This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1232

Chapter 1232 He Is Not a Bad Guy

Since Daphne didn’t have any friends or relatives, the man was suspicious for claiming he was there to help her with her belongings.

“If you lie to us, I will call the cops on you. Moreover, Paradigm Co. is my territory. You might not be able to leave this place if I said so.” As Sonia spoke, she stared at the man, seemingly as if she would fight back as soon as he had any sudden movements.

Although she was not strong, she could still subdue him since there were so many people in the room. Not only was Sonia ready to fight back, Rita and the others were just as ready to make a move. Some even took out their phones and were ready to call the police.

At this moment, the man finally spoke. “I’m not Daphne’s friend or relative.” As he spoke, he turned and looked at Sonia.

Before this, he always kept his head down, so Sonia couldn’t see who he was. Now that she had a good look at him, she was stunned momentarily. This is strange. I feel like I have seen him before. He gives off a familiar vibe. Am I seeing things?

Thinking about it, Sonia pursed her lips and went through her memories. However, she couldn’t pinpoint where she had seen him before. Thus, she could only suppress the suspicion in her and stared at him. “If you are not her friend or relative, who are you? Also, how did you get up here?”

To her, this was the most crucial part. Whenever a stranger entered the company, the receptionist would ask about their arrival. When everything was fine, only then would they let the stranger in. However, before the receptionist was allowed to let strangers into the company, they had to contact the department or person which the stranger desired. Only then would they let the stranger in after getting approval. All of these processes would be included. So, what excuse did the man make to have the receptionist approve of his arrival? Moreover, who did they contact and give them the approval to let him up here?

Thinking about it, Sonia turned and looked at Rita. Immediately, Rita knew her intentions and took out her phone to contact the receptionist. Before investigating this matter, she intended to leave the scene since she feared the man would stop her from it.

However, to her surprise, the man only glanced at her before looking back at Sonia. He had no intention of stopping Rita.

Then, he bowed slightly at Sonia and said politely, “I’m sorry that I didn’t introduce myself, Miss Reed. I’m Daphne’s neighbor.”

“Neighbor?” Sonia looked at him questionably.

“Yes.” The man nodded. “Daphne had asked me to help her with her things before she went abroad. Since her mother couldn’t walk easily, she could only ask for my help. You can contact Daphne or her mother if you don’t believe me.”

When Sonia heard his words and saw that he had admitted them without hesitation, she started to trust him. However, due to precautions, she still decided to ask someone to contact Daphne or her mother.

Then, she asked one of the secretaries to handle this. When the said person got Sonia’s order, she immediately obliged.

At the same time, Sonia glared at the man and queried, “Even if you said it to this point, who knows if you are trying to get our guards down? Although Miss Daphne had resigned, her belongings are still here. Since she had a high-paid salary, most of her belongings were valuable. Maybe you are some thief who lives around Daphne’s house and intentionally pretended to be her neighbor when you knew she had resigned and didn’t take her belongings. After having them, you will sell her things for money. Hmph, just wait and see. I will give them a call. If it isn’t the same as you said, you are doomed.”

“That’s right.” When the others heard her words, they nodded in agreement.

When the man noticed this, he couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. After all, he was just here to take Daphne’s belongings because his boss had ordered him to do so. Never did he expect that it would be a difficult task. Since he was a quiet person, he didn’t know how to respond. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dragged the time for so long and didn’t explain himself. Seeing that they were demanding to verify his identity, he didn’t say anything more and gestured to them to do it. Then, he fell silent.

Seeing that he was calm, Sonia trusted him even more. All she had to do now was to wait for the secretary’s verification.

After two minutes, the secretary in charge of contacting Daphne returned with a complex expression. When the others asked if the man was a bad guy or not, her face was awkward.

Then, she put down her phone, looked at the man, and smiled apologetically. “About that… I just called Miss Daphne, but she didn’t pick up since it might be nighttime for her. So, I called her mother, and she said that Miss Daphne indeed had asked her neighbor—that would be him—to take her belongings. I even asked what he was wearing, and it was the same as this man.”

At that moment, everyone looked at the man awkwardly.

“Oh… You really are her neighbor…”

“It seems that we have misunderstood you.”

They smiled awkwardly as they spoke.

At that moment, Rita had also returned. After glancing at the man, she said to Sonia, “I have asked the receptionist, Chairman Reed. They said he claimed to be Miss Daphne’s neighbor and was here to take her belongings. Moreover, he even showed them the text Miss Daphne had sent him, which was her phone number. Thus, they didn’t inform us and approved his arrival immediately.”

“I see…” Sonia nodded slightly and knew how exactly the man got here.

When Daphne was still working as Sonia’s secretary in the company, she was her right-hand man. So, the receptionist could contact Daphne straightforwardly if anyone wanted to look for her without Sonia’s approval. Since the man had the text message Daphne sent him, it would only be expected if the receptionist let him in without telling her about this.

“Don’t worry. He is indeed here to help Miss Daphne. We had just asked her mother about it,” said Sonia as she patted Rita’s shoulder.

When Rita heard her words, she sighed in relief. “So, that’s how it is. I’m glad that he isn’t suspicious. However…” As she spoke, she stared at the man with dissatisfaction, “Since you have Miss Daphne’s text, why didn’t you show it to us? Moreover, why didn’t you say that you are her neighbor?”

The others were unhappy too. “Yeah, you gave us the wrong signal.”

The man knew that it was his fault too, so he apologized to them. “I’m sorry that I didn’t think of showing the text. However, I did say that I was here to take Miss Daphne’s belongings. It’s just that you guys don’t believe me.” Moreover, you guys thought that I was a criminal and wanted to call the cops on me.

When the others heard his explanation, they were dissatisfied with it.

“What do you mean by us not believing in you? You only told us that you were here to take her belongings, yet you didn’t say you were her neighbor, and she asked for your help. So, when a stranger came up to us and said such things without any evidence, of course, we would refuse to let you in.”


Hearing their words, the man knew that it was his mistake for not clarifying it. So, he felt embarrassed and squeezed out a smile, saying, “I apologize about that. I’m not good at communication, so—”

Before he could finish his words, one of the secretaries cut him off and said, “It’s fine, and stop explaining yourself. Since we know your identity, come and take Miss Daphne’s belongings. We don’t have all day!”

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