This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302 The Doomed Lores

The netizens were mainly ordinary people. Although they knew things were not simple in the rich’s social circles and that most of them had committed some sort of dirty deed, it was the first time they encountered someone like Lynette, who blatantly plotted a traffic accident to kill someone.

‘Omg. She plotted a fatal car accident just to stop someone from attending a dinner party. The Lores’ precious lady is such a monster!’

‘This is so terrifying—bone-chillingly scary, I’d say. I thought the riches could only get as vile as playing sabotage, but I didn’t realize that murdering is in their books too! Have I been too innocent or what? Do the riches take the judicial system as a joke?’

‘I strongly urge the authorities to investigate the rich thoroughly. I’m sure Lynette Lore isn’t the first person to do so, and surely, she won’t be the last. Perhaps there are others more vicious than her.’

‘That’s right. I support that! I strongly urge the authorities to investigate the matter thoroughly.’

As soon as the comment above was posted, those on the Internet supported that stance wholeheartedly. They swiftly took action and tagged the relevant departments to obtain a response from them so that the wealthy families would be thoroughly investigated.

No one doubted the authenticity of the evidence released by Fuller Group.

After all, Fuller Group was a reputable and distinguished establishment, so indeed, they would not fool around with such a serious matter. Besides, Toby’s mentor was a part of the Lore Family while Lynette was his mentor’s granddaughter.

If it was not because of her despicable actions, they were sure that Toby would not have done all this, even if she had repeatedly targeted Sonia. Ultimately, those on the Internet who had previously found Toby too harsh against the Lores now switched sides and supported him.

They were easily swayed and simple-minded. They generally sided with the weaker party, so whoever put on a more pitiful act would win their trust easier than the other party. However, this was not an indication that they would support a murderer. It was fine for them to forgive someone’s mistake, but murder was an unacceptable crime.

‘It’s no wonder that President Fuller insisted on severing ties with the Lores. These are all the reasons behind his decision. I knew there was no way he was as described by the others. He’s not someone unreasonable and poor in judgment who would sever ties with his mentor because of a minor incident after being infatuated with a woman.’

‘Hey, the guy who commented above, you said a different thing last time.’

‘Yeah. From the start, I realized that something was not right in this matter. I’ve never doubted President Fuller. Looks like I was quite right in my instincts. Haha. Those who said I was brainless for trusting and supporting President Fuller should come out now to face the music.’

Face the music? No way! There was no way they would come out to face the music, but they could delete their previous comments and keep a low profile instead.

Those netizens who had come forward to point fingers at Toby for being heartless and ungrateful when he made the announcement now blushed in embarrassment. They quickly deleted their comments and even changed their usernames just to avoid being mocked by others who had not commented negatively about him.

At that moment, not only did they feel awkward, but they hated Lynette to the core too.

That woman was so vicious and committed all these misdeeds, yet she had the decency to go on the Internet and sob about her innocence. She mentioned that she had merely committed a tiny mistake.

It was then they mobbed the video Lynette had posted of her complaints while she sobbed, and they started to attack her with all sorts of ruthless words and even cursed her.

The web moderator saw those comments, and despite frowning at them and thinking that the words were nasty, he did not stop them for his reason. He also found her actions despicable, which exceeded everyone’s imagination.

That was murder! Although the Acrees were not exactly the nicest people either, they had never offended Lynette. However, she went after the Acrees, whom she was not even enemies with, just for a ridiculous reason.

One could also think of this from another perspective—if one of them inadvertently offended her one day, would she have to resort to murder too? It was because of this that the netizens were hostile toward her.

Although most of them attacked Lynette and the Lores, a small proportion of them were just watching the debacle. As for the topic they were interested in, it was related to the fifth reason listed in the statement released by Fuller Group.

‘Hey, guys. What do you think that statement means? What do they mean by ‘due to insufficient evidence, this is to be announced’? Did Lynette or the Lores commit something else?’

‘That must be it. Otherwise, why would there be the word ‘evidence’ stated? I’m just curious whether that’s as serious as the fourth point.’

‘I reckon it must be more serious than the fourth point.’

‘Hey, the guy above. Why did you say so? Could you explain?’

‘Yeah! Explain it to us.’

Others repeatedly tagged the person, and at that point, he was quite full of himself as he replied slowly, ‘Look. Fuller Group released Lynette’s misdeeds in order according to the severity, especially the third and fourth points. The third point specified that she attempted to harm Miss Reed behind her back, but everyone should know that the event was held at level ground, so one may or may not die from being shoved. However, as mentioned in the fourth point, Lynette damaged the brakes on someone else’s car, and that would cause the person’s death, so the fourth point is much more severe than the third one. Similarly, the fifth point must be more severe than the fourth one.’

‘That makes sense. If that’s the case, then what exactly did she do on that unrevealed fifth point?’

‘We would have to get Fuller Group to answer that question.’

As such, the people on the internet swarmed to Toby’s social media profile out of curiosity and left comments, hoping that he would reveal it to them.

Naturally, he did not do so, but they did not give up and continued to tag the relevant authorities, hoping they would investigate things and find out the truth as soon as possible to account for the netizens.

Not only were there ordinary members of the public watching the unfolding debacle, but the rich also secretly rubbed their hands in glee as they watched the drama. As soon as the rich saw the netizens tagging the relevant authorities to investigate them, they shivered in fear.

They were well aware of what they had done, and even though they were not as sadistic as Lynette, they had committed misdeeds before.

As such, the rich scrambled to berate the nosy netizens while quickly getting rid of the evidence of their wrongdoings. Those who evaded tax started to repay the amount silently; the ones who neglected to compensate their staff quickly did so, and those who used inferior materials on their production line to produce stock swiftly changed their materials into ones of good quality.

Ultimately, everyone was afraid that the relevant authorities would investigate them to appease the netizens’ complaints. If the authorities discovered something, then the fate of the Lores awaited them too.

To avoid this, everyone hastily repaid, compensated, and modified everything that they were supposed to.

Undeniably, Toby’s action of announcing this was beneficial. Not only could he restore his besmirched reputation, but he could also rid the corrupted corporate world of some unethical ones.

This was a great thing for both him and Sonia, especially her. She did not even expect that Lynette was involved in the Acree Family’s car accident. To be more precise, Lynette was not merely involved in it. She was the main perpetrator!

After Toby announced the matter, there was no doubt that Lynette would spend the rest of her life in prison. After all, she was as venomous as a viper and would now be kept behind bars. From now on, they would not have to worry about her pouncing out to cause harm out of nowhere. This was great news indeed for Sonia.

Meanwhile, this was not good news for the Lore Family and Lynette. It was undoubtedly bad news, and even more so, it was horrible. At that moment, the Lores were at the hospital keeping Harry company, so they were unaware of the sensation on the Internet.

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