This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1255

Chapter 1255 Foolish Women

The skinny lady nodded her head in quick succession, telling the couple that it was the truth. The chubby lady looked at the couple to gauge their reaction. When she saw they didn’t say anything and were seemingly waiting for her to elaborate further, she steadied her nerves before continuing, “We only had a few meetups with her, but since we used to be good friends, it didn’t take long before we became close again, not to mention she kept on bringing up some of our good old times during our meetings.

Then, in one of our meetings, we asked her why she had gone overseas six years ago without even saying goodbye, and she suddenly cried. She told us someone had forced her to…” She trailed off as she threw a fearful glance at Sonia.

Sonia cocked her eyebrow. “Why are you looking at me like that? Did she tell you I was the one who forced her?” The chubby lady nodded in response. “Yeah, that’s what she said.”

Sonia looked like she had just heard the biggest joke in the world, and she swung Toby’s arm around. “Did you hear that? She said I forced her. What a joke! I didn’t even know her six years ago. How on earth could I even force her to do anything?” Besides, I’m not the sort of woman who would drive someone out of their home country.

The girls were surprised to find out Sonia didn’t know Lynette six years ago, but they didn’t find it all that shocking. After all, she had deceived them on many things, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if she had lied to them about this, too.

“Oh, wow. I didn’t know you’re the reason she had to go overseas.” There was a cold glint in Toby’s eyes as he said that.

Sensing the sarcasm in his words, she played along and shrugged. “I know right? I didn’t know either. How was I supposed to make her go overseas when I didn’t even know who she was? Was there another me by any chance who did it?” She laughed after saying that.

He gave her hand a soft squeeze.

She suddenly asked, “So, why did she go overseas six years ago?”

“To study, or so she said. She had been overseas for six years, yet she didn’t even get a Ph.D. certificate,” he answered coolly. No doubt that was a lie as well.

Sonia rubbed her chin as she deduced, “In that case, she probably didn’t go overseas to study. It was for something else. Something kept her there for six years. Okay, now I’m interested.”

“You can just ask her if you want, but we have another matter to settle.” He patted her head affectionately before turning his attention back to the girls again, and the love in his eyes was immediately replaced by indifference.

The girls couldn’t believe he could switch from a loving man to a furious executioner in mere seconds, and they exchanged a look. At this point, they knew Lynette had lied to them. The hell they aren’t in love. He loves her so deeply. Just look at how nice he is only to her. If that’s not love, then nothing is. Screw that b*tch for lying to us! they cursed at Lynette in silence. Their hatred for her mounted.

Then, Toby questioned them in an icy tone, “Why did she tell you my lover made her leave six years ago?”

The chubby lady gulped. Quickly, she answered, “She wanted to gain our sympathy and turn us against you.”

“Oh?” Her reply had piqued Sonia’s interest. “Do elaborate.”

Without a moment of delay, the chubby lady answered, “Lynette loves President Fuller, but he loves you, Miss Reed. She can’t accept such a reality, so she’s been trying to break you two up.”

Sonia and Toby refrained from commenting on that.

“Go on,” he said.

The chubby lady curled up a little. “Lynette got herself involved in the flame wars two days ago, but it backfired, and she’s now the Internet’s laughingstock. She decided to lurk and stop getting herself involved, so she ‘reconnected’ with us and lied to us. She told us that you two got back together not because of love but because Miss Reed has dirt on you. She said Miss Reed was using that to make you do whatever she wanted. Lynette also told us Miss Reed forced her to go overseas six years ago because Miss Reed didn’t like her getting too close to you, so she made her fly away behind your back.”

“Hahaha!” Sonia couldn’t hold back her laughter any longer. She burst out laughing. She was laughing so much that even tears were coming out.

Even Toby thought Lynette’s lie was preposterous. It was laughable, but he would never show his emotions to anyone. Unless Sonia was the only one around. Otherwise, he would face everything calmly, no matter how much it stirred his heart.

“D-Did you hear that? They… They said you came back to me because I have dirt on you! They actually thought you were forced. Gosh, this is the greatest joke of the year!” She bent slightly as she held her stomach, laughing uncontrollably.

He wrapped his arm around her waist to steady her. “Hold still. Else, you would fall or bump into things. And stop laughing already. Doesn’t your stomach hurt?” He noticed that she was clutching her belly, so he figured she must have hurt her stomach from laughing too much.

Even so, she didn’t stop. This was all too hilarious for her. “It does, but I can’t stop.” She looked at him. Her cheeks were red, and her eyes were glistening. At that moment, she looked just like a poor little kitten.

Toby heaved a sigh. He pushed her head closer to him and pressed his lips against hers.

Sonia froze up as the kiss came too suddenly, and her laughing abruptly stopped.

Seeing that she had stopped laughing, he let her go with a satisfied look on his face. “Well, now you can.”

She shot him a look and shoved him away.

He chuckled at her bashfulness.

She took a deep breath and massaged her cheeks. Gosh, they’re sore. She then turned her attention to the awkward pair. “So, you believed her? You thought I forced him to come back to me because I had dirt on him?”

The ladies nodded in embarrassment. They did trust her, and without any questions, even.

“Fools,” Sonia harrumphed. “No wonder she managed to use you guys. Are you stupid? You can’t trust anything she says. You think I can even get any dirt on Toby? Who do you think he is? Some random guy? And even if I managed to get any dirt on him, do you think he would listen to me? No, he’d wring my head off and neutralize the threat I pose.”

The girls nodded. Sonia’s words sank in really quickly. Without Lynette’s lies blinding them, they could finally see the truth they had never seen. Their minds could finally grasp the sliver of truth. Now, they realized someone like Toby would never let himself be so unguarded that anyone could get dirt on him, nor would he let anyone control him that easily. Thanks to that, they realized Sonia was right. He would never let anyone threaten him. We were stupid to believe every word Lynette said without question. Miss Reed is right. We are stupid.

Toby ignored the girls. Instead, he looked at Sonia with a tender gaze. “I would have wrung the necks of anyone else, but if you were the one who got the dirt on me, I’d listen to anything you say.”

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