This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1237

Chapter 1237 She Is Beautiful

It was not the first time the assistant saw Sonia wearing this dress. When Sonia and Toby went to the store to pick up the dress, she had tried it on once. Back then, the assistant was also amazed by her beauty.

Hence, it stood to reason that her reaction wouldn’t be as big as before. She should’ve been much calmer than the rest who saw the dress for the first time. However, the assistant was blown away by her beauty once again.

Sonia merely tried it on previously without a makeover, so even though she was considered beautiful, it wasn’t to a shocking extent. Conversely, she had undergone a huge makeover that suited her gown, hence it made her even prettier.

It was no surprise that the assistant was stunned by her beauty again.

“Miss Reed, you are so beautiful.” The assistant was also the first one to react as she leaned toward Sonia and held her hands in hers, her eyes filled with excitement.

Seeing the assistant staring at her with glowing eyes, Sonia felt amused. “Thanks for the compliment.”

“It’s not a compliment—it’s a fact! By the way, Miss Reed, do you have some jewelry? It will certainly enhance your beauty.” The assistant sized up and down Sonia’s slender neck as she spoke.

Sonia needed some accessories to adorn her fair and smooth neck.

The other makeup artists also nodded repeatedly upon hearing the suggestion, expressing their agreement with the assistant’s words.

As professional makeup artists and stylists, they were more sensitive than regular assistants when it came to jewelry matching.

When Sonia put on the gown and stepped out, they had already discovered that she lacked a lost touch of jewelry.

Even though she was gorgeous without it, something seemed to be missing. Due to that, it felt as if there was a hint of imperfection in her beauty.

They rarely offered their services to such a beautiful client, so there was no doubt they wanted to make sure the makeover was perfect.

Even if their client did not possess any accessories at the moment, they could find a way to obtain them for her.

Sonia didn’t know what was going on in their heads, but when she heard the assistant’s question, she pulled the drawer in front of the bed and took out an exquisite jewelry box before opening it.

A complete set of dazzling and beautiful ruby ​​jewelry was revealed, catching everyone’s attention. Once again, all of them gasped in shock.

“Goodness! It’s the finest pigeon blood ruby! Looking at the color and transparency of these gems, they must have come from the same ruby gemstone. That’s rarer! I’ve seen many pieces of ruby jewelry before, but this is the first time I’m seeing a whole set. Whoa, I’ve lived long enough to witness this with my own eyes!”

“Exactly! Rubies of this grade have always been rare. I’ve never even heard of a ruby gemstone big enough to cut into a whole set of ruby jewelry. I can’t believe you have it, Miss Reed. This is unbelievable.”

Everyone stared at Sonia enthusiastically. Sonia handed the box over and clarified, “This is not mine. It used to belong to my boyfriend’s late mother, and he brought them over to match my gown.”

The day after Toby gave it to her, she was worried that it would not be safe to store it in Bayside Residence. After all, this jewelry set was too expensive, so she brought it directly to the company. There was a safe in the lounge where she could place it.

It wasn’t until she came to the company at noon today that she took it out of the safe and put it in a drawer.

The makeup artists stepped forward to admire the jewelry, but no one dared to touch it.

Sonia was amused to see how cautious they were, but she didn’t offer to let them touch it. Firstly, it wasn’t hers, so she had to be careful with it. She didn’t want to damage or lose it, let alone the others.

Since they were afraid that they might damage the jewelry, they tried to refrain from touching it.

Sonia knew very well that even if she permitted them, they wouldn’t touch it since they couldn’t afford to break it. Therefore, she acted oblivious to their thoughts.

“Okay, it’s getting late. Help me put them on.” Sonia went back to the dressing table and sat down.

The makeup artists then nodded before each of them took the jewelry out of the box gingerly.

They were so attentive and moved around so carefully that even their expressions were extra serious and tense for fear that they might accidentally drop the jewelry, which elicited a laugh from Sonia.

Back then, she was as cautious as they were right now.

Toby even told her not to be so nervous, saying that it was just a pile of beautiful stones, so she didn’t have to be so prudent. She also recalled how she rolled her eyes at him after that.

To someone as wealthy as him, these might just be beautiful stones, but to her, they were a pile of cash!

He was pretty magnanimous to give her such a precious thing to wear, and he even claimed that it would belong to her eventually and that he was just giving it to her in advance.

If their plans went smoothly, she would inherit all the jewelry left by his mother in the future, but they had yet to seal the deal! Strictly speaking, these were not hers yet. Moreover, they were precious and expensive jewelry. How could she be careless when handling them?!

Eventually, she managed to wear the jewelry with the makeup crew’s assistance.

With the adornment of the jewelry, her hair, makeup, as well as the gown she was wearing, her visuals were instantly unrivaled.

In the professionals’ eyes, she finally looked complete.

“Miss Reed, you look stunning.” The assistant clasped her hands together and looked at Sonia with starry eyes.

When Sonia took a glance at herself in the mirror, she was also slightly taken aback.

She had always known she was beautiful, but she never took her beauty seriously or felt proud of it. She was aware that she wasn’t the most attractive person when there was a cluster of beautiful women in the industry. As a result, she did not define her beauty as something to be proud of.

However, Sonia never dreamed that she would look jaw-dropping after wearing a custom-made designer gown, a full face of makeup, and a set of jewelry.

She suddenly realized how much potential she had in the looks department.

As she touched her face, her red lips curved slightly upward, revealing a radiant and irresistible smile.

Everyone present took a sharp breath as they gaped at her, suddenly unable to form a coherent sentence.

“What a beauty…” Someone couldn’t help praising her beauty.

Toby, who suddenly appeared at the door of the lounge, heard that and nodded in agreement. Then, he looked at the woman sitting in front of the mirror with a burning gaze.

He didn’t expect that he would be so lucky to see her completely dolled up as soon as he arrived.

She looked ravishing after applying makeup, changing into a dress, and wearing jewelry. Without a doubt, she was a temptress.

In the past, he refused to believe old tales of kings being charmed by trouble-making femme fatale, for he always believed that beauty had its limit. No human could be as beautiful and captivating on earth, and those tales were merely exaggerated.

However, Sonia managed to change his mind!

He even felt a little regretful…

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