This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1303

Chapter 1303 A Sealed Fate

Harry had suddenly collapsed, and that incident occurred so abruptly that it landed a huge impact on the Lores. They could not help feeling stricken by that.

They were well aware that the strong pillar that could support the entire Lore Family did not lie among any of them, but Harry was the very key in all this.

His role as a professor at the university allowed him to build up a lot of connections in the academic world. These older generations in the field also had connections in every industry.

That was why each time the Lore Family needed help in any matter, the problem would be resolved easily once Harry made a move to contact any of his close friends in the academic world. Most importantly, he held the position of Toby’s mentor.

There were some things that his friends in the academic world could not quite achieve, but Toby was an exception. Therefore, it was fair to say that the Lores were able to continue surviving and stand tall because Harry was still around.

If he suddenly passed away, then the older generations in the academic world would no longer care about the Lores. Even Toby would gradually cut ties with their family.

Although he had already severed ties with the Lores, there was a chance that they could rebuild the connection if Harry survived.

However, if he passed away, then their hopes would be dashed entirely.

As such, none of them wished to see Harry ill. As soon as they heard that he had collapsed from the shock upon seeing Toby’s statement, they were frightened out of their wits. Subsequently, they hastily took leave from their jobs and rushed to the hospital to care for Harry.

However, they did not expect the hospital to diagnose him as having symptoms of a moderate stroke. Once he regained consciousness, his health would be worse than before.

For example, in the past, he was able to walk without a cane, but from now on, he would need a cane to support his movement. If his condition was more severe than expected, then he might even need to be in a wheelchair.

Another example would be that in the past, he could articulate and gesture smoothly, but from now on, his speech might become slurred, or perhaps even stutter. His moves would become slower than before, and it might be tough for him to grip something in his hands.

Ultimately, Harry would no longer be as sprightly as he was; he would end up as a frail old man needing constant care. This came as a significant impact on the Lores.

Though they all heaved a sigh of relief because he remained alive, his body was considered destroyed, and they were unsure how long he was able to keep going.

As soon as the diagnosis was made known, the Lores were dejected. The mood in the room turned somber. Even Amelia burst into tears more than once.

Although Grayson did not tear up, he looked extremely downcast. Meanwhile, Lynette stood expressionlessly by the windowsill. No one knew what she was currently thinking of.

As for the other members of the Lore Family, they had received word as well and scrambled to get back to the country from abroad. Those who were out of town also made plans to return to Seafield.

After all, Harry was in such a state, so they had to return to visit him. There was a chance that they might not get to see him again.

“Sob. Honey, why did everything end up in such a state?” Amelia sat next to Grayson and continued to whimper softly. “Why did Dad suddenly collapse?”

He was significantly annoyed by her cries. “That’s enough! Stop crying. Why are you asking me? I have no idea at all. I only knew Dad attended a dinner party with Lynette and somehow angered Toby again. That resulted in him releasing a statement that he would sever ties with our family.”

As they spoke, they glanced in unison at Lynette, who was standing by the window.

Evidently, their exchange of words was intended for her ears. The couple had asked her this question more than once. After all, Harry remained unconscious, so they could only ask her about the matter, for she was the only one who attended the dinner party with him.

However, she kept mum and steadfastly refused to tell them what happened despite their persistent questions. In the end, they had no choice but to put up this act.

Lynette was coldly unfeeling, and despite Amelia’s heart-wrenching sobs, she remained silent the entire time. Furthermore, she became rather impatient when they asked so many questions.

“That’s enough. What’s with all the crying and persistent questions? Right now, the most important thing is to find a way to resolve this matter. Once Grandpa regains consciousness, I hope he would be able to see that we’ve resolved the matter rather than sobbing in here.” Lynette glared at her parents impatiently.

Though Grayson and Amelia were already used to their daughter’s poor treatment toward them in contrast to Harry, the look Lynette shot at them remained hurtful to the couple.

Grayson chided her, “We’re your parents! What’s with that attitude you’re showing us, huh? Is that the way a daughter should talk to her parents?”

Yet, Lynette snorted scornfully. “If I had the choice, I wouldn’t want to be your daughter anyway. You’re just two pieces of trash.”

“You—” Grayson and Amelia were angered beyond words.

At that moment, the ward to the room was pushed open from the outside, and a nurse walked in with a displeased expression. “Are you guys done? Don’t you know you’re in a hospital right now? Can’t you see the words on the wall stating, ‘No loud noises’? How dare you guys cause such a disruption here. Even if your patient here doesn’t need rest, we’ve got other patients around who do.”

As soon as the nurse’s words hit, the entire room descended into silence, and everyone stared at her incredulously.

Clearly, they could not believe their ears. How dare a measly nurse show attitude while speaking to them in such a rude tone!

Soon, Lynette came to her senses and glared at the nurse with a twisted expression. “Who the heck do you think you are, and how dare you speak to us this way! You don’t mind losing your job, do you?”

It was true that the Lores were now in a bad state, but they were not beaten just yet. It was easy for them to go after a measly nurse.

However, the nurse was completely undisturbed by Lynette’s words and even smirked disdainfully. “If this was in the past, I might be afraid of your words, Miss Lore. However, I’m no longer afraid of you. After all, you’re a murderer about to be imprisoned. What else can you do to me?”

Lynette’s expression turned sour as soon as the word ‘murderer’ hit. Her eyes widened in shock. “W-What do you mean by that? What murderer?”

Does this person know about last night’s incident? No! That’s impossible. I did everything in secret, and even Toby was unaware of things, so how did she know? This must be a sham. It isn’t true. Lynette reassured herself in her mind, but somehow, the more she tried to comfort herself, the more she found it hard to calm her turbulent emotion, surging her anxiety.

Though Grayson and Amelia felt hurt by Lynette’s words, their love for their daughter ultimately prevailed. Naturally, they would not be able to tolerate hearing someone speak ill about their daughter, so they instantly glowered and stood up. Subsequently, they pointed at the nurse and yelled, “What sort of nonsense are you on about? What do you mean by ‘murderer’? We can sue you for libel!”

“That’s right.” Grayson nodded.

The nurse pursed her lips with a disdainful look. “Libel? I did not defame your daughter. She’s a murderer and an extremely vicious one too. Right now, this is all over the Internet. Your daughter plotted the Acrees traffic accident for a ridiculous reason. Rather than arguing about this with me here, you should start thinking of what to bring for your daughter when you visit her in prison in the future.”

After the nurse said that, she shot a cold look at Lynette before pushing the medication cart out of the room.

At that point, Grayson and Amelia were stunned in place inside the room.

What did the nurse just say? She said Lynette plotted the Acrees’ traffic accident yesterday, which is all over the Internet. How can that be possible?! Our daughter can’t be that vicious! Besides, she’s not capable of that! That must just be rumors on the Internet. Yes, that must be it!

The two of them were of that opinion and turned to look at Lynette in unison. However, their hearts plummeted upon noticing her pale face and frantic expression.

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