This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1254

Chapter 1254 Realization

The women shivered in fear at this thought. The fat woman quickly answered, “I’ll talk. Mr. Fuller, Miss Reed, we didn’t mean to do this. Someone wanted us to stop you from… from having s… s…”

Sonia froze for a few moments, and then realization struck her. “What?!” So, they’re suggesting that Toby and I were having s*x, and they came to stop us because they thought it was rude? A mirthless laughter escaped Sonia’s lips.

Toby’s face was grim. “Whatever we do in here is none of your business. You think you have the right to peek at us and interrupt whatever we’re doing? Is that what your families teach you?”

If it weren’t for the law, he would have killed them right here, right now. The women were shaking, and they shook their heads so violently, their heads might come off.

“W-We weren’t peeking. I-It’s Miss Lore!” The fat lady closed her eyes. Sorry, Miss Lore. She sold Lynette out. They might be friends, but if she didn’t tell them the truth, she might die.

Her friend was a little surprised that she would sell Lynette out, but then she realized why. She backed her friend up. They had no choice but to use Lynette as a shield, or they would be dead meat. After all, she was the mastermind. Now that they were caught in the act, they thought Lynette should deal with the aftermath and take the brunt of the hit.

“Lore?” Sonia was reminded of someone. “Lynette?”

Toby’s eyes narrowed.

The women nodded again. “That’s right. That’s her.”

“So, it is her.” Sonia laughed loudly this time, but there was no delight in her laughter at all. Then, she smirked at Toby. “Guess you didn’t go down on them hard enough. She didn’t realize you’re being serious about teaching the Lores a lesson, and now she’s coming after us again.”

Toby pursed his lips angrily. “I thought she’d be smarter than this. I guess she really wants me to take her family down. Wish granted.”

The women exchanged a look of shock and horror. Oh no. Miss Lore lied to us! She said that Sonia and Toby got back together not because of love, but because Sonia had dirt on Toby. She told us he was forced into it, but that’s not true. That was the first lie they found.

But now they found the next lie. She told them Mr. Fuller was distancing himself from the Lores because he wanted to teach them a small lesson. He was annoyed they sabotaged Sonia without telling him first, or so they were told. Lynette claimed that Toby was upset they didn’t consult him, so he was teaching them a lesson. She said it wouldn’t last long, and that he would patch things up with them later.

The lies got through to them. They believed her, and their parents didn’t tell them to stay away from her either. In fact, they told them to stay in touch with her because they were sure Toby would patch things up with the Lores. Once he did, the Lores might mention them to him, and they could gain something from this.

Thus, these women continued to hang out with Lynette and believed everything she said, but now they realized that it was all a lie.

Toby wasn’t just teaching the Lores a small lesson; he was planning to destroy them completely. Furthermore, Toby wasn’t actually Lynette’s childhood friend. If he were her friend, his emotions would at least stir when her name was brought up, but instead, all they saw in his eyes was indifference.

Panic finally caught up to them, and they realized they had been played. Lynette was only using them as cannon fodder. She fed them lies and tricked them so they would hang out with her and sabotage Sonia while she reaped the rewards.

If Toby were friends with the Lores and Lynette, then everything they did would help her get nearer to her goal. However, they found out that she lied, but it was already too late. They had done the deed while Lynette was hiding behind them, insisting that her hands were clean.

That double-crossing, lying b*tch! The women started harboring a grudge against Lynette, their eyes red with fury.

Toby and Sonia had been observing them, and they could guess what was going on at this point.

Sonia felt a smidgen of sympathy for them, but she also scoffed. “Ah, someone used you girls.”

That touched a sore spot; hence, it stoked the women’s fires of hatred against Lynette.

Sonia was right. They were just nobodies trying to gain something from Lynette. They didn’t mind being used as long as Lynette was telling the truth, but she lied. They felt stupid for believing her and doing her dirty work. The price they would pay for that would be… severe.

They couldn’t care about anything now. All they wanted to do was drag Lynette down with them. Never would they allow her to keep her hands clean while they paid the price for her treachery. Never.

The women exchanged a look of resolve.

In the end, the fat woman gritted her teeth and tried to get up despite the pain. Her friend came to help her up, and she could only stand with her friend’s support. She looked at the couple with agony in her eyes. Weakly, she said, “Mr. Fuller, Miss Reed, we’re sorry. We’ll tell you the truth.”

That was exactly what the couple wanted. If it weren’t for the fact that this was someone else’s banquet, they wouldn’t have wasted their time talking with these two. Toby would have told Tom to take them away for a session of interrogation. They would talk after some grilling. If they refused, then their families would feel the heat. However, they didn’t want to cause a commotion as that would be rude to the host, and it would ruin an otherwise perfect banquet.

Toby held Sonia’s hand, and they sat on the couch. He crossed his legs elegantly and looked at the women like they were criminals. “Then talk.”

Both women took a deep breath. In the end, the fat woman said, “We met Lynette in college and became good friends. However, she went abroad six years ago, and we never did get in touch again. After she came back to the country, she gave us a call out of the blue. She claimed that she wanted to reconnect with us. Our families told us to meet with her since her family is friends with yours. We didn’t want to, you know. Six years of no contact does things to friendships, but we had no choice. We had to listen to our families.”

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