This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1261

Chapter 1261 Who’s That Woman?

Time to make some families pay for what they did. This will serve as a warning for them and stop them from having any funny thoughts. Apparently, I’ve been too lenient on them. They took my kindness as a weakness, and now they’re exploiting it.

I wonder if any other families are doing the same thing. It was time for Toby to show them what he was made of. He would cut these families down and destroy their ambition of soaring to higher heights. He would make it clear that he had never changed. Yes, he might have pulled his punches, but he was still as fierce as ever. He was just lying low.

“Right away, President Fuller,” Tom quickly answered. He knew about the Acrees. Sonia told Toby everything Grace had told her the last time they were in the Lane Residence, and Toby told him the gist of it as he wanted Tom to find out all details about the Acrees.

He knew what the Acree Family was planning, and he scoffed at it. A fourth-rate family trying to match up with President Fuller? What a joke. Trying to match up with the worst aristocrats is already a joke in itself, and they’re gunning for the best of the best? They’re making a fool of themselves.

As Tom was still thinking to himself, Toby asked, “Are the Lores here?”

“Oh, I was just about to say that.” Tom set aside his thoughts and answered, “Yes, they are. And it’s Lynette and Harry. But I stopped them before they could come in.”

Toby wasn’t surprised. He knew they would come sooner or later.

“But…” Tom sounded troubled.

Toby frowned. “But what?”

“They refused to leave, so I told the guards to take them into the car, but they broke free. Harry’s not as young as he used to be, so we didn’t want to get too forceful. If anything were to happen, it’d be problematic. Thus, I asked them to wait for you in a hotel room. The bodyguards are keeping an eye on them. I promised them you’d see them after the banquet, and they went with the arrangement.” Tom scratched his head as he thought, This is a big hassle.

A look of irony filled Toby’s eyes. “I can’t believe Harry could be this unreasonable.”

Tom pouted. “I can, though. If it were not for the fact that he would always try to keep up the wise mentor act in front of you, you’d have known about it a long time ago. He has been this unreasonable all this time.”

Toby pursed his lips and said nothing. Tom, you just stole my line. He never knew the Lores’ true colors. He thought they were just a little unreasonable, but the truth was far worse than that. It took him long enough to find out their true colors as they managed to disguise themselves perfectly, and he had no interest in getting to know them. If he had known who they truly were, he would have cut off all ties with them sooner instead of keeping in touch with them until this point in time. Gosh, I should have looked into them a lot more. They leeched a lot of money off me, and they even went for my girlfriend.

Toby pinched the bridge of his nose and ordered, “Just tell them I’ll see them after the banquet. I want them to stay put.”

Tom nodded in response. “Yes, sir.”

Toby hung up and put away his phone. Then, he sipped some wine as he waited for Sonia to return. He couldn’t see her from where he was sitting, so he had no idea where she was right now, nor did he know how her talks with that lady went. He didn’t know if the lady had introduced Sonia to her husband, but Toby wasn’t worried. She has grown a lot, after all. She will be fine. He crossed his legs and twirled his glass of wine around. For some reason, it felt like he was half-covered in a layer of mist, and the sense of mystery surrounding him made him even more alluring for the ladies.

Every time the ladies stole a glance at him, their hearts would race, and their envy toward Sonia grew. How on earth did a woman from a declining family manage to make him fall for her? They couldn’t understand it at all.

I mean, sure, she’s hotter and more powerful than us. We have no jobs and no company to run. All we have are some shares and dividends. Our families raise us like pigs for slaughter. When they need to marry us off for profit, they would do it without any hesitation. This was the thought crossing all the ladies’ minds. On the other hand, Sonia was the chairperson of the company. She had no parents controlling her and didn’t have to sacrifice herself for the sake of her family. That was something all the ladies didn’t have—freedom.

And that made them even more jealous of her.

The ladies gnashed their teeth furiously, but then they saw a woman in a wheelchair going into the forbidden area. Yes, they were referring to where Toby was when they said the forbidden zone. Nobody dared to go near him, after all. However, now someone had breached the area and made a beeline for him. That person wasn’t just passing through—she was going for Toby.

And it was a lady, too. The other ladies and gentlemen were shocked. All of them gasped in awe.

“Who is she? She’s so brave.”

“No idea. I’d never seen her face before. Probably not a part of the Seafield’s circle. Maybe she came from somewhere else.”

“Not from Westsanshire, that’s for sure.”

“Not from Norfolk, either. Never seen her before as well. Never heard of any family with a girl in a wheelchair. Probably not someone in our circle. If she is part of the circle, she would have known President Fuller is taken. She would know he hates it when any woman tries to approach him.”

“Yeah. Tons of women love him, but none would come near him. I think she’s not part of the circle, either. Probably a celebrity or some internet influencer. Or maybe she’s someone’s girlfriend who fell for President Fuller. She’s probably heading over to hit on him. Those are the only explanations I could think of for her actions. I think she doesn’t know he hates it when women try to go near him. Hey, is she a girlfriend of any of you guys?” The lady pointed at the guys.

And the other ladies threw them looks of suspicion as well.

The gentlemen shook their heads in quick succession. One of them denied, “No. None of us brought our girlfriends here. Our families said President Fuller would come, so they had specifically warned us not to bring our girlfriends here in case they might try their luck and hit on him. So, we followed their advice.”


The ladies could see they were telling the truth, but that raised more questions than it answered. “She’s not either of your partners, and she’s not part of us, so how did she get in here?”

“Probably snuck in. Not like it hasn’t happened before. There was a small event two months ago, and a civilian girl changed into server attire and snuck in. Trying to see if she could snag herself a rich boyfriend. This is probably the same situation.”

“That sounds plausible.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

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