This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1236

Chapter 1236 Makeup Artist Team

After putting down her phone, Sonia waved to the person at the door. “Come in.” The few people at the door smiled and entered the room gingerly.

The leader was the assistant who had previously spoken to Sonia on the phone before. She was also the one who acted as her and Sophia’s interpreter in the store earlier on. Besides, she was also a firm shipper of Toby and her. Hence, Sonia had a favorable impression of the woman.

“Miss Reed, Ms. Sophia sent me and our team over to assist in your makeover.” After arriving at Sonia’s desk, the assistant pointed to the group behind her and introduced them to Sonia, “Ms. Sophia intended to come in person, but she suddenly received a call, saying that the material for the wedding dress she ordered a while ago just arrived, so she had to book a last-minute ticket to go abroad and check on the material. I’m here to lead the team instead, but don’t worry, Miss Reed, we guarantee to offer you the best results even if Ms. Sophia isn’t around.”

“I do not doubt all of you since Ms. Sophia personally sent you here. I’ll leave it to you, then.” Sonia stood up and nodded at the rest of the crew.

The assistant waved her hand in dismissal. “You’re being too polite, Miss Reed. Shall we begin now?”

“Come to the lounge. We have a dressing table over there. It’ll be more convenient for you to get started.” She pointed at the door opposite and led the way, while the assistant and her crew followed closely behind.

On the way to the lounge, Sonia suddenly asked, “Did you just mention that Ms. Sophia went to check on the wedding dress material? Does she still design wedding dresses?”

The assistant explained with a smile, “Ms. Sophia was originally a wedding dress designer, and she recently took on a huge deal.”

“Is that so?” Sonia arched a brow.

With a mysterious smile plastered on her face, the assistant explained, “A gentleman with an influential background ordered a wedding dress from Ms. Sophia. He wants her to design the most beautiful and luxurious wedding dress in the world, for he wants his wife to be the happiest bride on earth. Ms. Sophia agreed to his request, and she has been running around these days to get the dress done.”

She continued, “In the beginning, she revised her design many times until the client was satisfied, so now, she has to pick the material for the dress. Once the material is selected, we will recruit more manpower to sew the wedding dress by hand. The client wants us to get it done within six months, so we’ll probably be really busy in the next half of the year.”

“Oh?” Sonia’s interest was piqued by the subject. “The most stunning and luxurious wedding dress in the world, you say? That must cost a bomb. In fact, wouldn’t that make it the most expensive in the world? How else would you be able to give the client what he wants?”

After all, money was the prerequisite to making something stunning and luxurious. How could one dream of having the most stunning dress without paying a hefty amount? In their dreams, perhaps!

Sure enough, the assistant nodded fervently. “That’s right. Ms. Sophia did the calculations, and it’ll cost this amount at the very least.” She spread her palms as she spoke.

“Fifty million?” Sonia made a guess.

“Nope.” The assistant shook her head.

Sonia’s eyes widened as she took another guess. “500 million?”

The assistant smiled. “That’s right.”

Sonia took a sharp breath. “That is the most expensive dress in the world. This gentleman must be generous and loves his wife a lot. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be willing to spend such a large amount of money to order a wedding dress that will only be worn once!”

The assistant looked at her and replied, “Yeah, I’m so envious of that lady. I can tell that her husband loves her wholeheartedly, and she will become the happiest and most dazzling bride in the world.”

Sonia didn’t understand why the assistant was looking at her strangely, but she nodded approvingly. “Speaking of it, isn’t it too high of a requirement if the gentleman wants it within six months? A handmade wedding dress will take at least a year to complete. A bigger one could even take years. Isn’t he making things difficult for you guys to finish the dress within six months?”

“The deadline is quite tight for us, but he told us that he did something wrong in the past and broke his wife’s heart, so he wants to make up for her with a grand wedding. He also hopes to have the wedding earlier so that he can tie her by his side. That is why he has requested us to finish it within six months. He wants to remarry her as soon as possible.”

“I see.” Sonia nodded without uttering another word.

Seeing that, the assistant stopped talking. She didn’t want to get too excited and expose that their client was actually President Fuller!

When they arrived at the lounge, the entourage of makeup artists started doing their job.

Their crew consisted of professional makeup artists and stylists, and they were well-known within the fashion industry. Many wealthy daughters and entertainment artists dreamed of inviting them to do their makeup, but almost all of them were rejected.

Due to their status, ordinary people couldn’t hire them even if they had the money.

But for Toby, inviting them was no big deal, and as his fiancée, Sonia had the honor of being dolled up under their delicate hands. With her status, she wouldn’t even be able to connect with them, let alone invite them.

As expected of the greatest players in the industry, their makeup techniques were seamless.

Sonia sized her reflection in the mirror carefully after the makeover.

The assistant then inquired, “What do you think, Miss Reed?”

Meanwhile, the other makeup artists looked at Sonia nervously.

If she was some other client, they would not have been so nervous about their client’s evaluation. After all, they were highly confident in their skills and never had any technical problems that left clients unsatisfied.

To boast a little, the clients were usually the ones afraid of expressing their dismay and were always careful not to offend them since they didn’t want them to reject their future requests.

However, that only applied to their other clients.

They dared not act proudly in front of this woman, for she had a big shot supporting her. Consequently, they couldn’t afford to offend her, so they would naturally be attentive to her preferences.

If she wasn’t satisfied with the results, they would make amends without a squeak.

After all, it was a makeover they had put significant effort into, so they didn’t wish for it to be rejected. Moreover, they dared not oppose her even if she expressed her dissatisfaction, and it was only natural for them to be nervous.

Although Sonia didn’t turn her head, she noticed the entire crew’s tense expressions through the mirror and understood what they were worried about. She then replied with a smile, “Of course, I am satisfied. Your work is great. There’s no way I wouldn’t be happy with it.”

Sensing how sincere Sonia’s words were, they breathed a sigh of relief. Their heavy hearts were finally set free.

Meanwhile, the assistant also heaved a sigh of relief as she chuckled. “I’m delighted that you’re happy with the results. Shall we change into the gown now?”

“Okay.” Sonia nodded and pointed at the gift box she had brought with her. “It’s inside.”

The nearest makeup artist walked over to the box in the direction she had pointed at. Then, she proceeded to open the bright red gift box in front of everyone’s eyes.

Except for the assistant, everyone else was seeing the dress for the first time, so they couldn’t help but exclaim, “It’s so beautiful!”

“Ms. Sophia’s design never disappoints!”

“I can already imagine how beautiful Miss Reed will look in it.”

With that said, everyone looked at Sonia, expecting her to put it on.

All of a sudden, Sonia became the center of attention. She then chuckled, picked up the gown, and entered the washroom in the lounge to get changed.

Since all of them wanted to see it, she would satisfy them. She was meant to wear it in the first place, after all.

Soon, she came out after changing into the gown.

The moment she stepped out, everyone’s jaws almost dropped to the floor in shock.

Even the assistant couldn’t peel her eyes off Sonia, for she was stunning.

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