This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304 Taken into Police Custody

Grayson and Amelia were her parents, so they naturally knew her well. They were aware since she was young that she would end up with a pale face and frantic expression once her mistake was uncovered by someone. That was an indication that the nurse was right, and their daughter had indeed committed murder.

As soon as Amelia realized this, she heard nothing but a ringing noise in her ears. She took a deep breath as she felt her world spin in front of her before she fainted.

Grayson was shocked upon seeing her faint and quickly rushed over to break her fall. Subsequently, he placed her on the couch by the side. They were in a high-class VIP ward, so a couch and a lounge were prepared.

After doing so, he finally turned to stare at Lynette in disbelief. “Lynette, is it true, about what the nurse mentioned earlier? Did you actually… murder someone?” he spoke in a hoarse voice, and it took him some time to complete his sentence.

Although he was not exactly perfect, he had never killed anyone in his life. There was no way he would commit such a crime, and he did not dare to either. However, he never expected his daughter to have the guts to do so.

At that point, Lynette saw the look in her father’s eyes, which appeared to have acknowledged her as a murderer. In response, she could not seem to contain the raging anger within her as she yelled at him with a distorted expression, “What do you mean by that?! So, do you think I’ve murdered someone with just the nurse’s words?”

Grayson moved his lips. “I don’t trust her words, but your behavior makes me—”

“I didn’t do it!” She seemed to have gone through a huge shock as she cut him off in a voice shriller than ever. “I didn’t murder anyone! I did not!”

I merely did something to the Acrees’ car and informed the fisherman who harbored a grudge against the Acrees. Other than that, I didn’t do anything else. I wasn’t the one who drove the car into the Acrees’ vehicle, so how could they say that I’m a murderer?! I did not kill anyone! I didn’t!

Meanwhile, Grayson’s mouth was slightly agape upon seeing Lynette’s crazed look as she yelled at him. He could not seem to come up with any words to say.

At that moment, he was fully convinced that his daughter had indeed committed murder. Otherwise, she would not be so emotional and react so badly.

Feeling his blood run cold, he pointed at her and trembled uncontrollably. The look he gave her was as if she was a stranger to him. “Lynette, how could you even do that? It’s murder!” he questioned in a heartbroken voice.

He was a bad man, but the worst thing he ever did was to frame someone and cause the person to be taken custody by the authorities.

Other than that, the most he would resort to was taking advantage of others by flaunting his relationship with Toby and snatching someone else’s collaborative relationship or business. He had never endangered anyone’s life. However, his daughter…

As soon as Lynette saw the pained look on her father’s face, she knew he would not believe her no matter how hard she tried to explain herself. As such, she decided not to do so and sneered coldly instead. “Well, you’ve assumed that I’ve committed murder, haven’t you? So, what’s next? Are you going to call the cops on me? Sure, go ahead. Call the cops right now if you want to.”

She was undaunted at all.

Anyway, in her mind, she had merely instructed someone to damage the Acrees’ car, revealed their whereabouts to that fisherman, and helped that fisherman figure out a way to exact revenge. I didn’t do all that personally, so how could they point me out as the murderer? I’m innocent in this. I didn’t execute things personally, so I’m not a murderer!

Furthermore, she felt that even if Grayson reported her to the authorities and she ended up being taken into police custody, she would certainly be fine.

Yet, he was taken aback by Lynette’s words. Call the cops on you? No, in fact, that notion had never crossed his mind.

Even though Lynette was displeased with him, and despite her murdering someone, she was his daughter after all. He had never thought of calling the cops on her. Naturally, he would not have gone to lodge a report.

His words were spoken out of shock, and he was appalled by her brazenness.

For a moment there, Grayson was rendered speechless as he descended into silence. He could not seem to come up with the words to say.

However, Lynette did not care what was on his mind. She was pleased to note that he had stopped talking and no longer interrogated her by asking those ridiculous questions. Subsequently, she took out her phone and tried to locate the article that the nurse mentioned earlier. She wanted to find out what was going on exactly.

How did the matter of me plotting the traffic accident of the Acrees get exposed? That fisherman promised me that he would delete all the evidence of our exchange before he made the move. How did everything end up on the Internet?

She bit her lips and scrolled on her phone. Soon enough, she figured out the reason. It was Toby behind all this. Toby did this!

Her eyes were bright red at that point, and her fingers trembled as she held her phone and stared with disbelief at the contents of it.

Toby was the one who posted this! How did he find out, though?!

Lynette considered things in her mind but could not come up with an answer. She stared intently at her phone as her breath became hitched. What does Toby mean by all this?! How can he do this?! Does he know how much trouble I would encounter once he reveals all this on the Internet?! Does he know how badly my reputation would be affected by all this?!

Suddenly, tears streamed down from her reddened eyes. Not only did her hands tremble, but her entire body also quivered violently.

She could not accept being treated this way by Toby. He had callously and mercilessly ended her without any regard for its impact on her.

“Toby… You’re too merciless.” Lynette bit her lips hard, and hatred and grievance were evident in her voice.

She felt that Toby’s behavior was a betrayal of her and her feelings for him. She loved him so much and treated him nicely, but he…

Ironically, it did not even cross her mind how she had treated him.

She went on the Internet to tell a sob story and distorted the truth to hide the things she had done, causing the netizens to misunderstand Toby. Meanwhile, the public scolded him for being heartless, but she had never even considered the impact of her actions on him.

Ultimately, Lynette was someone who always regarded her actions as being right and would never be at fault. However, if someone treated her the same way as she did to them, it would be unacceptable for her; it was considered a betrayal and disappointment to her.

Anyway, she held a drastic stance as she was the only one who could disappoint others, but no one else was allowed to dissatisfy her.

At that point, she was inconsolable and felt an intense hatred toward Toby. Furthermore, she vowed to never love him again after the hurt and disappointment she inflicted on her. She was determined to take revenge against him and put him through the pain she felt.

As for those foolish netizens who were focused on cursing her, she would take steps to go after them one at a time. It was easy enough to imagine things when in fact, there was a harsh reality to face.

As soon as Lynette started to have notions of exacting revenge, she heard a knock on the door.

Grayson did not think too much about the situation as he took a deep breath and went over to open the door. As soon as he did, his expression darkened immediately upon seeing two uniformed police officers by the entrance.

If this had happened previously, he would not panic upon seeing them but would ask impatiently for their purpose of coming over. Now that he knew his daughter had committed murder, he was filled with panic, anxiety, and fear as soon as he saw them.

“W-What’s the matter?” Grayson asked with trepidation as he gripped the handle tightly with both hands.

In actuality, he knew quite well what the two officers were here for.

If possible, he would rather be the one to deal with the two officers and find an excuse to send them away. As such, his daughter would be safe.

The two police officers naturally took note of his reaction upon seeing them.

They exchanged looks with each other, and one of them retrieved his credential before waving it in front of him. Then, the police officer said coldly, “Good day, Mr. Lore. We’ve got a case involving your daughter, so we would like to see her. Is she here?”

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