This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1308

Chapter 1308 The Truth About Quentin’s Death

Is it not hypocritical of him to look at me with disgust while asking about me in an affectionate tone of voice? If he really loathes me, then he should call me a b*tch or something instead, no? If he does that, I’ll think more highly of him. “Let’s go. Just ignore him,” said Sonia to Toby as she held his arm.

Toby never intended to pay attention to Asher in the first place. Upon hearing her words, he nodded slightly and replied, “Mm-hmm.” Then, they walked past Asher and left.

Watching them from behind, Asher narrowed his eyes for a moment before bursting out laughing in excitement.

Seeing him laugh like this, his assistant behind him asked in puzzlement, “President Dafoe, have you come across something that makes you happy?”

Asher turned his wristwatch and replied somewhat meaningfully, “Yeah, it’s a good thing—a very, very good thing, in fact. My dream will come true after tonight.”

“Huh?” The assistant still looked puzzled.

Asher stepped directly into the elevator with no intention of elaborating on it.

Meanwhile, Sonia closed the door to the passenger seat and lowered her head to fasten her seat belt in the car.

Toby was fastening his seat belt as well. After she was done buckling up, he finally turned the car key in the ignition and started the car. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah, I’m ready.” Sonia nodded.

Toby released the brakes, and the car started moving forward.

Sonia lowered the car window a little. Suddenly, she said with a laugh, “A lot of things have happened today.”

Knowing she was referring to the news on the internet, Toby jutted out his chin in agreement. “There’s a lot indeed.”

“How did you know Lynette was the mastermind behind the Acree Family’s car accident?” Sonia asked curiously while turning to look at the man.

Toby frowned. “I didn’t know that at first. I thought the one helping the driver was one of the Acree Family’s enemies, so I didn’t intend to get involved. I had Tom withdraw our men, but just when they were withdrawing, one of them spotted the SIM card disposed of by the driver beforehand and found out that Lynette was the one he had contacted.”

Sonia was surprised. “That’s a really dramatic turn of events. I guess even God could no longer bear to see Lynette’s behavior, which was why He let your men discover the SIM card to expose Lynette’s wrongdoings.”

“You’re right,” the man agreed with a smile.

Sonia then pursed her lips for a moment. “Speaking of it, Lynette is so wicked at heart. I thought it was already very malicious of her to plot against my life behind my back last night, but never did I think she could plan a car accident and kill people so calmly and naturally.” This woman is really comparable to Tina. Both of them are crazy women capable of doing anything.

“That’s why she’s destined to spend the rest of her life in prison. It’s even possible that she’ll be sentenced to death,” Toby said while turning the steering wheel.

Sonia let out a sigh. “The Acrees weren’t kind either, but there was no bad blood between them and Lynette, after all. Even so, Lynette plotted their car accident just because she wanted to prevent Miss Acree from showing up in front of you. Speaking of it, it was bad luck for them to come across her.”

“As they say, the biter is sometimes bitten. Now that both the Acrees and Lynette have gotten what they deserved, we don’t have to care about them anymore.” Toby turned to glance at her.

Sonia happened to be looking at him as well. “Lynette isn’t gonna get out of prison, and it’s a dead cert that the Lore Family will go bankrupt because of you. I guess it won’t take long before we hear the news of their bankruptcy. How are you gonna deal with the rest of the family—especially Harry?”

Toby narrowed his eyes and replied with a frosty expression, “Harry had a stroke and is now still lying unconscious in the hospital and unaware of Lynette’s arrest. Lynette’s parents weren’t involved in her wrongdoings, so they’ll be released very soon. They’re not handicapped, so they won’t starve to death if their company goes bankrupt. What’s more, there are other people in the Lore Family. They’re either living abroad or in other parts of the country, but they’re hurrying to Seafield because of Harry’s illness this time, and they’ll take care of the three of them. Of course, they can only look after them until all evidence of Harry murdering Professor Randall has been gathered.”

Sonia smiled. “You’re right. So, how’s the gathering of the evidence going?”

Toby’s brows furrowed at the mention of this. “It’s still the same. Harry has long since erased all traces of it after so many years, so all we could find are just insignificant bits of clues that can’t be used as conclusive evidence. That’s why I’ve invited Miles Snyder to come to Seafield.”

Sonia’s pupils shrank when she heard the man’s name. “You mean the Miles Snyder who helped Tina hypnotize you?” She had met Miles only once, but he had left a deep impression on her until now. With long, white hair and extremely beautiful features, the expressionless man had not only helped Tina before but was also Tim’s senior.

“That’s the one.” Toby nodded.

Sonia was puzzled. “Don’t tell me you’re planning to let him hypnotize Harry into making a clean breast of everything of his own accord?”

Toby explained noncommittally, “In reality, hypnosis is prohibited because it can easily destroy a person’s psyche. That’s why the police normally don’t crack cases using hypnosis except when they’re dealing with violent and wicked people. Harry’s case isn’t serious to a level where it’s necessary to hypnotize him into coming clean about his wrongdoings, but I can’t care that much about it anymore. There’s no knowing how much time he has left after suffering a stroke at his age, so I have to make him confess to his crimes while he’s still alive and able to move around normally. Only then can he be convicted under the law. Otherwise, if he’s dead or really paralyzed, even if I find evidence of his crimes, the law can’t do anything about him, and I’ll be unable to avenge my professor.”

“I see.” Sonia nodded as she understood his methods. Extreme times call for extreme measures, of course. “But there are a lot of hypnotists, of which Tim is one. Why does it have to be Miles Snyder? He helped Tina before, you know. Won’t you mind that?” she asked while looking at Toby.

Toby lowered his eyes. “Tim is just a dabbler in hypnosis, so there’s no need to ask him for help. As for Miles, I do have complicated feelings about him. It’s true that I’m angry at him for working with Tina to put me under hypnosis. Normally, he’d have also been a target of my revenge, but it doesn’t help that my current heart was his brother’s. This alone prohibits me from getting back at him. After all, I owe my life to his brother.”

This time, Sonia was at a loss for a reply. Indeed, he owes his life to Quentin. Although Quentin’s death wasn’t his doing, he was indeed the cause of Quentin’s death. Quentin died because his heart matched his, so Toby is right that he owes his life to Quentin.

“Didn’t we suspect earlier that it was Tina who plotted Quentin’s car accident? Tina had a crush on you and learned by chance that his heart matched yours, so she plotted his car accident and gave his heart to you. You’ve been investigating whether this is true, so how’s the investigation going at the moment?” she asked curiously.

The man’s thin lips compressed into a thin line as frosty vibes emanated from his every pore. “I’ve found out almost everything and found the witness at the time over a few months. The truth was exactly as we guessed it: Tina indeed plotted his car accident.”

Sonia let out a gasp of horror. “I already knew the outcome, but it inevitably shocks me to hear that it was confirmed to be true. How could she do that? Quentin had gone out with her for three years!” She failed to comprehend it.

Even if Tina took a shine to Toby and no longer had feelings for Quentin, she and Quentin had at least been in a relationship, which proved that they once had feelings for each other. How could she be so cruel to someone whom she once had feelings for? Is she a devil?

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