This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1258

Chapter 1258 So Immature

Toby put his hands on his legs. The air he carried and the way he posed himself made him look like an aristocrat who came straight from the medieval era. Handsome and elegant. “If you feel for me, then—”

Sonia could guess what he wanted to say. She quickly glanced at Tom and interrupted shyly, “Don’t even think about it.”

Oh, she’s embarrassed. A smile flashed in his eyes. “I was going to say massage my temples. I need to get their shouts out of my head, you know. Nothing else. You didn’t have to cut me off.” He commented, faking grievance.

She froze at that. “Y-You wanted me to massage your temples?” “Yeah.” He then huddled closer. “What else did you think I was gonna say?”

“I thought you were going to—” Right before she finished her sentence, she quickly covered her mouth and swallowed her words before shooting him a glare. Oh, trying to make me say it out loud myself, huh? That was a close call.

She wouldn’t have minded saying it if they were alone, but Tom was around. If she had answered the question out loud, he would have heard it. I’d have to hide in a hole somewhere if that happened. Good thing I reacted fast enough. Dammit, Toby. You knew what I was going to say. Can’t you stop just this once? So immature.

Sonia harrumphed, “Alright, fine. I’ll do it when we get home. But now I need to use the bathroom.” With that, she got up and scurried off into the bathroom. She needed a space to herself so she could comb her feelings out.

Toby knew that her going to the bathroom was just an excuse, but he said nothing about it. He chuckled and turned his attention to Tom instead.

Tom remained standing in his spot with a blank face. He was somewhat unhappy. From where he was standing, Toby and Sonia were making out right in front of him. I’m single, you know. Can’t they at least be considerate of my feelings a little? Gosh, I should have left with the guards. He sighed in silence before quickly recomposing himself. He adjusted his glasses as he asked, “What was the deal with those girls, President Fuller?”

He saw them banging on Toby’s door like crazy, but he had no idea what the reason was, nor did he have any idea what Toby did to them after they entered the room. If he wanted answers, he had to ask.

Toby picked up Sonia’s glass of water and took a sip. Icily, he said, “Those two? They’re Lynette’s spies. They were tasked to keep an eye on Little Leaf and me. Her feet were scraped, so I took her here to patch them up. The girls thought we were going to do something intimate, so they told Lynette about it, and she asked them to interrupt our making out.”

Oh, I see. So, doing all that was to stop President Fuller and Miss Reed from making out. Yep, they’re dumb, alright. First, President Fuller and Miss Reed did nothing of the sort. Second, even if they did, nobody could fault them. They were lovers, after all. Lynette and her lackeys have no right to interrupt them. I can’t believe they’d go this far. If President Fuller and Miss Reed were indeed going at it, he would be traumatized by the banging and would have grown limp down there. If that were to happen, their families would be dead. “The Lores again, huh? They have no idea what they’re dealing with,” Tom hissed.

Toby narrowed his eyes. “I was too lenient on them. I thought I should keep the falling out with them a secret since Harry was my teacher. I didn’t want to go too far. I tried to give them some time to calm the markets down before making the announcement. Yet, they took my kindness and trampled it under their feet. Very well. Mercy revoked. Make the announcement after the dinner.”

“Yes, sir.” Tom nodded.

“And get someone to keep an eye on the entrance. Once the Lores show up, tell me ASAP.” Toby pursed his lips.

“You think they’d show up?” Tom was surprised. “I have checked the guest list, but the Lores weren’t invited.”

“The list means nothing. Remember, the invitation cards can be given away.” Toby looked at Tom as he said, “And her lackeys told her Sonia and I were making out in this room. You think she wouldn’t come?”

Oh, right. Tom smacked his forehead when the realization hit him. “My bad. I’ve completely forgotten about that.”

“Go.” Toby waved his hand.

“Yes, sir.” Tom walked to the entrance before stopping in his tracks once again and turning around. “President Fuller, if they do show up, should I let them in?”

“Is that a trick question?” Toby frowned. “The host didn’t invite them. So, of course, you shouldn’t let them in. I don’t want them upsetting the host.”

Tom adjusted his glasses and smiled. “Understood. I’ll be on my way, then.”

With that, Tom exited the room, leaving Toby by himself. He twirled the glass of water around as if it were wine, not water. Strangely enough, he looked good while doing that.

Sonia emerged from the bathroom and approached him. “Oh, did Tom leave?”

“Yes.” He nodded in response. “So, you finally decided to come back out,” he teased.

“It’s your fault, you know.” She picked up a pillow and hurled it at him.

However, he held it easily since she didn’t put much force into it. He tossed it aside and pulled her closer to him. She gasped and lost her balance before falling into his embrace. He held her by her waist happily, stopping her fall. And then, he placed her on his lap.

A sigh of relief escaped her lips, but she was still a bit shaken. So, she thumped his chest to vent a little. “You scared me, Toby. I thought I was going to fall.”

Toby held her hand and kissed it. And then, he said, “No, you won’t. I’m here. I’ll catch you.”

Sonia rolled her eyes and pulled her hand back.

He was about to say something, but his phone rang, and a frown creased his forehead. The call annoyed him, but he freed one hand and whipped out his phone without a moment of hesitation. Who’s calling me? He cocked his eyebrow as soon as he saw the caller’s ID and swiftly cut the call off. Then, he smacked Sonia’s butt, telling her to stand up.

She immediately stood up. Dazed, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

He straightened his suit out. “Your target showed up,” he answered.

Her eyes shone at that. “Really? That’s great. We should get back to the banquet now.” She couldn’t wait to talk to the host’s wife.

Just when she was about to leave, he held her hand. “A minute.”

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