after seeing her smile, he felt as if a burden was lifted off his heart. He turned his eyes back on the road and continued to drive. “Tina came to my ward a week before I agreed to meet with you and told me she was Maple. I thought that it was a blessing from God that I could see you before I died, so I subconsciously overlooked that she knew that I was John, and which ward I was staying in. After all, I’d never mentioned these things in my letters as I intended to tell you in person when we met. I thought my body would be able to hold up for a little longer, but I ended up collapsing before the date we agreed to meet. If not, Tina wouldn’t have had the chance to impersonate you.”

“Although we’ve been through a lot, we finally met each other, didn’t we?” Sonia smiled. “All right, let’s stop talking about this. Every time we have this conversation, you’ll feel guilty. Let’s go back to the matter of Quentin instead. How did Tina know that Quentin’s heart was compatible with yours?”

“After Tina came to see me in the hospital, she began to stay in the hospital to take care of me. Hence, she’d seen all my treatment plans, my condition, and so on. Besides, my blood type is the same as Quentin’s. Tina is a vain person, and at that time, even though she was the daughter of the wealthy Gray Family, she valued the Fuller Family more and did not take her family’s money seriously at all. Now that I think about it, I suspect that Tina probably knew from the beginning that she was not the Gray Family’s biological daughter and that it was uncertain if she could succeed her family in the future.”

“She’s trying to leave a way out for herself.” Sonia was taken aback by the realization.

Toby nodded. “That should be the case. Back then, the Fuller Family and Fuller Group were not as huge as they are today, but we were still considered a leading company in Seafield. Tina wanted to ensure a lifetime of glory and wealth, and she had a greedy nature on top of that. Hence, after learning that the person you were talking to was me, she came up with a way to be with me in your place. Otherwise, she would’ve had no chance to get close to me at all. In order to become Mrs. Fuller, she could only find a way to save my life, and it just so happened that Quentin’s blood type was the same as mine. She then took the risk and tricked Quentin into getting a medical checkup at the hospital.”

“Then, the results showed that his heart was compatible with yours.” Sonia sighed.

Ultimately, Quentin got caught up in the mess and indirectly lost his life at the hands of Toby. It was all because Tina set her eyes on Toby, who happened to have a heart condition and needed a new heart, while Quentin, who was Tina’s boyfriend at the time, happened to have a heart that was compatible with Toby. Thus, she ended up taking his life.

“Quentin became my scapegoat. I should’ve died back then instead of him, but he passed away on my behalf, so I owe him my life. Now that Quentin is dead, my debt to him can never be repaid, so I can only make up for my debt to Miles. That’s why I won’t retaliate for what he did to me. This time, I called him over not only to ask for his help but also to tell him about the investigation results on Quentin. I suppose as a closure for him.”

“It really is ironic that Quentin probably didn’t know until his death that his car accident was carefully planned by his own girlfriend. He must’ve thought his accident was completely unintentional. However, little did he know that his accident had been premeditated since he had his medical checkup. I wonder whether he was touched by how much his girlfriend cared about him when he was undergoing his checkup, though.” At those words, Sonia’s expression turned sentimental. She felt pained for Quentin from the bottom of her heart.

In the midst of everything, only this young boy was the most innocent and guileless person.

“Miles told me that Quentin was still alive when he was sent to the hospital. He had already found out that Tina did not love him anymore and wanted me instead. He also knew that I needed a heart and that my heart just happened to match his, so he asked Tina to give me his heart. Back then, Tina lied and deceived him by telling him that I loved her too, so that’s why Quentin gave me his heart so willingly. He thought that I could bring Tina happiness.” Toby pursed his lips, his tone solemn.

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