This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1249

Chapter 1249 Soles Worn Off

Lynette was a grown woman now. Her lackeys might not have finished the sentence, but she could guess what they were getting at, and her heart sank, fury filling her eyes. “What happened? Talk!” She raised her voice impatiently.

She’s mad. The girls shivered and quickly answered, “That harlot made Mr. Fuller do some hanky panky during the ball. They’re in the waiting room now.”

“What?” Lynette froze, her voice turning into a shriek, and she held her phone with enough force to crush it at any moment. “S-She’s doing that with Toby…a-at the banquet?” Her whole body shivered, and her eyes turned bloodshot with rage.

Harry noticed his granddaughter’s rage the moment he awoke from his nap. The old man turned around only to be met with a girl who was on the edge of insanity. “What’s wrong, Lynette?”

“Grandpa!” Lynette looked at her grandfather. There was hate in her eyes, pure, utter loathing for Sonia. “That harlot is going at it with Toby in the waiting room. They… They…” Tears of anger streamed down her cheeks.

A shocked Harry questioned, “What?! That is impossible, Lynette. He’s not that kind of person. That’s rude and disrespectful to the host. He knows that. He won’t do this.”

“I’m not lying, Grandpa. My friends saw them. They’re at the ball right now, and they said Toby and Sonia went to the waiting room. What else would they do but that?” Lynette balled her fists. If looks could kill, someone would be dead right now, definitely Sonia.

Lynette’s lackeys hastily chimed in, “Yeah, we saw it with our own eyes. That’s what they’re doing right now.”

Due to their anxious tone, Harry was forced to believe them. He smacked his leg in anger. “How could he do this? Yes, he’s powerful enough that no one would talk about it, but everyone’s going to think he’s a pervert behind his back!”

Lynette bit her lip, hissing, “He knows that, but this isn’t what he wanted. I bet Sonia forced him into this. She has dirt on him, so he has to do whatever she says!”

That’s a good point. “That woman is eviler than we thought if that was true. Sonia wishes for Toby’s destruction.”

She looked at her grandfather with tears and determination in her eyes. “We need to stop them, Grandpa.”

He nodded pensively. “That we should. We can’t allow her to destroy Toby like this, but we’re still a distance away from the ball. How can we do that?”

“I have an idea.” Lynette looked at her phone. “Girls, try to interrupt them.”

The girls looked at each other in bafflement. “How?”

Lynette narrowed her eyes at their lack of initiative. “Be creative. Just interrupt them. Don’t worry. He’s being threatened. He doesn’t love her. There’s no way he would do that with her. It will be a good thing for him if you succeed. Perhaps he might be thankful for your help.”

“Really?” The girls perked up, their eyes shining.

A devilish smile curled Lynette’s lips as she drove the knife in by goading, “Yep. Your families are trying to marry you off to guys you don’t like to save their skins, aren’t they? But, if you help Toby out, he might work with your family out of gratitude, and your families won’t force you to marry the guys you don’t want anymore. Since you would have saved your families by that point, after all.”

The girls nodded in excitement. “That’s true! Thanks, Miss Lore. You’re so thoughtful. We’re going to ruin her plan, don’t you worry.”

“Thanks. Go now.” Lynette’s smile broadened.

The girls agreed profusely and hung up.

Harry heard everything. Nevertheless, once Lynette placed her phone down, he noticed the smug look in her eyes and asked worriedly, “Are you sure this will work?”

Lynette tucked her phone away and smiled at him. “Why not? One can ruin anything. After all, where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

“You have a point.” Harry thought that was solid reasoning.

Lynette added, “Besides, I can rest easy since they’ll be taking the brunt of the fire. I no longer have to worry about Toby and Sonia going at it. Even if their plan fails and Toby gets mad, I can just shift all the blame to them and stay out of the mess. Scapegoats, so to speak.”

Oh. That’s a fantastic plan. Harry pinched his beard and laughed. “Not bad. That’s a sound plan. I expected nothing less from you. You’re a lot smarter than your brothers.” And that’s why she’s my favorite grandchild.

She smiled triumphantly.

At the same time, Toby had taken Sonia into the waiting room. He closed the door and headed for the bed with Sonia in his arms. She was surprised that he picked her up without saying anything, so she gasped and wrapped her arms around his neck. A smile painted his lips, and he tossed her into the air. That made her gasp once more, and she hugged his neck tighter. His reaction caused him to chuckle in delight.

Oh, so that’s how it is. She shot him a look. “Are you trying to prank me?” Dammit. I can’t believe he did that. That was so childish.

He placed her on the bed and crouched down. “I was just trying to cheer you up. It wasn’t a prank.”

Sonia rolled her eyes. “As if. Do I look happy? You’re the only one looking happy. You even laughed at me.”

He held up her foot and placed it on his lap. Then, he carefully took her heels off and checked her for any injuries. There were red circles on her heel and ankle, and a frown immediately creased his forehead.

He touched the red prints, which caused her to inhale sharply in pain. She immediately tried to tug her foot back, but he firmly held it by the ankle and placed it on his lap again. Then he looked at her. “Did it hurt?”

Sonia was almost crying in pain. So, she answered candidly, “A bit.”

Toby pursed his lips. And that’s not even a full scrape. It didn’t even draw any blood yet, and she was already gasping in pain. It would hurt like hell if her skin got scraped off. It’s a good thing her wounds aren’t so serious.

Even so, he still felt for her. He loved her and would never want to see her get hurt. Although it was just a little scrape, that minor wound still made his heart ache. He looked at her injury and held her foot. Finally, he bent down and kissed the back of it.

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