This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235 What’s So Bad About Me?

Deep down, Sonia was a little irritated. “Charles, what are you trying to achieve here? You hate Daphne, don’t you? Why would you move her things away? Don’t tell me Daphne asked you to do it; she’s terrified of you, so she wouldn’t even dream of asking you for help.

She can ask anyone in my company and does not need to go to you. Even if she did ask you for help and you agreed to it, you could have just sent someone here. Why would you go through the trouble of hiding your subordinate’s identity? Charles, what are you thinking of exactly?”

Charles never expected Sonia to recognize the man he sent so easily, so he felt a little surprised. He thought his subordinate was decent, so how was he discovered?

Well, his subordinate was probably too stupid and accidentally exposed himself. Charles was pissed. “Charles, why are you staying silent?” Noticing that Charles had stopped talking, Sonia was a little upset. “Come on, what are you trying to do exactly?”

Charles couldn’t possibly say that he did it, for he feared Sonia would suspect Daphne hadn’t left the country at all and that he had grounded Daphne instead.

After all, she knew very well that he hated Daphne. If he sent someone to get Daphne’s stuff right now, with Sonia’s smarts, she would wonder what made him change his mind, and she would figure out that he had grounded Daphne.

As such, he could only send a bodyguard she had rarely seen before. To avoid her suspicions, he even had the bodyguard claim that he was Daphne’s neighbor, even asking Daphne’s mother to play along.

Daphne’s mother only knew that he used to be Daphne’s superior, but she didn’t know that Daphne was on bad terms with him. After all, neither he nor Daphne could tell her that.

As such, Daphne’s mother sincerely believed that Daphne had gone overseas to further her studies. She thought that Daphne had asked her former boss to send someone to collect her things. Yet, she also feared that Daphne’s current boss would be pissed about Daphne asking her former boss for help. Perhaps her current boss would even question whether her former boss was more important to her.

Thus, Daphne’s mother readily agreed to play along. If someone called and asked about the bodyguard’s identity, she would say that he was their neighbor.

He thought that he had set everything up perfectly, and Sonia wouldn’t notice anything wrong.

But in the end, he still underestimated Sonia’s wits. Sonia managed to figure everything out, and she called him straight away to ask him about it.

What a headache!

Charles rubbed his cheek, then finally sighed and replied, “Since you want to know, I’ll tell you. You may not believe it, Sonny, but Daphne did indeed ask for my help.”

“What?” Sonia was slightly stunned. “Are you saying that Daphne asked you to help her get her stuff?”


Sonia snorted. “Charles, do you think I’m so easily deceived?”

Charles lowered his head, hiding the emotion in his eyes. “I know you don’t believe me, but it’s the truth. If you don’t believe me, you can just ask Daphne yourself, then you’ll know if I’m telling the truth.”

Since Charles insisted that she could ask Daphne herself, Sonia wasn’t so sure about it anymore.

After some hesitation, she said, “In that case, tell me why she would ask you for help. Even an outsider like me can see what your relationship is like. Logically speaking, Daphne couldn’t have come to you. Even if she needed help, she’d come to me first, her colleagues, or her mother. She couldn’t possibly have asked you for help.”

When Charles heard Sonia say that, he felt upset somehow.

What did she mean by Daphne not possibly asking for my help?

What’s so bad about me?

Despite thinking that, Charles naturally wouldn’t voice his thoughts. He just sounded a little sullen as he said, “Why not? Hasn’t she already asked for it?”

Hearing the upset tone in Charles’ voice, Sonia raised an eyebrow. In an instant, she recalled what Toby had told her before.

He said that Charles might have fallen for Daphne already, but Charles himself hadn’t noticed it.

Back then, she didn’t quite believe him.

But now, when she heard how Charles spoke, she was already beginning to believe it a little.

Of course, even if Sonia believed it, she had no plans of exposing it yet. After all, some things were better left hidden.

“I think Daphne wouldn’t ask you for help under normal circumstances. Tell me, what did you do so that Daphne would forgo all of us and go to you instead?” Sonia interrogated.

Charles’ expression was even more mysterious now. “I didn’t do anything; Daphne came to me herself, and that’s because of her mother. Her mother never knew that our relationship had turned sour, and she thought that things were like how they had been before. Daphne told her mother about furthering her studies, and her mother wanted to treat her bosses to a meal as thanks for taking care of her. Daphne didn’t want her mother to know about our crumbling relationship, for she feared that her mother would worry. Thus, she contacted me and asked me to help carry her things back. With that, she could prove to her mother that our relationship was intact. As for why I agreed, perhaps it’s just because I’m too kind. I didn’t want to involve Daphne’s mother in our grudges, so I agreed.”

“I see.” Charles had a point. Also, since he dared to let Sonia ask Daphne for verification, Sonia believed him now.

“If so, why did you hide your bodyguard’s identity? It’s nothing unsightly anyway.”

Sonia queried because she couldn’t understand at all.

Charles rubbed his face. “As for that… It was Daphne’s request as well. She didn’t want you to worry and think that something happened between us again. That’s why I hid it from you when I sent my subordinate over. I didn’t want to agree to that, but she begged me to do it, so I finally said yes in honor of our past.”

“I see.” Sonia nodded.

Judging by Daphne’s personality, she would do something like that to avoid making Sonia worry.

Seeing that Sonia gradually believed him, Charles sighed secretly in relief. “Well, I planned everything so extensively, but you still figured it out in the end. Right, Sonny, how did you know that the man is my bodyguard? Did that idiot let something slip?”

Sonia rolled her eyes. “Don’t blame him. He didn’t let anything slip; I was the one who recognized him. I’ve seen him before.”

“You’ve seen him before?” Charles exclaimed, “How can that be?! Where did you meet him? I’ve never brought him with me.”

Sonia smiled. “You never brought him with you, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never seen him before. I saw him when I went to your company. It was a coincidental meeting, but I didn’t have a deep impression of him. That’s why I thought that he looked familiar when I saw him. Afterward, I recalled that he’s your bodyguard, and you know what happened next.”

Charles fell silent, and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly. A long while later, he finally managed to process the truth.

“I see.” He put a hand to his forehead. “I took the trouble to arrange for an unfamiliar face so that you wouldn’t find out, and I thought you wouldn’t recognize him. I never thought that you might have seen him before. What a huge mistake!”

Even though the process was a little arduous, in the end, he managed to convince Sonia.

By the looks of it, Sonia probably wouldn’t guess that Daphne was with him.

At that thought, Charles allowed a short-lived glimmer to flash across his eyes.

“All right, stop making such a stir. Now that I’ve gotten the facts straight, I’m not worried anymore. Someone is here, so I’ll stop bothering you and hang up now.”

Sonia looked at the entrance to the office, where a few people were carrying bags of varying sizes. She greeted them with a wave of her hand, then bade goodbye over the phone.

Charles was also worried that if they continued talking, he might accidentally reveal something, so he nodded hastily and ended the call.

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