This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1246

Chapter 1246 Women’s Thoughts

Toby knew Sonia was running away from the problem and that she didn’t believe his promise. It was discouraging but he wasn’t angry. He knew why she would think so.

Time was a complex thing and feelings could change, but he would prove to her he was different. He would do everything he could to show her they would be together forever. If she doesn’t believe that, I’ll prove it to her. I made a promise and I’ll keep it.

They stopped talking about that topic and entered the ballroom. Lights showered every inch of the floor and the guests were chatting happily as they drank but the moment the couple came in, everyone stopped talking. Silence swooped down on them as they watched the couple.

Sonia had taken off her jacket and handed it to a crew member. She would take it back once the event was over. Now she was only wearing her gown, and it was a gorgeous gown at that. It was the same brilliant crimson as Toby’s necktie. Everyone knew what that meant. This was a matching set of attire and they told everyone their relationship was going strong.

“That’s Miss Reed, isn’t it? The one who broke up with Mr. Fuller and got back together?”

Not everyone had seen Sonia before as she had spent almost six years at home and seldom went out. Not even her friends could see her, let alone these businesspeople and their kids. Even though she was now part of the business world, Paradigm Co. wasn’t big enough to propel her into high society. Most people had only heard of her but now, they finally saw her.

“Yes. I can see why Mr. Fuller wanted to get back with her. She’s beautiful. I’d do the same thing.

“So, why did they divorce in the first place anyway? Seems redundant to me.”

“Who knows? I heard he used to like the Gray girl, but he fell out of love with her and chose his ex instead. We’re nobodies, so it’s not like we’re privy to his love life.”


“But they’re made for each other, though. At least their looks are perfect.”

Everyone was engaged in a quiet discussion, but most of them were from the older generation. Toby and Sonia’s peers were talking about something more in-depth.

The guys were commenting on Sonia’s looks, while the girls… They were a bit more envious. They stared at Sonia, jealousy filling their eyes. It was enviable that she managed to make Toby fall for her.

Toby was the greatest man they could ever hope for. The kind of man they could never hope to reach. They wanted to date him, be his wife and the lady of the Fuller house. Alas, they knew Toby wouldn’t give them any attention or affection. Once upon a time, they tried confessing to him in hopes he would fall for them, but all failed.

To make things worse, he sent out warnings to their families and these ladies’ elders punished them for that. Even so, it didn’t stop the ladies from feeling even more affection for Toby. However, they wouldn’t approach him nor would they try to woo him. Their families might punish them once more.

Even so, they never hated him. He was too magnificent, too brilliant. Even if he were to destroy their family, they could still forgive him. After all, Toby Fuller was worth it. Even though their attempt at gaining his love failed, they were not discouraged. They could accept that and get along in peace if nobody could get him.

Eventually, an unwritten rule was made up. The ladies tacitly agreed to never try to woo him again. As long as he was single, he belonged to everyone but to their surprise, that agreement was broken one day. Toby announced his marriage and his bride was the young miss of a declining family. It was unacceptable to them.

They tried to warn that woman and tell her to leave Toby, thinking that she wasn’t worthy of him. But before they could do that, their families warned them off again. They could only watch as the man of their dreams marry a damsel from a declining aristocratic family.

Fortunately, he had no love for that woman and he didn’t even spend any time with her after they were married. Rumors had it she had it bad in the Fuller household.

Things seemed to have turned for the better for them, but fate pulled a twist. A few years later, another woman showed up and she was the real threat, for this woman was the one Toby truly loved.

Sonia was incomparable to that woman but more surprisingly, that woman had been in a vegetative state for six years. She was Tina from the Gray household, but the ladies had never heard of her having any history with Toby. So why did she become his beloved all of a sudden?

They’d rather believe Sonia was the one Toby loved. At least she was married to him for six years, but Tina had nothing. She never even met Toby once in six years and she was unconscious for that whole time. Yet for some reason, she became his beloved the moment she woke up. It was preposterous but the truth was stranger than fiction.

Toby divorced Sonia just so he could marry Tina, and he even tried to get engaged to her. The ladies turned their fury onto Tina right at that moment and that fury of theirs grew, for Tina managed to make Toby truly fall for her, a feat Sonia failed.

But even more amusingly, the engagement never worked out. Every time they tried to go through with it, all kinds of unexpected events would throw a wrench in their plans. Eventually, the engagement was called off and Tina was sent to jail.

The twists came faster than the ladies could progress and then, something more shocking happened. Tina killed herself.

It was ironic. She spent six years in a coma only to end up killing herself two months after waking up. Not long after that, Toby fell in love with Sonia again and this time, he spared no expense in wooing her back. In the end, he succeeded.

In short, Toby went back and forth between Tina and Sonia. First, he liked Sonia, then Tina, and then back to Sonia again. The ladies had no idea how to comment on this affair. With Toby’s ever-changing attitude to love, they lost all interest in marrying him.

Still, they had some affection for him. He was handsome. Not many women in their circle could refuse that. Just because they lost interest in marrying him didn’t mean they wouldn’t get angry about him dating any other woman.

However, the most they would do was get jealous. It was not like they would harm that woman. After all, they didn’t want to get kicked out of their families.

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