This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1247

Chapter 1247 A Scheme

These ladies might envy Sonia for being able to date Toby, but they weren’t really going to do anything to her.

Sonia knew that as well and she decided to let things slide. Just a few jealous ladies. I’ll let it slide as long as they keep their emotions in check and don’t come after me. She knew how much of a ladies’ man Toby was. Dating him meant receiving the envy of countless women. Besides, if they envy me, that means I’m good at what I do.

Naturally, Toby also noticed the looks those ladies were giving Sonia and he narrowed his eyes. “Time to have a chat with their fathers again.”

Sonia held his arm. “It’s fine. They’re just jealous. Not like they did anything bad. If you threaten them, we’d be in the wrong.”

“But they’re looking at you wrong—”

She interrupted, “I know, but it doesn’t matter. Just ignore them. You can teach them a lesson if they actually try to do anything bad.”

If she insists. Toby could only shrug. “Come. I want to introduce you to some people. They’re in similar industries as Paradigm Co., so knowing them will be good for you.”

“Sure.” Sonia smiled as she linked her arm with his.

Some people tried to make small talk with Toby, but he ignored them and took Sonia in a specific direction. He scanned the hall the moment he came in and he knew who was standing in which part of the hall. There was no need to even think before he took Sonia to meet up with her potential business partners. He knew where they were standing.

Perhaps it was Toby, or perhaps the people were friendly in the first place, but either way, Sonia got along well with the people Toby introduced. The tips they gave her would be handy someday. After the talk, she had gotten herself some cards. She even had a pleasant surprise—someone wanted to work with her.

One of the guys made a proposal once he knew Paradigm Co. would open up a factory. He would survey the place and sign a deal with her if the machines were up to par. That was a surprise for Sonia and one she never expected. She had only planned to get to know the event organizer’s wife and get to him through her. Then, she would try to get a little counter at their mall.

It was why she came, the only reason she came. This potential deal came as a surprise. It might look like arrogance on her part when she said the deal would succeed even before the signing, but she had confidence in the Kosovo machines she ordered. They were state-of-the-art and were modified as well. If these machines were not up to par, she couldn’t imagine anything else that could. I think this will work.

They bade goodbye to the gentlemen and came to the hall’s rest area. A lot of people tried to make small talk with Toby, but they had no courage to do so. He looked aloof and would only stay with his wife.

Obviously, Toby wasn’t here to talk business. Every time these people tried to go near him, they would get a look of warning from the man, telling them to back off. If they ignored that, they would be stupid. Hence, they had no choice but to stay back, but their eyes were always on him and Sonia.

And their lips twitched when they saw how nice he was to Sonia. They felt like screaming when they saw him filling up her glass, straightening out her dress, and making the couch pillows plumper.

It was unbelievable. This man was an apex predator in the business world. A man who commanded fear in everyone’s heart and yet, he was so nice to his wife. Almost like a simp, even. This was eye-opening for the men.

However, the ladies—or to be precise, Toby’s admirers—felt their envy roaring. Toby Fuller was the man of their dreams and they wanted him to be nice to them, not Sonia. How on earth did she get to date him?

The ladies’ envy was almost palpable. At the same time, a pair of regular-looking ladies stood in a corner, stealing glances at Sonia as they muttered among themselves.

“I thought Miss Lore said President Fuller doesn’t like Sonia. What’s going on? Why is he so nice to her? This doesn’t scream loveless to me.”

“Beats me. Miss Lore might be lying.”

“No way. Her grandfather is Mr. Fuller’s mentor and she’s his childhood friend. I don’t think she would lie.”

“Then tell me—are they in love or are they not?”

The two ladies fell silent at that.

A moment later, the lady who spoke first a moment ago said with uncertainty, “I think we should trust Miss Lore. She did say Mr. Fuller only got back with Sonia because she has dirt on him. Maybe he’s nice to her because she’s threatening her. We gotta help Miss Lore out and get Mr. Fuller back for her.”

The other lady shivered. With terror in her voice, she muttered, “But if our guess is wrong… If Mr. Fuller does love her, you know what will happen to us.”

Her friend paused for a moment. “I know, but we’re Miss Lore’s friends. We should trust her. She will defend us from Mr. Fuller’s wrath even if we’re wrong. She’s his childhood friend, and the Lores and Fullers are good friends. My dad said there’s been some misunderstanding between them lately, but they might patch things up, and I think that’s very possible. Miss Lore did say Mr. Fuller is just mad at them because they didn’t consult him before they made that move. As long as they apologize, he’ll let it slide. I bet Mr. Fuller will not come for us for Miss Lore’s sake.”

“True. We are her friends and we should help her. Once Miss Lore is here, we’ll talk to her. We’re going to make sure Sonia pays the price. How dare she threaten Mr. Fuller? Maybe Mr. Fuller will reward us if we take back the dirt on him and teach Sonia a lesson.”

“Ooh, that’s possible.”

The naïve ladies nodded in excitement as they came up with a plan to humiliate Sonia.

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