This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301 Make It Public

Lynette actually resorted to making such a move because of this ridiculous reason, and her actions were deplorable. Of course, the Acree Family were a bunch of scoundrels too, so they deserved to be taken revenge.

However, there was no grudge between the Acrees and Lynette, yet she actually plotted a traffic accident to kill the Acree Family because of such a ridiculous reason.

Evidently, a person like Lynette was a huge threat.

Furthermore, it dawned upon him that Lynette had shown mercy to Sonia when Lynette went after her the past two times. Otherwise, Sonia would have been…

At that point, Toby tightened his grip on his cell phone and no longer allowed himself to ponder over the situation.

Right now, he merely had one notion in his mind, and he was determined to send Lynette to prison. Otherwise, if he allowed this woman to remain scot-free out of prison, that would be subjecting Little Leaf to a lot of danger.

After all, he could only guard against someone like that for the time being, but it was impossible to be on guard forever. The only exception was if he went after her and took her life. Otherwise, she would surely cause trouble if she had the chance.

Toby slammed the document in his hands shut, and there was a thunderous look on his face. “From this document, the outcome of the investigation shows that Lynette appears to be the main perpetrator behind the driver’s plot to seek revenge against the Acrees.”

“Yes. That’s because Lynette was the person who orchestrated the entire thing from the start; be it damaging the brake pads or plotting this traffic accident. The driver may seem like the main perpetrator but now it looks like he’s just a puppet in this. After all, he couldn’t carry out the revenge on the Acrees. It was Lynette who gave him the idea and made things convenient for him. As such, even if she didn’t plow a car into someone, based on the sentencing in a criminal case, she’s also the main perpetrator. Even more so, her actions are considered to be way worse than the driver’s actions because the driver plowed the car into the Acrees to seek vengeance; he harbored a grudge against the Acrees. However, that’s not the case for Lynette. She did this entirely out of her selfish intentions, so she’s definitely the main perpetrator.” Tom nodded and replied.

Meanwhile, Toby narrowed his eyes. “Are the police aware of this?”

Tom shook his head. “They haven’t discovered this because our men found the SIM card on the ground. The police are unaware of this. I reckon that Lynette must have instructed the driver to get rid of the SIM card before he took action. She must have been worried that the police would find it and from there, her involvement in this would be exposed. However, she would never have expected the driver to dispose of the SIM card carelessly. He just tossed it aside at a spot not too far from the accident rather than destroying the entire thing. That’s why our men managed to find it on the ground.”

Tom reckoned that perhaps even the supreme being found it hard to watch Lynette’s nasty acts, so that was why their men had managed to find the SIM card. It was quite a shame because Lynette had such an adorable face on the surface but was, in fact, ugly inside.

“Hand this SIM card to the police.” Toby handed over the document to Tom.

Tom took it from Toby. “President Fuller, if we hand this to the police then it’s quite likely that Lynette will face life without parole. She might even be sentenced to death. You…”

“Do you think I care about that?” Toby lifted his eyes and shot a calm look at Tom. “I don’t even care about Harry, so why would I care about her?”

Tom shifted his glasses slightly and smiled. “I’m sorry, President Fuller. I’ve said too much. I know what to do. I’ll get one of our men to send it to the police right away.”

Toby affirmed with a grunt, “After you send it over, reveal this on the internet too.”

“Reveal this on the internet?” Tom was slightly surprised.

However, Toby was noncommittal, and his eyes had an icy look. “You must have seen what’s happening on the internet?”


“If I just reveal Lynette’s actions yesterday, those dumb people on the internet would remain convinced that I’m too harsh on the Lores. Once I reveal this, then that would shut their mouths, wouldn’t it?”

At that point, it finally dawned upon Tom. “I understand. I’ll inform our PR department to release a statement.”

Toby lifted his chin. “What’s going on with the other two companies?”

Tom considered the situation for a moment before replying, “Our men have gathered enough evidence to prove that they have breached the law. They have been lax in their ways, so it was very easy to uncover evidence proving that they breached the law. I reckon that our men have already submitted the evidence to the disciplinary board. It won’t be too long before we receive news that those two companies are under investigation. As for those two women, right now, they’re still hospitalized. They’ve been kicked out of their homes, and their families issued statements online regarding that, but there has been too much news today, so their statement didn’t cause a ripple.”

Toby nodded slightly to indicate that he had taken note. “Ignore these two companies and the two women. Focus your efforts on observing what’s going on at the Lores.”

It was quite a shame because he had planned for the two women to go up against Lynette. Unexpectedly, he discovered that Lynette had done such a despicable thing in secret, so her fate was destined. Once these two women got discharged from the hospital, Lynette would likely have been imprisoned, so there was no way the two parties would go up against each other. Nonetheless, nothing was set in stone. It could be that Lynette had done some other nasty things that they weren’t aware of, but it was known to those two women instead, and perhaps those two women would report Lynette. By then, Lynette would be sentenced to more criminal acts.

“Go on.” Toby smiled slightly with the curl of his thin lips and gestured to Tom.

Subsequently, Tom left the room with the document.

Shortly after that, the PR Department of Fuller Group issued a detailed statement stating why Toby severed ties with the Lores. There were five reasons stated.

First, Lynette purposely created an untrue scandal about Sonia, which triggered Toby’s displeasure. Not only were the Lores unrepentant and unapologetic about that, but they even behaved arrogantly and came over to tell them off.

Second, During the dinner party last night, Lynette instigated her two sidekicks to come over and cause trouble; they destroyed the door to Toby and Sonia’s lounge.

Third, Lynette attempted to harm Sonia and endangered Sonia’s life.

Fourth, Lynette intentionally murdered someone. She plotted the traffic accident involving the Acrees, which resulted in the death of the Acree Family’s driver, Mr. Acree’s coma, and Miss Acree’s crippled legs, so Lynette had committed a serious crime.

The fifth reason was to be announced later as evidence was still being collected.

Based on the above reasons, relevant corroboration was also included, especially for reasons three and four.

For the third point, Fuller Group included surveillance camera footage from the dinner party last night in the corridor of the toilet where Lynette had attempted to shove Sonia.

Lynette had assumed that there was no surveillance camera there, but in fact, those in attendance of the dinner party last night were the upper echelons of society, so the host and hostess were worried that something bad would happen to these people and that they wouldn’t be able to take responsibility for it. As such, the host and hostess had paid for the installation of surveillance cameras at every corner of the hotel and even for areas that most people assumed were without surveillance.

Although there were no surveillance cameras installed in the bathroom, there was one installed on the ventilation system installed on the ceiling right outside the corridor of the bathroom. The things that Lynette did to Sonia last night were captured on the surveillance camera.

When Lynette reached out to shove Sonia, the evil look on her face was captured clearly, and one who saw the look in Lynette’s eyes would shudder.

She had an angelic and adorable look, but once it was tinged with an evil expression, she looked very ugly and scary.

Everyone on the internet who saw Lynette’s expression on their computers or cell phones couldn’t help shuddering in fear.

As for the fourth point, Fuller Group included some evidence that wasn’t surveillance camera footage but was a photocopied document. The content in the document was actually scarier than the footage of the third point.

In the photocopied document, there were text messages between Lynette and a stranger. The content of the text messages clearly documented how Lynette plotted the traffic accident, instructed her men to damage the brakes, and arranged for the offender to wait in the right position before making a move. Each of the text messages sent a shiver down one’s spine; it was terrifying to read them.

At that moment, everyone on the internet was in a frenzy.

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