This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1239

Chapter 1239 Reapplying Makeup

They aren’t doing anything? Whoa, I can’t believe Mr. Fuller wouldn’t do anything. He obviously wanted to do something to Miss Reed but if they’re doing nothing, we’d be wasting our time here.

Everyone exchanged a look of disappointment and lost interest in listening to the action. In the end, they left. There wasn’t even a sound inside, so they thought nothing was happening. It would be pointless to keep eavesdropping. If the couple came out and realized they were listening, it would be a disaster. We should leave.

The couple had no idea what was going on outside. They were still engrossed in their kiss. Just a kiss and nothing more. Of course, there was nothing loud going on. The only sound was their ragged breathing and a little watery plop. But these sounds were quiet enough to be stopped by the walls. Nobody heard that.

And that was why they thought nothing was happening inside when in reality, the couple was kissing with everything they had.

A long, long time later, Sonia almost lost all her strength and she started slipping. It was only then that Toby finally let her go. He held her lower back and pulled her up a little, keeping her from plopping down to the ground. He then took her to the dressing table whereby she sat on it, breathing heavily. Sonia was leaning on Toby’s chest, her arms weakly wrapped around his neck. With misty eyes, she looked behind the man and tried to say something, but not even a single word escaped her tongue.

He held her back with one hand and her waist with another. His chin rested on her shoulder as he held her in his embrace. A satisfied smile tugged at his lips.

A few minutes later, Sonia had enough rest and some of her strength was finally returning. Her breathing was also calming down. As such, she let go of Toby’s neck and placed her hands on his shoulders in an attempt to push him away.

But he was holding her in his arms, and her strength was not enough to shove him back too much. All she did was push his head away. Now there was about a fifty-centimeter distance between them, but it was enough for her to look at him closely.

“Toby, you ruined my makeup,” she complained.

She noticed the lipstick that dotted his lips, and it annoyed and amused her at the same time. He looks so funny. And I thought it was funny enough that someone snapped a photo of his face having a kiss mark on it.

Toby turned his attention to her lips. All the lipstick was gone, revealing the pink shade underneath. Her lips looked swollen from the kiss, and they were a darker shade of pink than usual. And they look glistening. Perfect for a kiss.

Embers of desire stoked Toby’s heart and he gulped. Time was running out and Sonia would get mad if he kept doing this, so he dashed the idea of making out with her. If it were any other time, he would have gone for it. A hint of disappointment flashed in his eyes, but he wiped the small remnants of lipstick from her lips anyway. Hoarsely, he said, “I’m sorry. I’ll reapply your lipstick, hmm?”

Sonia froze at that. “You’re going to do what?” She shot Toby a look of doubt. Naturally, she doubted his skills. He never told her he knew how to do makeup.

Toby saw through her and it irked him. He picked up a pack of makeup-removing tissue and bit a corner of the pack as he tore it open.

A simple act but one that made Sonia blush. Toby tore open the pack the way he would a pack of condoms. They used protection when sleeping together. She might be unable to get pregnant for two years but there were no guarantees of a miracle. As such, they used protection as a precaution. Putting everything in fate’s hands wasn’t their style.

Well, they did start off by not using protection. They thought no matter what they did, they would not have a child for two years. That was the doctor’s diagnosis for Sonia.

But when they went for a follow-up, Tim told them the diagnosis wasn’t an absolute decree. She could still get pregnant, so it would be better if they used protection. Since then, they never had unprotected sex, and Toby had his way of tearing a pack of condoms open. It was the same way he tore the tissue pack open. Tissue packs were supposed to be ordinary items but after what he did, Sonia couldn’t see these items the same way again. The thought of that amused her.

On the other hand, Toby didn’t know the thoughts that just ran across Sonia’s mind. Presently, he pulled out some tissues and answered, “I’ve never taken any classes, but I watched how you put on your makeup. I don’t know everything, but I know a few parts. Reapplying your makeup is one of those parts; only your lipstick is gone. Everything else is intact. All I have to do is reapply your lipstick.”

“Really?” Sonia was still doubtful.

He let her go at that. “See for yourself.”

“Sure.” She hopped off the dressing table and turned around to look in the mirror.

Her makeup and hair were okay. Just like Toby promised, the only thing missing was her lipstick. Everything else was fine. I see he held back. She took a closer look and, upon finding her makeup was intact, happily turned around. “Guess you aren’t a total horndog. You know when to hold back.” She looked at him.

“I always know when to hold back.” He pressed his forehead against hers and smiled.

Sonia harrumphed. “Just give me the cotton pad.”

“I’ll do it.” He shook his head. Still, he insisted on reapplying her lipstick.

Sonia wanted to say something but the look of resolve in his eyes stopped her. She couldn’t say no, not when he was so eager to show what he was made of. And so, she nodded. “Do it, then.”

She was reluctant to say no when he was so eager about something. That puppy pout alone was too much. Nobody would refuse someone, not when their eyes shone with anticipation for something. Not when they would look like sad puppies if they were refused. I can’t possibly say no to that.

Gah, he knows where to hit. Sonia massaged her temples and smiled dryly. Fine, he can do it. I’ll just patch things up if he fails. I can always remove the makeup and reapply it. And if he fails, I have one more thing to laugh at.

The smug look in her eyes failed to escape Toby. He knew what she was thinking about, but he wouldn’t let that scenario happen. Something twinkled in his eyes and he composed himself. Like an artisan, he held the tissue up and gently wiped Sonia’s lips. He needed to get the remnants of her lipstick off, but he wasn’t wiping her lips randomly like an amateur. He started from her top lip before moving to the bottom in a circular motion, drawing out the shape of her lips.

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