This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1252

Chapter 1252 Kick

Sonia couldn’t even describe Toby’s face as merely grumpy at this point. Even the air around him seemed to freeze in his presence.

Sonia could feel his fury, yet she didn’t calm him down. After all, she, too, detested these pranksters. They were being very impolite. Anyone would rightfully feel offended by their actions.

“Back off a bit,” he whispered.

He was worried the pranksters might hurt her if he opened the door all of a sudden later. He’s going to catch them. She nodded and backed away. “Okay. Be careful.”

Toby nodded. “I will.” Then, he flung the door open.

The pranksters didn’t expect Toby to lie in wait for them. The moment he opened the door, they lost balance and fell forward. Sh*t. Women? Toby quickly retreated to the side and managed to prevent these women from falling on him.

These pranksters fell to the floor headfirst, forming a little mound. The one on the top wasn’t hurt, mostly shocked. She had her friend cushioning her fall, after all. But her friend was in a far worse situation. She hit her face and teeth, resulting in her veneer slipping out and blood filling her mouth. The instant the pain hit her, it made her cry like a baby.

Her wails frustrated Toby as he shot these wenches a look entirely laden with ice-cold fury. “Shut it!” he growled impatiently.

Toby’s rage and fury filled the air, surrounding the intruders. For a moment, the ladies fell silent as they felt like they were trapped in hell, and they shivered in terror. Then, their cries and shouts were cut short, for they felt as if someone was holding a gun against their head. They couldn’t help but think that they would lose their lives if they moved a muscle.

Oh, there are two of them? Sonia was surprised. I thought there was only one. She stepped forward and stood beside Toby.

Oh, Sonia’s back. Toby calmed down considerably in her presence and held her hand. “Are you alright? Are you scared?” he asked gently.

She shook her head. “No. This is nothing.” I was kidnapped and almost killed. As if this will scare me.

Toby nodded. As long as she’s not scared. Then, he turned his attention to the intruders, who were too afraid to stand up. If looks could kill, the girls would be dead. Even though these ladies couldn’t see his face, they could still feel the terror hanging in the air, and they quivered.

He closed the door and demanded icily, “Who sent you here?”

That only made the girls tremble more. Finally, they tried to form a sentence, but they couldn’t.

Toby’s patience was running thin at this rate. “Get up and talk. Who. Sent. You. Here?”

The girls quickly scrambled to their feet lest he took his anger out on them. The first girl helped her friend up and even picked her veneer up. But that didn’t change the fact blood filled her friend’s mouth. She was still bleeding in her mouth, so she couldn’t speak even if she wanted to.

God, she looks disgusting with blood in her mouth. Sonia shifted her gaze to the other girl. She was shivering in fear, and her head hung low. “You answer him. Who sent you here? Tell us the truth, or else.”

She spoke calmly, but the warning in her tone was unmistakable. Any lesser people would be terrified to be in the girl’s shoes. She had been the boss of a company for months now. So, she had the air of a leader around her. Alas, that was only useful against people who were scared of her.

These women were not on that list. They trusted Lynette with all their hearts. They believed that Toby only got back together with Sonia because she had dirt on him, not because of love. Naturally, they weren’t scared of a scoundrel like Sonia, nor did they care about her.

They thought they would be as impolite as they wanted toward Sonia, thinking Toby might be delighted by their thoughtfulness. Maybe he might forgive us for banging on the door. We helped him fight his oppressor, after all.

They managed to delude themselves. The chubby, unhurt woman stood up straighter and regarded Sonia like she was trash. “What’s that got to do with you, b*tch? You think you can interrogate us, trash? You f*cking sl—”

Her sentence was cut off. A surge of searing pain came from her belly. A scream escaped her lips as she flew across the room. Eventually, she fell with a thud, rolling around on the ground and holding her belly in agony. The sudden attack shocked Sonia and the lankier girl.

It didn’t take long for Sonia to snap out of it, but not the girl. Her jaw dropped, and she stared at her friend, completely disregarding the fact that blood was dripping down her chin. The same friend who was rolling around in agony, her face as pale as a ghost. That chubby girl was sweating all over her head, while the thinner one had horror in her eyes, and she felt a chill down her spine. Mr. Fuller… Mr. Fuller kicked her.

Yes. Toby sent that woman flying into the air. Even Sonia was surprised by his actions, but she knew why he attacked that woman, and she was happy about it.

He held her shoulders and looked down at the women like they were maggots. This time he spoke with murder in his voice, “Not even I would raise my voice at my lovely girlfriend. How dare you call her a b*tch? And you did it right in front of me. Congratulations, you just got yourself a one-way ticket to hell.”

The women gradually felt suffocated from the all-encompassing terror that surrounded them.

Wait. So, Mr. Fuller came after us because we talked to that b*tch the wrong way? And he called her his lovely girlfriend? Impossible! The pranksters stared at Sonia in disbelief.

The chubby lady ignored her pain and stared at Sonia in shock. She muttered, “Impossible. How is this possible?”

Miss Lore said Toby is only dating Sonia because she’s threatening him, not because he loves her. So, what’s the deal with him? He just called her his girlfriend. This doesn’t seem like a loveless relationship. He wouldn’t have gotten mad at us if they weren’t in love. He wouldn’t have come after me. Instead, we should’ve had his support. She threatened him, and we helped him fight against her. But he thinks we’re hurting his girlfriend? Wait. So, this means Miss Lore got it all wrong. They didn’t get back together because Sonia’s threatening him. They got back together because they are still in love!

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