This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266 A Sincere Apology

That woman, Cynthia, was standing opposite Sonia at this moment. Her whole face had turned pale with shock as she pointed at Sonia with trembling fingers, her eyes filled with fear for the woman in front of her. “W-Why are you here?”

Seeing how fearful she was, Sonia was satisfied with her reaction. The arc of her red lips curved upward as she questioned, “Why can’t I be here? Does this place belong to you? Is there a reason why I can’t be present?”

Cynthia was rendered speechless by Sonia’s words and deeply regretted coming here. If she had known that she would bump into Sonia today, she would not have attended the banquet in hopes of meeting someone to marry. To her, this woman was simply as terrifying as a monster.

After all, Sonia was the one who put her in the detention center and locked her up for half a month, not to mention Sonia even managed to defeat a ruthless character like Tina and eventually forced the latter to commit suicide by jumping off the building.

Apart from that, Miss Melody Stryder, who came from an influential and powerful family in Norfolk, also ended up being divorced by her fiancé and got kicked out of the house by her family.

If Cynthia went against Sonia again and fell into her hands, she predicted her fate to be much worse.

Therefore, in the past few months, she was afraid that Sonia would take revenge on her if Sonia suddenly recalled that she was Tina’s sidekick and had supported Tina in bullying her several times. Due to that, she had been living her life with a tail between her legs as she dreaded bumping into the woman currently standing in front of her.

During the few months she lay low, Sonia didn’t seem to attack her nor find her trouble. Only then did she gradually let go of the anxiety and fear in her heart and finally mustered the courage to step out of her house, assuming that Sonia wouldn’t seek her out.

However, she didn’t expect that she would encounter the woman she dreaded for the first time in the past few months by attending a banquet. Her initial purpose of attending the banquet was to seek a marriage partner to help Stone Incorporated, but instead of doing that, she came face-to-face with the living demon.

Worse fact yet, she had just condemned the living demon. Could Sonia possibly choke me to death later? Watching the expression on her face, Cynthia pondered the possibility.

The more she thought about it, the more frightened she became. The colors on her face drained out in an instant, and even Sonia started to worry that she would pass out soon since her colorless face seemed quite terrifying.

“What—” Sonia’s red lips parted as she was about to say something.

As if provoked, Cynthia bowed furiously at Sonia while apologizing, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Miss Reed, I’m incredibly sorry. I didn’t bump into you on purpose just now. I have a stomachache and am searching for the toilet, so I picked up my pace and wasn’t aware of my surroundings. Please accept my apologies and forgive me this time for bumping into you. Please, Miss Reed.”

Her apology sounded pitiful yet sincere. Sonia could also tell that she was indeed apologizing sincerely, not just putting on a show. Seeing how she behaved like a frightened child, Sonia figured that she shouldn’t go hard on her.

As she rubbed her temples, a trace of regret sparkled in Sonia’s eyes. “Weren’t you scolding me for being blind and bumping into you then demanding an apology? Why are you going back on your words and claiming that it’s your fault? Your huge change scares me,” Sonia deliberately teased her.

Cynthia’s face turned even more pallid at that. She couldn’t help wanting to slap herself in the face. How could she be so blunt before looking at who the other party was?!

If she had discovered who the other party was in the first place, she would not have dared to act so haughtily, so much so that she was now caught red-handed.

As Cynthia raised her head, she grinned in fear as if she was on the verge of crying. “I know it is all my fault. I don’t know what was going on in my head earlier. I was just not in the mood just now, and bumping into someone made me even more irritable, so I—”

“So, you lashed it out at the person you bumped into? Does that give you a reason to curse at someone regardless of who they were and take your anger out on them?” Sonia was taken aback by her answer.

Cynthia lowered her head in guilt. “I know I made a mistake, but I promise not to do it again. Please, Miss Reed, please be magnanimous and let me go…”

Her present pitiful look was a stark contrast to how pretentious and smug she was when she was still by Tina’s side during their first meeting.

In short, Cynthia was now a completely different person from who she was before. Of course, what Sonia referred to was the difference in Cynthia’s attitude toward herself, not toward others. Toward other people, she still acted as she did before.

“You really surprised me.” Sonia tapped her digits on her arm as she remarked with a wry smile. “You seem to be extremely fearful of me now. Remember how different you were in the past? Apart from yelling at me and setting up traps for me, you even dared to hire someone to do the flashlight trick on my windows to scare me in the middle of the night. I eventually put you in the detention center and locked you up for two weeks, but all this is solid evidence that you, Cynthia, are a bold person who resents me and is eager to play pranks on me. Why are you suddenly afraid of me now? You begged me to let go of this incident about bumping into you again and again, which is enough to prove how big of a change you underwent.”

Cynthia knew that Sonia was deliberately mocking her when she said those words. Although she was furious, she had no choice but to compromise with reality.

Taking a deep breath, she offered Sonia a bitter smile. “That’s ridiculous, Miss Reed. After being tortured by reality, I realized that the failure to change my attitude will eventually lead me to my deathbed. Our family has always been mediocre in Seafield, and we have always relied on the Gray Family to gain a foothold in this city. That is why I have to butter up Tina and use our friendship to maintain the connection between our families. That also explains why I must hate what she hates. Miss Reed, I admit that I have done a lot of bad deeds to you in the past, so I would like to officially apologize for my previous behavior.”

While expressing her deep regret, Cynthia bowed to Sonia.

However, this time, she did not get up for a long time before she continued, “Among the things I did to you in the past, some were indeed my own ideas, but most of them were instructions from Tina. Back then, she was still dating President Fuller, thus the Gray Family had the support of the Fuller Family. In that case, it would also mean that my family is backed up by the Fullers. Due to this reason, I was bold to go against you, but things are different now.”

Cynthia rubbed her face while adding, “Tina and President Fuller broke up, which means that the Gray Family and the Fuller Family are no longer associated. And after Tina’s death, the Gray Family can’t even afford to take care of themselves. Why would they still pay attention to us? Without their support, our family’s business has plummeted. If we had owed foreign debts, we would have gone bankrupt a long time ago. Even if the situation goes on like this, we will not be able to last long. How would I dare to offend you and act proud in front of you? Besides, you have President Fuller’s support now…”

“From what you just said, your family’s situation sounds quite awful. Doesn’t that mean you shouldn’t be able to afford offending anyone in this hall? Why did you still act so haughtily earlier before even checking whom you bumped into?” Sonia mocked.

Cynthia’s lips parted, but she couldn’t utter a word. She turned green on her face due to awkwardness, embarrassment, and even a hint of fear.

Sonia’s words made her realize that she could no longer afford to offend any of them present at the banquet.

Her pompous behavior from earlier was a dumb thing to do. It wouldn’t matter even if she found a suitable marriage partner if she remained acting in such a way. She would still bring harm to her family.

Thinking of that, Cynthia panicked once again.

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