This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1240

Chapter 1240 Doesn’t Look Like a Beginner

Wonder if he’s doing that out of habit or something else? Sonia thought it was both. Toby had a very slight case of OCD, so she wasn’t surprised he would wipe her lips in an organized way, but that wasn’t the only reason. He was also trying to flirt with her. Nobody would touch their client’s lips when they were removing their makeup, but Toby did. Not only was he wiping her lips slowly, but he would also touch them in an attempt to make things hot and heavy.

Men. Sonia knew what he was thinking. She had seen through his perverted thoughts, but she didn’t expose him. She wanted to see how far he would take this. I bet he’s going to kiss me once he’s done.

Surprisingly, he didn’t kiss her after he was done. He was trying to flirt with her, so he touched her lips, but he wasn’t planning on a kiss. Time wasn’t on their side so once he was done wiping her lips, he whipped out a tube of lipstick and tried to reapply it on her.

Such action surprised Sonia and she gave him a look of disbelief. It didn’t escape Toby, so he stopped his movements for a while. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

She opened her mouth but chose to not ask him anything. Instead, she shook her head, smiling. “Nothing. Just surprised you know how to remove lipstick.”

Is that so? Toby cocked an eyebrow. He knew that wasn’t what she wanted to say, but he didn’t press on for answers. Instead, he held her chin and applied her lipstick. “Some of my pens spin,” he stated. “I get used to their movement and removing your lipstick involves similar actions, so that’s probably why you thought I knew how to do it.”

“I see.” Can’t nod. Don’t want him to make any mistakes. Sonia blinked at him, telling him she got it. She then closed her eyes as he reapplied her lipstick. She thought he would be slow as he was new at this. This might be a long wait. Should close my eyes for a while longer. Don’t want him to feel pressured in case I stare at him for too long. But to her surprise, Toby was a lot faster than she imagined.

Not even two minutes had passed when Toby suddenly said, “Done.”

Done? Sonia opened her eyes in confusion, and she saw him retracting the lipstick and capping it. So, he was reapplying my lipstick. That’s fast. I didn’t even feel anything.

Still filled with doubt, Sonia turned around to look in the mirror. She expected to see a disaster. She expected to see lipstick all over her chin, an uneven spread of color, or even clumps of lipstick on her lips. That was what she was ready for. Sonia was going to even encourage Toby and tell him it was a good job for a first-timer. But surprisingly, she was worried for nothing.

There was no disaster. No uneven spread of color, no clumps of lipstick, nothing. In fact, it was perfect work, not unlike that of a makeup artist. It felt like the lipstick had never worn off. Impossible! She huddled closer to the mirror to have a better look. No. Still perfect. Her jaw dropped and she stared at Toby’s handiwork in disbelief, shock grasping her heart.

Toby stood behind her, delighted about her reaction. A smile curled his lips as he murmured, “See? Told you I wasn’t lying.”

Sonia turned around stiffly. She stared at him like it was her first time knowing him, and then she slowly nodded. “I believe you.” She gulped and held his arm. Quickly, she asked, “When did you learn this? This doesn’t look like beginner work at all. Did you do this for someone else? Are you cheating on me? Is that why you got so good at this?”

She pointed at Toby, her expression interrogatory. If he said yes, she would kill him.

Amused, he pushed her hand down and patted her head. “What are you talking about? I’ve never done this for anyone else.” Even when he was hypnotized and thought he loved Tina, he had never done this for her. Sonia was the only one.

And Sonia knew that. She was just putting on an act since Toby’s skills were astounding. Naturally, she thought he had training. “So how did you manage this?”

“I told you, I learned from you. I watched how you did it and I got the hang of it. Not like it’s that hard, anyway. As long as I keep within the lines and hold a steady hand, it’ll work. Don’t read too much into it.” He patted her head again.

Sonia opened her mouth but not a word came out. He wasn’t trying to humblebrag or scar her pride on purpose. Reapplying the lipstick might have been easy for him but not for her. He could do it just by watching her, but she had to practice a ton. Her ego took a hit. I had to practice for more than a decade to get to this level, but he did it after watching me a few times. This is unbelievable. That’s a genius for you. She held her forehead and shook her head in amusement. “Fine! I believe you.” She patted his arm.

Toby pulled his hand away from her head. “So, how did I do?” He gave her a look that said, Say it’s good.

Sonia chuckled and gave him a thumbs-up. “You did well,” she praised.

His smile only grew when he heard that. “So how about I apply your lipstick for you from now on?”

“You’d do that for me?” Sonia was surprised.

He held her hand and kissed it. “Of course. Don’t you think doing this for a lover is romantic?”

I mean, it is. She nodded without thinking. “Sure. As long as you don’t mind.”

“I won’t.” He put her hand down.

Sonia looked at him. “It’s getting late and you still need to get changed and get your hair done. No time to lose. Get the stylists in. We need to set off before seven.”

She had a favor to ask the organizers, so Sonia didn’t want to be late. Even if they gave her the deal for Toby’s sake, they might still get miffed that she was tardy just because she had Toby backing her up. She didn’t want them to think she was rude and thought lowly of them, or they might sabotage the store even if they rented it to her. I don’t want to be late. I have to leave a good impression on the couple, and I don’t want to let anyone think that I’m a bully just because my husband is Toby.

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