This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1265

Chapter 1265 False Claim

Anya left in a hurry, and Toby saw her off, but the suspicion in his eyes mounted. He was interested in her past, to begin with. He wanted to see if there was anything suspicious about her.

However, after their earlier conversation, he ascertained one thing: her past was not only suspicious but might also be shocking, too. He pursed his lips as he whipped his phone out to text Tom, ‘Look into Anya harder. I want results in a week.’ Tom replied a second later, ‘Yes, sir.’

Toby’s frown loosened up. He tucked his phone away and noticed everyone’s eyes were on him. When he raised his head, he noticed the curiosity and questions in the guests’ gazes. Obviously, they wanted to know what he and Anya talked about. They wanted to know what his relationship with her was. His face darkened at the unwanted attention he received. They have too much time on their hands. He threw them a glare.

The guests noticed his displeasure. Oh, he doesn’t like us looking at him. They turned around and said nothing more. Once they stopped staring, Toby looked a lot better. He sat back down and finished his wine.

At the same time, Sonia ended the conversation with the host. Once she took their name cards, she happily excused herself so she could tell Toby the good news. Time to look for him.

Right after she emerged from the host’s waiting room, a server approached her. “Miss Reed.”

Noting that he was calling out to her, she stopped in her tracks and smiled at him. “Hi, do you need anything?”

The server quickly answered, “Miss Reed, Ms. Cheshire and her friends told me to seek you out. They want you to know that a girl in a wheelchair is harassing President Fuller. You should head over right away.”

“A girl in a wheelchair?” The look on her face changed, and the air around her seemed to turn icy.

It shocked the waiter, and he quickly nodded in response. “Yes, that’s what they said. I saw her myself. She was in a wheelchair.”

She pursed her lips, solemnity creeping up to her face. A girl in a wheelchair, huh? If I’m right, that’s Anya. There’s nobody else in a wheelchair whom we know of. She bit her lip as she thought, So, she came and went straight to Toby. Wonder why she did that. Sonia’s eyes glinted with suspicion.

Seeing that she was in her spot, the waiter couldn’t help but urge, “Aren’t you going, Miss Reed? That lady is still talking to President Fuller.”

Sonia calmed herself down and smiled. “It’s alright. I believe my boyfriend won’t betray me. But do you know why the lady wanted to see my boyfriend? Do you know what they talked about?”

The server shook his head. “Sorry, Miss Reed, but I don’t have answers for that. I can’t possibly get close to him and eavesdrop on him now, can I? That would be like asking for a death wish.”

Oh, right. True. She smiled sheepishly. “Sorry, my bad. You may leave now. I’ll see Toby and ask him myself.”

“Of course.” The waiter bowed and moved to the side so she could go first.

Sonia went ahead. This was the waiter’s job, after all. If she refused to go first, it would only make his job harder. However, just as she had taken a few steps, she was reminded of something. She stopped and turned toward the waiter. “Wait a minute.”

The waiter looked at her. “Do you need anything else, Miss Reed?”

She gave him a weird look. “You said Ms. Cheshire sent you?”

“Yes, I did.” The waiter nodded, wondering why she asked that.

She smiled. “Do you mean the girls in the southeastern corner of the hall?”

The server tried to recall where they were in the hall, and he nodded in affirmative. “Yes.”

Sonia nodded, a smirk curling her lips. “I see. Thank you.”

She turned back and headed to the hall, a smile twinkling in her eyes. I think I know who those ladies are. When Toby was showing me around, those ladies were looking at me with envy in their eyes.

She knew they were her romantic rivals. They liked Toby, but they wouldn’t try to hit on him since they knew they had no chance to date him. However, they showed no malice toward her, either. Jealousy, yes, but no malice. A lot of women liked Toby. As long as they didn’t do anything bad to her, she could accept some envious stares. She didn’t mind, nor would she get angry. Jealousy was a normal part of humanity. It would be weird if they were not jealous. Even so, they were still her romantic rivals.

In most cases, if any other women were to hit on her boyfriend and try to steal him away from her, these ladies should be laughing at her. However, they didn’t do that. Instead, they asked the server to inform her of this so she could go back and tell everyone Toby was hers. How adorable.

Sonia shook her head, smiling. It didn’t take long for her to return to the hall, but a woman came up to her. She seemed to be unwell. Her head was hung low, and her hands were on her belly. The woman was walking briskly, and since she didn’t see Sonia, they crashed into each other.

Sonia gasped, a surge of pain coming from her shoulder. She staggered backward. Fortunately, the wall behind her stopped her fall, and she remained standing. However, the other lady wasn’t as lucky. She didn’t have anything to stop her fall, so ultimately, she fell on her butt.

Sonia was rubbing her shoulder in pain. Before she could say anything, the other lady stood up and pushed all the blame for the collision on her. “Hey, watch where you’re going! You bumped into me!”

Sonia froze, and she laughed mirthlessly. Hey, you bumped into me first. And now you’re playing the victim before I can? That’s funny.

Her silence irked the other lady, and she pointed at Sonia as she reprimanded, “Hey, I’m talking to you. Are you mute? Apologize, right now!”

Fury filled Sonia’s heart, but she also thought something was weird. Hey, I think I’ve heard that voice before. She stopped rubbing her shoulders and put her hand down. Then, she looked at the woman who bumped into her. The moment she did, her lips twitched. No wonder she sounds familiar. Another familiar face.

“Well, well. It’s been a while, Miss Stone.” She crossed her arms, smirking at Cynthia.

Cynthia, on the other hand, looked like she had just seen a ghost.

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