This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1257

Chapter 1257 Take Them Away

They’re either very stupid or very brave. I can’t believe they banged on President Fuller’s door. If this gets out, they’re gonna get famous. Nobody does that to him. They’re the first ever people who do so. They will certainly become idols of the masses in no time. Of course, Tom was only being sarcastic when he remarked in his mind.

Toby looked at the ladies. They huddled together and shivered in fear, their eyes filled with horror. He tilted his chin in their direction as he said, “Take them away. Find out which families they’re from. I want to see their parents once the dinner is over. I’d like to ask them how they managed to raise such foolish children.”

“Understood.” Tom nodded in response and waved at the guards. The guards immediately made their way to the women.

They’re coming for us, the ladies thought to themselves as fear filled their souls. Even though they wouldn’t be subjected to torture, the mental breakdown would destroy them. Toby just said he wanted to meet their parents. This affair wasn’t over yet. Even after they had told them everything, Toby still wasn’t going to let them off the hook.

However, instead of punishing them directly, he would talk to their parents and let them punish these girls. That was their biggest fear. If he were to punish them right here, he would have let things slide. Even if their parents had found out what they did afterward, they would only be given a slap on the wrist at most. Of course, their parents would be mad at them, but they wouldn’t stay angry for long.

However, meeting their parents and giving them the right to punish would be an entirely different story. Their parents would think they had embarrassed the family and almost subjected it to destruction. Once the meeting with Toby was over, these girls would receive the harshest punishment. They might lose their status in upper society as a result of their parents chasing them out of the family just to assuage Toby’s fury. After all, he would have no reason to go after their families if they were not affiliated with the families anymore. That was the worst-case scenario these ladies could imagine. We can’t let him talk to our parents, or it’s all over. Fear finally took over their minds, and they begged for mercy from the couple, tears streaming down their cheeks.

“President Fuller, Miss Reed, we’re sorry. We’re terribly sorry! We’re stupid. We’re dumb. We shouldn’t have done that!” They mustered all their strength to break free from the guards’ grasp and groveled before the couple. They slapped their faces as they made their way ahead on their knees, crying with every step. It was a pitiful sight. “You can do anything to us, but please…please don’t tell our parents. Please!”

They didn’t hold back with the slaps. It didn’t take long for their cheeks to swell and turn red. Sonia did sympathize with them a bit. She was a human, after all. A sense of sympathy was something that humans were born with. If they were incapable of sympathizing with others, that would make them a psychopath instead.

However, even though the sight of them punishing themselves and begging for mercy did make her feel sorry for them, she wasn’t about to forgive them so readily. Yes, she sympathized with them, but that didn’t mean she would spare everyone mercy. She would only show mercy to those deserving of forgiveness or those who did things out of genuine misunderstanding. Otherwise, she would never spare them.

Everyone was an adult here. They should take responsibility for what they did. These women did something wrong, so they must bear the consequences. She was doing it for their own good, teaching them a lesson of accountability.

Toby had been keeping an eye on Sonia, watching how she would deal with these women. He knew she was kind and soft-hearted. Anything remotely touching would move her, so he wanted to see if she would let these women go after they almost hurt them.

If she felt sympathy for them and decided to let it go, he would do as she wanted, even if he disagreed with her choice of action. When the two ladies had broken free from their captors’ hold, Tom had wanted to tell the guards to recapture them. If it were not for the fact that he noticed the look Toby was giving him, which told him to stay put, the girls wouldn’t have made it this far.

Fortunately, she didn’t disappoint him. He saw sympathy in her eyes, but even so, she didn’t say she would let them off the hook. In the end, she looked away and said, “Mr. Brown, take them away. They’re really making a din here.”

Oh? Making a din, huh? Toby smiled and swiftly covered her ears for her.

Sonia looked at him in puzzlement.

He looked back at her with love in his eyes. “Didn’t you say they’re making a din? So, I’m closing off their voices for you.”

“Good idea.” Her lips curled into a smile.

He then shot Tom a look with his hands still covering her ears. Impatiently, he ordered, “Don’t just stand there. You heard the lady. Take them away.”

Tom snapped out of it and responded, “Yes, sir!” Then, he told the guards to take the girls away.

Even after all that… Even after we slapped ourselves and groveled before them, they still won’t let us go. Despair finally sank in. When the guards closed in on them, their despair broke them, and their pleas became shrieks that filled the air of the room.

Toby covered Sonia’s ears even tighter, and his face darkened considerably. “Cover their mouths and take them away.”

“Yes, sir!” Tom told the guards to do as Toby said.

The guards quickly covered the girls’ mouths and dragged them off without hesitation, and silence befell the room once again.

Only then did Toby finally let go of her ears. “It’s fine now.”

Sonia massaged her temples. “Finally, some peace. You must have found them annoying, too.” Even though her ears were covered, the girls’ shrieks still reached her, making her head buzz. He must have had it rough.

He straightened out his sleeves. Calmly, he answered, “It’s alright. I got used to it.”

“What do you mean you got used to it?” She was stunned at his words.

Tom explained, “Miss Reed, allow me to explain. President Fuller runs a big company, and we often get a few sewer rats tarnishing the system from time to time. Every time we catch one, they would beg for mercy in the same way those women did. And some were even louder. Eventually, he got used to it, so this is merely child’s play for him.”

Her lips twitched slightly at that. “I see. That must have been tough.” She gave Toby a look of sympathy. Going through this just once was upsetting enough to her, but he had been through it so many times that he had already gotten used to it. Naturally, her heart went out to him.

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