This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1241

Chapter 1241 Mrs. Lane’s Reminder

Toby knew what she was thinking, and he pinched her cheek. “Okay.” “I’ll get them in here right away.” Sonia was about to open the door when Toby held her hand. “Give me a moment.”

“Why?” She turned around curiously. The man then pointed at his lips. “You expect them to see me in this state?”

Oh, there’s still lipstick on his lips, which means he helped me out without even removing the lipstick first? Sonia snapped out of it and chuckled. “Sorry, I forgot. Sure thing. Remove the lipstick and I’ll get them in here once you’re done.”

The stylists would laugh if they saw Toby in this state. Even if they wouldn’t do it in front of him, they would do it once they were out of earshot. Even Sonia had chuckled when she saw his lips dotted with lipstick, let alone them. She could laugh at him since they were married but not anyone else. Toby might get upset and she would too. He was her lover, and she wouldn’t let anyone laugh at him. Besides, he was already on Google’s trending because of the photo earlier and the Internet had had a field day. She didn’t want that to happen a second time.

Once Sonia was done talking, Toby tore another pack of cotton pads open and looked in the mirror as he cleaned up the lipstick. It was different from how he wiped Sonia’s lipstick off. He was gentle with her, wiping across her whole lip. However, he did it differently when it came to himself. All he did was wipe his lips at random and he was done.

Sonia was amused and she felt sweet. After all, this meant Toby thought she was more important than him. He then tossed the used pad into the trash can and she asked, “Done?”

He combed his hair and nodded. “Done.”

“I’ll open the door now.”


At that, Sonia turned around and opened the door.

Everyone outside quickly stood up straight. The moment Sonia came out, they approached her.

“Miss Reed.” They stole glances at Sonia. Her makeup, at first glance, looked the same, but these were professionals. They had an eye for things like this and they saw the subtle change hiding under her makeup, especially the lips. The makeup artist who did Sonia’s lips noticed the little swelling of her lips too. It wasn’t there when she did the makeup.

They didn’t think Sonia’s lips swelled because of the lipstick, or Sonia and Toby would have bitten their heads off. This meant that there was another reason for the swelling and they knew what it was. The crew members exchanged knowing looks. Yep. She was kissed.

They thought silence meant zero action, but now they realized the action was already over, though it was too quiet for them to hear. And it must have been hot and heavy too. Look at her lips. They’re swollen. Mr. Fuller, you’re such a horndog.

The assistant could barely contain her excitement. She was an ardent shipper of Sonia and Toby. Now that she was sure they made out in that room, she wanted to scream with excitement. The delight almost made her faint.

Sonia had no idea about the thoughts that just went through these people’s heads. She thought they were acting weird, but she tossed that aside and she nodded at them with a smile. “Mr. Fuller needs to be styled up now.”

“Right away, Miss Reed.” Everyone nodded.

Sonia beckoned them and the crew members entered. She sat in the corner to watch them style Toby up. Unlike women, men did not need to put on exquisite makeup. All they had to do was style up Toby’s hair and touch up his face. It would take about half an hour at most.

Toby went to get changed once his hair was styled and it was then that Sonia’s phone rang. The caller was a familiar name and she happily took it. A smile played on her lips as she said, “Good evening, Mrs. Lane.” It was already 6.30PM and dusk was already settling in.

It was Grace who called. When Grace heard Sonia’s voice, she asked hurriedly, “You’re attending a banquet, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” Sonia nodded. She noticed the solemnity in Grace’s voice and her smile was replaced by a serious look. “What is it, Mrs. Lane?”

Grace shook her head. “Nothing. Just trying to remind you of something. Remember the thing I told you the last time you and Toby came over?”

Wait… What did she talk about last time? Sonia tilted her head. Realization struck her and she bit her lip. “Is this about the Acrees?”

Grace heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing that Sonia recalled the matter. “Yes. Their seafood business ran into some trouble, so they’ve been trying to marry their girl off to a rich family. And they’re ambitious too, which means they’re looking for the top family.”

Grace rolled her eyes. The Acree Family is a fourth-rate one. Even a third-rate family is too good for them yet now, they think they can go straight to the top? Give me a break.

She wasn’t trying to diss them, but the Acrees thought too highly of themselves. Do they think the top family will agree because they want the marriage? They’re going to fail and they’re going to get on the whole upper society’s wrong side. Everyone knows they’re not even worthy of even a third-rate family, much less a top one. If they try to gun for the best, it’d be like telling everyone else they’re trash and that the Acrees are too good for them.

Either they succeed or the whole upper society will rain down pandemonium on them. However, Grace knew they would fail, so the only fate left for them was a downfall. After all, the best family would never get involved with the Acrees, since the head of the best family was none other than Sonia.

The best family, naturally, was the Fuller Family. Grace then said, “I told you the Acrees have been trying to get into this banquet since they know Toby will be there. They’ll take this chance to get close to him or even set him up. Be careful, you two. You should tell him about this. Just calling because I was worried you might have forgotten about it. But I don’t hear any other sound from your side. Still haven’t made your way to the banquet, I presume?”

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