This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1306

Chapter 1306 Sharing the Good News

How could the police not take a person of interest away just because someone prevented them from doing so? Wouldn’t that trample the police’s authority underfoot?

The policeman’s face darkened as he looked at Amelia with a serious expression. “Mrs. Lore, I’d advise you to step aside. By blocking my way, you’re obstructing us from carrying out our duty as policemen, which would allow us to also take you with us according to the law. So, if you don’t want to go with us to the police station for an investigation, please step aside. Otherwise, you will follow us back to the station.”

As soon as he said that, Amelia subconsciously lowered her outstretched arms a little. The next instant, however, she recalled something and raised her arms again, and her expression became determined once again. “I know nothing about obstructing police duty; all I know is that you want to take my daughter away. As a mother, I’ll never allow you to do that.”

The policeman massaged his temples. “Seems like you won’t listen to us. Very well then. We will take you with us,” he said. With that, he stopped trying to reason with Amelia or showing her respect. He stepped forward, shoved Amelia aside, and grabbed Lynette once again.

Lynette screamed and yelled, “Save me, Mom! Save me!”

Hearing her daughter’s heart-wrenching cries for help made Amelia’s heart ache so much that she found it hard to breathe. After steadying herself, she lunged at the policeman again, threatening, “Let go of my daughter, you mugs, or I’m gonna fight you to the death!”

Seeing how unreasonable she was, the policeman got angry, too; he immediately called the other policeman inside.

Naturally, the other policeman had heard the noise in the ward, but he remained outside without going in since he had to keep an eye on Grayson. Now that his colleague had called him inside, he removed his handcuffs and put them on Grayson before marching him into the ward.

After he and Grayson entered, the policeman who had grabbed Lynette said, “Mrs. Lore is obstructing police duty. Let’s take her with us as well.”

The other policeman nodded. “Okay, seems like they both know their daughter is suspected of murder. Also, they vehemently prevented us from taking her with us, which lands them under suspicion of shielding a suspect. According to the rules, we can indeed take them away for an investigation.”

Naturally, Grayson, Amelia, and Lynette overheard the two policemen’s conversation.

Lynette aside, Grayson and Amelia instantly found it unacceptable. They yelled at the policemen, “What nonsense are you talking about? Our daughter didn’t kill anyone, nor did we shield any suspects. You’re committing slander against us! We’re gonna file complaints against you guys and strip you of your uniforms!”

The two policemen were unperturbed by the husband and wife’s fierce threats. After all, they’d heard a lot of similar threats before. Whenever they arrested a suspect, the latter and their family would always say things like this to resist in an attempt to make them back down and give up arresting them, but none of these attempts had been successful. Paying no attention to the family of three, they took out their phone and called their colleague, who was waiting in the police car downstairs outside the hospital.

After having been informed of the situation, the third policeman immediately rushed to the scene. With that, Grayson, Amelia, and Lynette were forcibly removed from Harry’s ward by the three policemen.

Unwilling to be taken to the police station, the three Lores struggled and hurled abuses along the way. Their speech was so profane that people were astounded, unable to believe that such vulgar language actually came out of the mouths of some rich people who called themselves members of a respectable family. Don’t they say these rich people are educated as elites and thus always speak politely and use honorifics in their conversations without uttering a dirty word?

But now, it didn’t seem that the Lores were incapable of using foul language; on the contrary, their vocabulary included quite a lot of profanities, some of which not even ordinary people were capable of uttering. However, the fact that the Lores could blurt out these profanities without thinking showed that their upbringing could be criticized.

With all the hospital’s patients, doctors, and nurses looking on, the three Lores were shoved into the police car and taken away, during which time many took out their phones to take photos and videos of the spectacle, of course. Subsequently, photos and videos related to the arrest soon appeared on the internet, and the news of the Lore Family being taken away in a police car instantly became one of the biggest trending topics on the internet.

Delighted to learn about this, all the netizens responded by flooding the screen with emoticons like handclaps and fireworks to celebrate the Lore Family’s arrest.

Furthermore, the fact that the Lore Family had been taken away in a police car undoubtedly confirmed the press statement issued by the Fuller Group that Lynette had indeed committed murder. Now that the murderer had been taken into custody, the netizens were naturally happy to share the good news.

Sonia saw all this, too; her red lips curled slightly as she released the mouse, raised her arms, and stretched. Lynette will probably spend the rest of her life in prison after being taken away this time. Well, that takes a load off my mind. Now I no longer have to feel irritable over another love rival, nor do I have to worry anymore that this love rival will often show up in front of Toby and me in the future. Also, I no longer have to feel disgusted anymore by how she stops at nothing to cozy up to Toby and scheme against me. In any case, a demon like her deserves to stay in prison.

Just as she was immersed in her thoughts, her phone rang. Putting her thoughts aside for the time being, she glanced down at the phone on her desk; it was a phone call from Daphne’s mother.

As Rita had said, Daphne’s phone couldn’t be reached. In order to find out whether Daphne had really gone abroad to further her studies, Sonia had no choice but to call Daphne’s mother. She had called her just now, but no one answered the phone despite the phone call getting through. Still, she didn’t expect Daphne’s mother to call her instead. “Hi, Mrs. Robinson.” She picked up the phone with a polite smile on her face. “Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sonia Reed, Daphne’s former boss.”

“Oh, you’re Daphne’s boss? I know you,” replied the baffled voice of an aged-sounding woman on the other end. The next second, she laughed in surprise, saying, “Nice to talk to you, Miss Reed. Daphne told me about you, saying you had taken good care of her. I can’t thank you enough for that.”

Sonia touched her cheek in embarrassment. “Don’t mention it, Mrs. Robinson. I should be the one thanking Daphne for taking care of me instead. I knew almost nothing when I first took over the company. Had she not assisted me, I’d probably have been at a complete loss for what to do.”

“Oh, not at all. You two were just helping each other.” The woman laughed amiably. Then, she asked, “By the way, Miss Reed, did you call me to ask about something?”

“Yeah, I did. The thing is, didn’t Daphne go abroad to further her studies after quitting her job at my company? Mrs. Robinson, you also know about this, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do.” The woman was filled with relief as she spoke of this. “Actually, Daphne had always wanted to further her studies to improve herself, but for several reasons, she didn’t make up her mind for a long time in the past. As her mother, I’d also advised her to do so, but she never agreed. On the one hand, she was worried about the prospect of it, but on the other hand, she was tempted to do so. She was torn between these feelings and was never genuinely happy, and it pained me to see this. Now that she’s finally made up her mind to further her studies abroad and fulfill her wish, I can finally heave a sigh of relief.” The woman laughed gleefully as she spoke of this.

Sonia fell silent. After a while, she asked, “Mrs. Robinson, do you know the name of the company where Daphne furthers her studies? The thing is, we forgot to include this in our survey at the time, and now we can’t get in touch with Daphne either, which is why I made a special effort to call you to ask about this.”

The woman smilingly said the name of the company without doubting Sonia’s words.

Sonia pursed her red lips for a moment. “Alright, I got it. Thank you, Mrs. Robinson.”

“You’re welcome,” the woman replied with a smile. Then, she asked, “Is there anything else you’d like to know, Miss Reed?”

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