This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1248

Chapter 1248 Abrasive

Of course, Sonia had no idea someone was plotting against her. Presently, she and Toby were sitting on a couch in the rest area. She placed her wine on the table and bent over to massage her calves.

Toby noticed that and he stopped drinking. “What’s wrong?” he asked gently. “My calves are sore, and my feet are killing me. These heels are so hard to control.” Sonia frowned. If they weren’t at an event, she would have taken the heels off and massaged her feet. Ugh, I’m dying here!

Toby looked at her heels. “It’s not too tall but the heel is a bit too far in. I can see why it strains the feet.” Sonia nodded. “Yeah. This brand’s heels aren’t designed to be worn easily, but women love them. You know why?”

Toby arched an eyebrow and answered, “Because they look pretty?” That got him a look of approval. “Good guess.”

He smiled in response. “Your shoes are practically shining. Unless the person has a peculiar taste, nobody’s going to say it’s not nice.”

“Yep. The heels they produce are incredibly beautiful. Incredibly uncomfortable to wear, but women love them all the same. Beauty is king, and this shows off our legs better. But our calves get sore easily and it kills our feet.” Which makes them perfect for photos but not everyday use. Unless you want to kill your own feet.

At that point, Toby noticed the little swelling on Sonia’s ankle. It’s not just uncomfortable. It’s abrasive. Her feet are already getting red. At this rate, it’s gonna peel her skin off. “Let me take a look.” He bent over and tried to pull her foot up for a closer look.

Sonia noticed what he was trying to do, which caused her eyes to widen. Immediately, she held his arm and stopped him. “Please don’t. There are people around here. You doing this is going to look really bad on us.”

“So?” Toby pursed his lips. “Ignore them. Your health comes first.”

“I know, but at least show some respect to the organizers. If we do this in the hall, it’d upset them. They won’t say it but that’s what they’ll think. Stop it. I can handle this.” She shook her head.

She has a point. Toby sighed. “Fine. We’ll go to the waiting room. I’ll get someone to provide you with some slippers and you can change into those.”

Sonia chuckled at that. “Nobody attends an event in slippers. It’d be like you attending an award ceremony in a onesie. It’d look funny.”

“What about your feet? We’ll be here for a while.” Toby frowned as he thought, At this rate, her feet are going to buckle.

She looked at her heels and sighed. “It’s alright. I’ll just sit right here and wait for the organizers. Once they show up, I’ll talk to them. That should work.”

“No, it won’t. We’re going to the waiting room and Tom will get you a pair of shoes. Comfortable ones.” Toby got up and held Sonia’s wrist with one hand while the other held her lower back. Then he picked her up and went to the waiting room.

Everyone noticed where they were going before exchanging knowing looks with each other.

“Hey, look. Mr. Fuller is going to the waiting room.”

“Well, he is young. He has needs. I can see why.”

“Didn’t think he’s a perv like us. And here I thought he’s not interested in the birds and the bees.”

“Ha! As if. If he’s not interested in sex, he wouldn’t have gotten himself a wife.”

“You have a point.”

Everyone got bolder with their jokes now that Toby wasn’t around. In his absence, everyone felt more relaxed joking about him, but they didn’t go too far with their jokes. There wasn’t even an ounce of malice in their humor. It was only well-meaning jokes.

But the two ladies in the corner gnashed their teeth.

“Darn that Sonia! I can’t believe she’d make Mr. Fuller do that with her in the waiting room. And at an event too. What a harlot!”

“Yeah! I bet he’s forced to do this. He should know it’s rude to do… to do that at an event. It’s disrespectful to the host and yet, he still did it. I bet Sonia made him do this. That woman is trying to tell everyone she has him under control and that she can get him to do anything. Poor Mr. Fuller.”

“Yeah. I can’t believe he’d lose to a harlot like her. I knew Miss Lore was right about everything. He got back together with Sonia not because of love, but because she forced him to.”

“Yes. Call Miss Lore right now and see if she’s coming. They’re going to do some hanky panky now. She needs to be here right now and stop them. Why is she not here yet?”

“I’ll call right now.”

The girls quickly called Lynette.

On the other end, Lynette was on her way to the banquet. The moment her phone rang, she knew it was probably from her lackeys and she whipped her phone out. Called it. Before she left home, she told the girls to keep an eye on the event and call her the moment Sonia and Toby made their appearance.

She also told them to tell her everything Toby and Sonia did at the event. These lackeys were her sycophants, and she had no doubt they would perform their job well. It hadn’t been too long since she told them what to do, and already they told her Toby and Sonia had made their appearance.

As such, Lynette urged her grandfather to quickly make their way to the hotel, but the residence was miles away from the venue and traffic was congested. It was almost 9.00PM but they were not even close to the venue. Furious, Lynette felt like telling the driver to crash into the cars before them just so she could get to the banquet sooner, but doing that would be a crime, so she held back her urge to kill everyone on the road. Yet, the wait was frustrating and her patience was wearing thin.

Before they could even get ahead, her lackeys were already calling her. They were supposed to text me, so why are they calling? Dammit! Something big must have happened. Don’t tell me Toby and Sonia are going at it. Panicked, Lynette took the call. “What is it?”

“Where are you, Miss Lore?” the girls asked.

Lynette looked outside the window with rage in her eyes. “Still some distance away. What happened?”

“You have to come here quickly, Miss Lore. That harlot made Mr. Fuller have s… se…” They couldn’t even finish the sentence.

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