This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1244

Chapter 1244 Wake You Up

Sonia didn’t sense anything odd about the man, so she continued rubbing her eyes while speaking in the same soft tone. “Okay…” She stretched her limbs as she finally opened her eyes fully. “I hadn’t expected myself to sleep so soundly. I’m not even fully awake at this point,” she murmured as she gave the man a bashful smile.

“It’s pretty common for people to feel sleepy when they get to a warm place from somewhere that was really cold,” Toby explained. He opened the lid of the thermal box and pulled out a bottle of coffee before opening it and handing it to Sonia. “Have some. It’ll wake you up a little,” he offered. The coffee was warm, so Toby didn’t have to worry about Sonia feeling cold after the drink.

Coincidentally, Sonia needed something to wake her up. As such, the coffee that Toby handed her was a lifesaver at that moment. Her eyes lit up as she took the bottle from him. “Thank you.” She tilted her head up to take two sips of the coffee, but she squeezed her face into a look of disgust after tasting it. “Ew… It’s so bitter. What coffee is this?” She turned the bottle around to check the packaging, but the words were written in a foreign language that she couldn’t understand.

Toby chuckled when he saw the sour look on her face. “It’s an original flavored Blue Mountain Coffee, not the usual 3-in-1 coffee. I usually drink this when I’m on the way to work, so there are no other drinks in the car. This is good for waking you up, so I thought that it’d be better for you to drink this,” he explained.

“Well, that’s probably why it’s so bitter,” Sonia muttered as she stuck her tongue out. “I have to agree that it wakes me up. I’m not sleepy anymore.” Is it even possible to stay sleepy after drinking something so bitter? Anyone who drinks this would probably wake up immediately. My tongue feels numb from the bitterness, she thought as she stuck her tongue out. Toby knew that Sonia was bothered by the bitter taste. After all, she had always had a sweet tooth, and she had never appreciated bitter foods or drinks. She only drank her coffee with milk and sugar, so it made sense for her to be troubled by the taste of Blue Mountain coffee.

“I’ll leave some other caffeinated drinks in the car next time. I haven’t considered this matter in the past, so I’m afraid you’ll have to settle with this coffee for now. Once we get into the hall, you can get some other drinks to wash the bitterness away.” Toby tried to comfort her. Sonia nodded. “That was what I thought. But this coffee…” She stared at the remaining coffee in the bottle with a troubled look on her face.

“Do you not want it anymore?” Toby asked.

“I can’t finish it. It’s too bitter—it tastes like medicine,” Sonia grumbled as she pouted her lips. She couldn’t finish it, but she didn’t want to throw it away either as she didn’t want to waste it. Furthermore, Toby seemed to have a knack for purchasing the most expensive things, which made it harder for Sonia to simply throw the drink away. She was still troubled by how she was to dispose of the coffee in her hand when she felt someone taking the bottle out of her grip. She looked up to see that Toby had taken the coffee away from her.

“I’ll finish it if you can’t.” The man tilted his head up and chugged the remnants of the coffee after that. It was a relatively small bottle of coffee that fit snugly in one’s palm and the size of the bottle made it one of the smallest bottled drinks to be produced and sold in the market. There wasn’t a lot of coffee to finish. One could finish the bottle after taking a few mouthfuls of the drink, so it wasn’t a big deal for Toby to finish the bottle in one go.

However, Sonia was still rather dazed after seeing him finish her coffee. “I drank that earlier. You…”

The man wiped the corner of his lips elegantly. “Yeah, so?”

“Don’t you hate sharing drinks?” She blinked a few times after asking him her question. Toby then threw the bottle of coffee into the trash can before he responded in a playful tone. “Why would I hate sharing drinks with my own woman? I’ve already tasted your saliva when—” Sonia knew what the man was about to say, and her cheeks turned pink as she quickly raised her voice to stop him. “Alright, alright! That’s enough! Didn’t you see that we’ve arrived? I’m wide awake now. Let’s get out of the car.”

With that said, Sonia removed her puffer jacket and took a deep breath to prepare herself for the cold wind that was about to embrace her. She readied herself before she opened the door with a determined push. Meanwhile, the man curled his lips into a smirk when he saw the woman avoiding him. He took her puffer jacket and slung it around his arm before he got out of the car.

Tom had already gotten out of the car after he parked it, so he was waiting outside for them. After Toby and Sonia got out of the car, Tom reentered the vehicle to park it at an appropriate spot. Some may wonder about my purpose for doing this. Some might think that it is more efficient for us to all park in the parking lot before getting out together. Some might also think that I could wait in the car for them to get out before I drive to the parking lot and they might think that I didn’t need to get out of the car. They probably think it’s unnecessary to get out of the car, but I don’t agree! Even if it’s colder outside, I rather stay out of the car. Why should a single man like me stay in the company of a loving couple? It’s so frustrating!

On top of that, Miss Reed was asleep and President Toby had to wake her up. I have no idea how he did it and I’m not sure I want to know. In my opinion, it’s always best to get out of the car if you want to avoid contaminating your eyes. A divider might be useful, but you should always take extra precautionary measures to avoid such things. Tom ended up waiting for ten minutes outside the car. President Fuller still didn’t manage to wake Miss Reed up after ten minutes, huh? Perhaps my guess is right. President Fuller must have lied about waking Miss Reed up. I bet he just wanted some more action with her. I’ve been his most loyal follower for years now, so I know him really well.

Even though President Fuller seems like a haughty and cold man on the outside, all of that is just a show. He turns into a huge softie and a horny man whenever he’s with Miss Reed. Since she was asleep, President Fuller probably saw this as a good chance. I’m sure he seizes every chance that he gets.

Tom was certain that his guess was correct. If President Fuller was just trying to wake Miss Reed up, he wouldn’t need to spend ten minutes doing it. He must have engaged in some other secret activities in these ten minutes. Ah, men! Tom was sighing to himself when he heard the car door open. He hastily pushed his inappropriate thoughts aside before straightening his figure and turning to the car. He watched as Sonia and Toby got out of different sides of the vehicle.

“Miss Reed, President Fuller.” Tom greeted them while he sneakily glanced at Sonia. Between Sonia and Toby, Sonia was a lot easier to read—her embarrassment or shyness would be written all over her face if she felt that way. She would blush whenever Toby did something to her. It was just as Tom had expected. He saw that Sonia’s cheeks were still slightly flushed when he stole a glance at her. Based on Tom’s experience, he could tell that she wasn’t blushing because of the cold. He was sure that she was blushing because Toby had just done something that made her feel shy.

President Fuller being President Fuller… He never lets Miss Reed go when he has the chance to do something with her. Tsk… men. The joys of being a man! Fine, I guess I have to admit that I am envious of President Fuller. But when I get myself a girlfriend, I won’t lose to him anymore. I might even be happier than he is now! Tom thought to himself.

“Tom.” Sonia had no idea about the twisted thoughts running through Tom’s mind, so she simply flashed him a smile as a way of responding to his greeting. On the other hand, Toby simply ignored Tom and walked over to Sonia. He held her puffer jacket out. “Put it on,” he ordered.

However, Sonia rejected his request. “It’s fine. We’re already at the entrance of the hotel. If I put it on now, I’ll have to take it off later.”

“You can take it off later, then. I want you to put it on because I don’t want you to catch a cold.” The man didn’t allow any space for negotiation as he instantly threw the jacket over her shoulders while insisting that she put it on.

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