This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1238

Chapter 1238 Why Is It So Quiet?

Toby regretted requesting Sophia to design the gown, letting the makeup team style Sonia, and bringing her beautiful jewelry. All of his actions amplified her already-existent beauty, putting her in the limelight.

Toby had a dominant and possessive personality, so he didn’t want to show others this side of her at all, especially men. Instantly, he regretted his decisions. Despite that, he didn’t intend to let her take everything off.

If he forced her to remove the accessories, it would not only show that he was unreasonable, but it would also give her a poor impression of him. It would make her take him as a selfish man who, for his own selfish desire, imprisoned her in his beliefs and took away her freedom.

If he were to be that kind of man, she would certainly distance herself from him instead of falling harder for him. Therefore, even if he didn’t want other men to witness her beauty, he wouldn’t show it, and he wouldn’t stop her from shining.

She had the right to dress up, so Toby chose to respect her. Thinking of that, he entered the lounge with big and confident strides.

Sonia was the first to see the man approaching from the mirror. Her eyes brightened up almost instantly. Then, she stood up, turned around, smiled charmingly at the man, and greeted, “You’re here!”

Sonia’s words brought the others back to their senses, and only then did they realize that Toby had arrived.

“President Fuller.” Everyone hurriedly bowed to Toby and greeted him.

Toby raised his chin slightly in response, then waved his hand to dismiss them. “You guys are dismissed for now. Come in later to fix my hair.”

Although he was talking to the makeup artists, his eyes never peeled away from Sonia.

Since the assistant shipped Sonia and Toby, her gaze darted between the couple. A contented smile crept up her face when she saw the burning gaze shooting out of Toby’s eyes.

He looks ready to eat Sonia up. Hehe! They’re so cute!

“Of course! We’ll be leaving right now. Take your time chatting with Miss Reed, President Fuller. Don’t mind us.” The assistant spoke with excitement while shoving the rest of the makeup artists out of the room.

Heh. She was certain that the couple would definitely be intimate with each other in the lounge. How can any man possibly resist himself after seeing how beautiful Sonia is?

From the look in Toby’s eyes, the assistant was sure that he was going to strip her down and wipe her clean!

Why else would he drive us out of the room? He is definitely up to no good. Heh. I know it all too well. Then again, they’re so cute that I wish I could stay in the room a little longer.

With a hint of enthusiasm and regret, she led the rest out of the lounge and shut the door. Following the sound of the door closing, Sonia and Toby were the only ones left in the lounge.

Meeting the man’s fiery gaze, Sonia felt her heart beat uncontrollably. All of a sudden, she felt nervous because she was fully aware of what his gaze signified.

Every time they spent the night together, those eyes would be present. Subconsciously, she took a step back.

Since the dressing table was right behind her, her waist hit it, blocking her way to escape.

The man pushed forward this time and arrived right before her in no time. One of his hands stretched out to hug her waist while his other gained purchase on the mirror behind her head.

She was completely imprisoned in his embrace, unable to move forward or retreat. His intent stare gradually turned hot and dark as if he was ready to pounce on her anytime from now.

Looking at the man before him, she blushed and gulped. “Toby, calm down. Don’t mess around.”

She was aware of why he dismissed the assistant and the rest of the makeup team.

She wasn’t a narcissist, but she knew how gorgeous she was right now.

I look so different when I’m dolled up that even I don’t recognize myself, not to mention this horny man.

Therefore, she couldn’t allow him to mess with her.

It took so much effort for her to put on her gown and get a makeover. If he ruined it, she would have to touch up again and even become a laughingstock to the people outside.

“My mind is very clear. I’m not trying to pull something on you.” The man lowered his head, stared at the flustered woman in his arms, and reassured her in a low and hoarse voice.

Sonia rolled her eyes. “Yeah, right? If you’re not trying to pull something on me, then what are you doing this for? Why don’t you let me go?”

Toby chuckled. “I just said I won’t mess around. It doesn’t mean that I won’t do anything.”

Sonia’s eyes widened in bewilderment. “Toby, you—”

Toby put up a finger and pressed it against her lips while interrupting, “Don’t worry. I know my limits. I won’t mess up your hair and clothes, but I just want to ask a small favor from you. I’m blaming it on your beauty.”

It’s only natural that I react this way. She’s too attractive. If I do nothing, wouldn’t that mean that I don’t appreciate her beauty?

In that case, it was a disrespect to Sonia’s makeover today. Toby came up with a great excuse for his following actions.

Although Sonia couldn’t read his mind, her heart beat faster, and her face turned beetroot red when the man called her beautiful.

She knew she looked attractive since the assistant and the crew praised her, but a compliment from Toby felt different.

The compliments from the assistants at most made her a little embarrassed, but her heart didn’t race.

However, Toby’s praise could have that effect on her. Not only could he make her heart beat faster, but she even felt bashful. All of this was due to the difference between a lover and an outsider.

A compliment from a lover was the most heart-fluttering word one could hear.

Toby calling her beautiful instantly broke all her psychological defenses, making her go limp.

“You…” Sonia parted her lips as if to say something, but as soon as she blurted one word, the man raised her chin, leaned down, and captured her red lips with his.

Sonia whimpered but did not struggle to break free.

After kissing him so many times, she already knew very well that struggling was pointless.

In that case, she would prefer to give in to his kisses.

Eventually, Sonia didn’t resist him, but when they parted to take their breaths, she held his face slightly away from her and warned, “If you dare to mess up my hair and makeup or wrinkle my gown, you are done for.”

The man let out a low chuckle and reassured, “I won’t.”

With that, he pried her hand away and kissed her one more time.

Outside the door, the assistant and the makeup crew pressed against the door panel, trying to eavesdrop on any noises inside.

After all, they were only given one chance to eavesdrop on Toby and Sonia making out since they were invited to style her up. How could they possibly let the opportunity slip out of their hands? Though they couldn’t witness it with their eyes, they could still try to hear them.

With the same thought in mind, all of them immediately leaned against the door after leaving the room.

Much to their disappointment, they could not hear a single noise. Due to that, all of them found it strange.

“What’s going on? Why is it so quiet inside?”

“Exactly. Isn’t intimacy supposed to be loud? Logically speaking, this room should not be soundproofed.”

“Yeah, I wonder too. Maybe they didn’t do anything?”

“No way! Didn’t you notice the look in President Fuller’s eyes earlier when he stared at Miss Reed? It’s obvious that he’s desperate to eat her up! How could he control himself? If they are indeed being intimate, there should be a sound.”

They exchanged glances at each other, wondering what the couple was doing inside and why it was silent in the room.

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