This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1242

Chapter 1242 My Lady

“Not yet.” Sonia glanced in the direction of the washroom. “Toby’s still getting changed and we’re planning to head over at 7.00PM. The event only starts at 8.00PM, so there’s no rush,” she explained.

Grace heaved a sigh of relief before saying, “I’m glad you guys haven’t left. I was worried that the Acrees might attempt to sabotage you and I was afraid that you would head out unprepared for any attacks. Perhaps I was just overthinking the situation.”

Sonia felt a surge of warmth in her chest when she heard the concern in Grace’s tone. The smile on Sonia’s face softened as she spoke. “Thank you for your concern, Mrs. Lane. Don’t worry about it. I’ll let Toby know about this and we won’t allow the Acrees to harm us in any way.” Sonia would be ashamed if the Acrees managed to trick them again—the public would probably fault her for not being able to keep an eye on her own man.

“That’s great.” Grace nodded. “Well, you guys will just have to be a little more cautious. Don’t let them get to you! Toby, in particular, will have to be really careful. The Acrees are targeting him and might attempt to trick him into sleeping with someone else tonight just to achieve their own goals. You guys will have to pay attention to everything that you guys eat and drink tonight. As reputable as you may be, you might still fall victim to some of these people’s little schemes. You have to always be alert,” Grace stated.

“Okay. Don’t worry, Mrs. Lane. We understand,” Sonia said with a smile. “By the way, Mrs. Lane, will you guys be joining the event?”

Grace shook her head. “Curtis received an invitation, but the Lane Family isn’t involved in this line of business and there isn’t much purpose in us attending the event. So, Curtis decided that he’d rather come home for dinner with the family than attend the event,” Grace explained. At the same time, Sonia noticed how Toby had put on his suit and walked out of the washroom. Her eyes lit up as she stared at the man in front of her. “That’s good. Mr. Lane sounds like a family man,” Sonia chimed in.

“Yeah. I’m quite happy about it. That’s how Curtis has always been—he rarely shows up to events that aren’t related to the company. I’m glad he’s the way he is,” Grace said with a soft chuckle. “By the way, Sonia,” Grace continued as she seemed to recall something. “Did you guys try the delicacies that Charles passed to you guys that day? How did it taste?” she asked.

Sonia nodded with a smile. “We did. They all tasted amazing and Old Mrs. Fuller really enjoyed it. She told me to thank you for the food,” Sonia replied.

“There’s no need to thank me. I’m glad you guys liked it. What about the collagen soup? Did Toby get to try it?” Grace asked again.

Sonia beamed at Toby as she recalled the events of the night before. “Yeah. It was good,” Sonia replied, to which Grace commented, “I’m glad it tasted good. I looked around specifically for those ingredients as I figured it’d be good for Toby. I’ll send more over if I get my hands on some.”

“Alright. Thank you, Mrs. Lane.”

“What did I say about thanking me…” Both of them giggled and chatted for a while longer before they ended the call. Toby stuffed a red necktie into Sonia’s hands the moment she put her phone down. “Was that Mrs. Lane?” he asked. He overheard Rose talking about the good food and how she wanted to thank Grace for it. So, Toby figured that Grace was probably the one on the call.

As expected, Sonia took the tie from the man and threw it over his neck. He bent down a little to find that the tie was already hanging from his neck. The man was too tall—it was tiring for Sonia to tie a tie for him even though she was in her heels. When Toby noticed her struggling, he lowered himself into a squat so that it was easier for her to reach.

Furthermore, it was much easier for Sonia to tie a tie when he was in that position. That way, she wouldn’t have to have her hands up all the time as it made her muscles sore. While Sonia fixed Toby’s tie, she told him all about what Grace had mentioned in the call earlier. Toby narrowed his eyes as he listened to Sonia’s words. There was a sharp glint of hatred in his eyes as he spoke. “I got it. You can thank Mrs. Lane on my behalf. I’ll make sure nothing happens tonight,” he murmured as he stroked Sonia’s cheeks with his fingers.

Sonia tightened the man’s tie a little. “I trust you and I know that the Acrees will never succeed in their plan. Alright. I’m done,” she announced. After tidying him up and stuffing the tie into his suit, Sonia dusted her hands to signal that she was done. “What do you think of the tie?” she asked as she took a step back and glanced at the makeup artists surrounding them. They all nodded in approval. “You did a good job, Miss Reed.” They weren’t just saying things to please her—they genuinely meant what they said. Sonia had done a great job with Toby’s tie.

Toby then straightened his figure and walked to the mirror. He fixed his tie a little before he held his hand out to the woman beside him. “It’s about time we head out, my lady.” Sonia glanced at the makeup artists bashfully before she slipped her hand into Toby’s. Her cheeks were flushed as she murmured, “Let’s go.” It was getting late and it was about time they headed out.

The makeup artists shot them envious glances as the couple walked out of the lounge. As Sonia walked alongside Toby, she felt like she wasn’t just walking out of the room—she felt as if she were walking on a red carpet during their wedding day. Everyone’s gazes made her feel that way and she felt the urge to giggle and cry at the same time.

The man caught her laughing to herself when they were in the elevator. “What is it?” he asked.

She quickly shook her head. “It’s nothing. I just thought of something that made me happy,” she replied.

“Oh? What is it?” The man leaned closer as he questioned her. Sonia felt her heart pounding when she realized how close their bodies were to each other. Then, she instinctively pushed his face away. “Hey, don’t come so close to me. You scared me for a moment,” she protested.

Toby raised an eyebrow at that. “You don’t look scared. You’re probably just self-conscious, aren’t you? What were you thinking about? Why do you look so shy? You looked like you were about to freak out when you saw me moving closer to you.”

Sonia looked anywhere but at the man as she tried to avoid eye contact. “It’s really nothing. Stop asking me the same question! I’m not going to answer you.” She had a serious look on her face, so Toby knew that he wasn’t about to get any answers. He let out a soft sigh. Forget it. I’m not going to force her to say anything that she doesn’t want to.

Soon enough, the couple reached their car. Tom had already been waiting for a while and his eyes lit up when he saw the couple walking over. “President Fuller and Miss Reed! You guys look really good together.” They looked like a match made in heaven—anyone who saw them could immediately tell that they were a couple.

Sonia felt rather embarrassed upon hearing Tom’s words, but she eventually accepted his compliment with a smile. “Thank you.” Toby shot Tom an approving glance as well. At least he knows the right thing to say, Toby thought. “Well, shall we head out now?” Tom asked as he opened the car door.

Toby shot him a glare. “Why else would we be standing here?” Toby didn’t bother to conceal the disdain in his eyes as he spoke. Tom, too, realized that his question was rather pointless, so he rubbed his nose as he flashed his boss an apologetic smile. Sonia, who was standing beside Toby, covered her mouth as she chuckled to herself. She was often amused by the way Toby and Tom interacted with each other.

“Alright. Get into the car. Stop standing around like an idiot,” Toby uttered as he massaged his temples. Tom quickly signaled for the couple to get into the backseat of the car, and Toby stepped aside to allow Sonia to get in first. Sonia stepped forward and entered the car without protesting. After all, the cold wind outside made the car look especially welcoming. Even though she was dressed in a puffer jacket, she was only wearing a thin layer under it and her thighs were exposed to the cold air. The car was a lot warmer as Toby had ordered Tom to turn the heater on a while before they were scheduled to leave the place.

So, the moment Sonia got into the car, she felt a gush of warm air embracing her cold body. Soon enough, the warmth covered all parts of her being. Her muscles, which were tense from the cold, quickly relaxed in the warm air. She no longer shivered once she was in the car.

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