This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1251

Chapter 1251 Banging the Door

Eh, it doesn’t matter if he knows about it or not. I’ll just pretend like I don’t know these are bridal shoes. Once Toby was done helping her wear the shoes over her feet, he stood up and extended his hand to her. “Done. Now stand up and check how it feels.”

Sonia placed her hand in his and carefully rose to her feet. Unlike her previous heels, these shoes felt comfortable, and she smiled, utterly pleased. “It feels great.” Earlier, when she was standing in her previous heels, it made her feet feel sore, and walking made it even worse. But she didn’t feel her feet giving out in these shoes. It felt like she was wearing slippers, not heels.

“You should try walking around.” He was still worried that the shoes might hurt her.

She let go of his hand and walked around the waiting room. Eventually, she walked back to him and nodded. “It still feels amazing. Thank you.”

That’s good to hear. “I told Tom to consult the shopkeeper. I thought they’d lie just to make a sale, but it’s a good thing they didn’t.”

Oh, so he asked Tom to ask before buying. So, it wasn’t his direct order then. Guess I was overthinking again. Well, he is a guy. It’s not like he knows a lot about ladies’ fashion. She smiled. “I’ll take a look in the mirror and see if they fit my dress.”

The height of the heels was important for the overall look. Stilettos could make a woman’s legs look longer and give her a regal vibe, especially when paired with an appropriate dress. A dress could look regal on its own, but she should pair it with a pair of stilettos. Any other heels would ruin the entire outfit, no matter how beautiful they were. Not only would a shorter pair of heels ruin the user’s overall look, but they would also, in some serious cases, emphasize their less-than-perfect curves. In conclusion, a good pair of heels was vital.

The red dress she was wearing leaned toward posh. Thus, it was perfect for stilettos. So, she was worried these bridal shoes might not fit well. I don’t want to get laughed at. Especially when I’m Toby’s girlfriend, I don’t want to hear them say I can’t even afford a good stylist. Then, I’d embarrass Toby and myself.

Toby saw her off as she hurried into the bathroom, and he smiled. He thought she looked fine. He was about to tell her that, but she had already run off in a hurry. So, he shook his head and entered the bathroom as well.

Sonia stood before the dressing mirror, looking at her reflection. She was trying to see if anything looked off, but these heels fitted her dress perfectly. There was nothing to worry about. But why? Oh, wait. I know why. My legs are long. It doesn’t matter if my heels aren’t that tall.

He came up to her and embraced her from behind. “So, what do you think?” he whispered.

Sonia nodded with a smile. “It’s alright. I thought it would look weird. I guess I thought wrong. These fit me well, though most of it is because my legs are long enough. I never realized my legs were this long.”

Toby looked at her exposed legs, and a flame of desire flared in his eyes. “Is that so? Let me take a look.”

Alas, before he could even touch her, she smacked his hand away. “Oh, buzz off. You’re not touching.” We might just go too far if he gets hard from touching me.

Toby looked at the red mark on his hand, amused. Not gentle at all.

They were still enjoying each other’s company when someone knocked on the door again. Only this time, it was more like someone was banging on the door. They would have thought a debt collector was coming to collect their debt if they didn’t know any better.

She could even feel the walls rumble. Even the bathroom felt like it would fall at any given moment. Who on earth is out there? That’s so rude.

She was already frowning and feeling annoyed by the interruption, but Toby was outright irritated. The air felt like it became chilly all of a sudden. He released Sonia and turned to the waiting room.

He’s going to check out who’s banging on the door. She followed after him, equally irked and inquisitive. Soon, they arrived at the waiting room’s entrance, and he flung open the door, but nobody was outside.

Sonia frowned. “Did they get the wrong room? Maybe they got drunk and came to the wrong room, but then they realized it, so they left?”

It’s possible. Everyone drinks on these occasions, and people often get drunk, especially if they imbibed more than they should or if they can’t drink. On the other hand, it could’ve been a case of a mistaken room. Maybe they just wanted to catch a break.

Toby didn’t share her opinion. Instead, he narrowed his eyes. “Even if they got the wrong room, there was no reason to bang on the door. Besides, the waitstaff would take them to a waiting room even if they were drunk. Nobody’s supposed to get the wrong room, let alone banging the door like that.”

“So, they weren’t drunk? That was deliberate?” Sonia’s jaw dropped.

He said nothing in response, but his silence was an answer in and of itself.

She gulped. “No way. This is waiting room number one. Everyone knows it’s exclusive to you. So, who’d bang on your door?”

“Your guess is as good as mine. I’d like to see who they are.” He looked far from happy, and his voice conveyed as such.

“Should we check the surveillance footage?” She tilted her head and looked at him.

“No. We’ll wait.” He closed the door and stared at the entrance coolly, akin to a predator waiting for prey.

He’s trying to see if that prankster will show up the second time. Sonia stayed silent and waited with him. Minutes passed. Just when Sonia thought it was a one-time thing, she heard something behind the door.

Footsteps. They were quiet. The pranksters were tiptoeing, but she still heard the sounds of their footsteps. Those are heels against the floor. So, we’re most likely dealing with women here.

Toby also heard it, but he opted to stay silent. The suspect hadn’t done anything just yet. They couldn’t do anything even if they were to open the door. So, we have to catch them red-handed.

The sounds of footsteps disappeared a moment later, but the couple knew someone was outside. They’re going to bang on the door.

Just as they expected, the pranksters started banging on the door once more, this time even worse than the last. The door was rattling, and the walls were shaking. The force behind their actions was enough to knock the door down at any moment. They would have thought these pranksters were their nemeses coming to take their lives if they didn’t know any better.

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