This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1256

Chapter 1256 No Consideration

Even though his confession was rather corny, Sonia still thought it was sweet and amusing. Still, she pretended to be annoyed and shot him a look. He had to say that right when I tried to intimidate those girls. Now, look at what he did. He just ruined my act. However, she didn’t plan on arguing with him since she did like his little confession.

She patted her burning cheeks and closed her eyes. A while later, she finally managed to recompose herself and calmed down. Once again, she turned her attention to the girls. “You believed in every word she said right away and sympathized with her situation. You thought you should do something for her as friends, so when you saw Toby and I enter the waiting room, you came banging on the door in an attempt to get in our way. Did I get that right?” She crossed her arms and legs, looking somewhat like a queen.

The girls shook their heads before nodding again seconds later. Sonia pursed her lips. “Speak up. Is it a yes or a no?”

The fat lady quickly answered, “Yes, you’re right for the most part, Miss Reed. But you got one thing wrong. It was true that we sympathized with her, and…” She closed her eyes just then as she thought to herself, Alright. I’ve come this far. Might as well out with the whole truth.

She mustered her courage and continued, “And we started hating you. We thought you were a witch. Not only did you chase our friend away, but you also forced President Fuller to date you with such an underhanded method. And because of that, we didn’t hold a high opinion of you and thought you were a shameless woman.

“However, even so, we had never planned to come between the two of you, and Lynette had never told us to do anything, either. It was not until five in the evening today that she suddenly called us. She found out we were attending this dinner with our elders and asked us to keep an eye on you two. She wanted us to report to her if anything happened. So, when we saw you two come to the waiting room, we told her about it, and she asked us to stop you two from going at it at all costs…” Her voice trailed off at the end.

Toby’s face was void of any expression as he said, “You’re quite loyal to her.” Good thing we didn’t do anything. If we were going at it when they banged the door, all the mood would have gone instantly, and my little guy down there would have to suffer. His fury grew in intensity as he thought about that. When he looked at the girls again, his gaze was cold as ice, glinting with murderous intent.

It scared the wits off of the girls, and they almost let out a scream. However, they held it in in the end.

“So, that’s the idea she came up with? Banging the door?” An icy smile formed on Sonia’s lips.

The girls shook their heads. “No. It wasn’t her idea. She only told us to come up with an idea to stop you no matter what. We spent a lot of time coming up with that plan. We thought it was a good plan since we could get away with it easily. We could run off as soon as we banged the door, and even if we were caught, we could just say we were drunk and got the wrong room.”

The girls hung their heads low. They thought it was a perfect idea, but they didn’t expect the couple not to do as they had planned. First, Toby opened the door and caught them. Then, he kicked the fat lady without asking any questions. All the unexpected surprises ruined their plan.

“You got the wrong room because you were drunk?” He repeated what they said in a monotonous tone.

The girls gulped. They could feel the murder coming from him and were on the verge of tears due to fear.

Sonia poured a glass of water to rehydrate herself. She said, “You thought that was a good plan? No. That excuse won’t work. You knocked on the door of room number one, and everyone knew the host reserved this room for Toby. Nobody would get the wrong room. Even if you were drunk, the crew members would personally take you to another waiting room. You won’t even get the chance to get the wrong room. Your lie has too many loopholes to it. Nobody would believe it, so you would never get away with it. Even if you were knocking on another room’s door, you’d still get into trouble just because you banged on it like you were trying to break the door down.”

“W-We…” The girls had no rebuttal. They knew they were in the wrong.

Sonia put her glass down. “Haven’t you considered what would happen to you if you got on our bad side?”

“No, of course not. They wouldn’t have done what they did otherwise.” Toby touched her glass. A frown formed on his face upon realizing the water was cold. He then whipped his phone out to text someone.

Sonia noticed him touching her glass, but she didn’t pay much mind to it. She thought he was simply thirsty and was going to drink from it. They would share a glass most of the time anyway, so she was already used to him drinking from a glass she drank from. As long as he’s fine with it.

However, she didn’t notice him whipping his phone out as she turned her attention back to the girls again. “Fair point. Seems like you two didn’t think things through.” She smirked. I thought they were dumb enough, but they were dumber than I thought.

Her disdain didn’t escape the girls, and their cheeks burned in embarrassment. “No, we did think about it. We really did. We knew President Fuller would get angry if we banged the door, but Lynette told us to go for it. She told us he was threatened and wouldn’t hold a grudge against us if we did that. In fact, he would even thank us for that, and that would benefit our family. We thought she had a point, so…”

“So, you believed her and came banging on the door. What now?” Sonia patted Toby’s shoulder as she grinned and asked, “Do you still think he’ll be grateful to you?”

The girls laughed at themselves in silence. Yeah, right. We’re lucky enough that he’s not killing us right away.

Seeing the two women stay silent, Sonia couldn’t be bothered with them anymore and turned to look at Toby. “Lynette is such a scheming woman. She’d use her friend to do her dirty work while she hid behind the curtains and kept her hands clean. She’s cunning, but her plans are full of holes. She’s smart, but she’s not experienced enough. She won’t amount to much in life.”

He nodded in agreement but said nothing.

Right then, someone knocked on the door. “President Fuller,” Tom called out from outside the room.

“Come in,” Toby answered calmly.

Tom came in soon after. He was holding a bag and was followed by four security guards. “Are they the intruders, President Fuller?” He pointed at the girls as he asked. He knew what had happened here. Toby had told him two women had intruded his waiting room and ordered him to bring some men over. There weren’t any other details given to Tom, but it was his job to find out why and how the intrusion happened. He made his way to the surveillance room and watched the footage. Then, he made a copy and came with some guards.

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