This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 1231

Chapter 1231 Mysterious Man in Black

The more Anya realized that Toby was willing to do it, the angrier she felt. I don’t understand. Is Sonia worthy of his love? After all, he was willing to throw away his reputation and walk around with such a silly thing with him just for her. Does he have any dignity?

Anya bit her lip harshly, and she gripped the tablet so hard that the screen began to flicker as if it was going to break anytime soon. After all, she couldn’t accept Toby in this state.

She remembered when she had done everything just to be with him, and he had ‘loved’ her. However, never did he do such things for her. Is this how it is? Even if the relationship is affected by something, is it still better than natural love? As Anya thought about it, her eyes were red, and she looked as if she was about to tear someone into pieces, which was terrifying.

This isn’t the end. I won’t let Sonia or Toby get away with this. After all, I was in this state because of them. If I didn’t make them pay the price, the torture and pain I endured these few months would be a waste. Since they are so in love and have feelings for each other even after the divorce, I wonder if they can still be together when I intervene. If I can’t have it, no one can either. Since I can’t have Toby, I don’t want him anymore and will destroy him. As Anya thought, she curled her lips into a twisted smile and laughed evilly, which was creepy.

However, Sonia didn’t know the reaction of Lynette and Anya when they saw the news. At this moment, she had finished her work and was leaning against the chair. While she rested, she moved her hands around to ease the numbness of her wrists. When she was almost done, her phone that was on the table rang.

Then, she leaned forward and looked at the caller ID. After seeing who it was, she picked up her phone and answered it. “Hello, this is Sonia speaking.”

On the other end of the phone, a polite female voice sounded. “Hello, Miss Reed. I’m Ms. Sophia’s assistant. We met at the shop before.”

When Sonia heard her voice, she was not surprised since she had seen the caller ID. When she got her dress, she kept the number of Sophia’s workplace. Thus, she was sure that the call would be made by Sophia’s assistant and not herself.

“Hello.” Sonia slightly nodded her head.

Then, Sophia’s assistant smiled and continued her words, saying, “Are you free right now, Miss Reed? Two hours ago, we got a call from President Fuller, and he told us to contact you at 4.00PM to see if you have any free time. That way, we can have someone over to do your makeover.”

Hearing her words, Sonia recalled that Toby had indeed told her about this matter. So, she nodded and replied, “Since I’m done working, you guys can come over. I’m at the company now, so you just have to tell the receptionist, and they will guide you to me.”

“That’s great. We’ll be there soon, Miss Reed.”

“Okay.” Then, the call ended. After that, Sonia put her phone down and opened the workgroup, telling the two receptionists about this matter.

Since she was the president, she was easily noticed by others. Thus, when she sent the text to the group, someone noticed her immediately, even though there were hundreds of messages in the group since there were many people. At that moment, everyone welcomed her, and she couldn’t help but smile when she saw it. Then, she greeted them and added a cute bunny emoji, which caused her employees to greet her back. The atmosphere was lively and cheerful.

However, when Sonia noticed that the receptionist had replied to her, she left the workgroup. Otherwise, her employees would keep on responding to her if she did. When that time came, who knew how long it would take to end?

After putting down her phone, Sonia took a sip of her coffee before she heard someone knocking on her door. Then, she raised her head and saw Rita standing by the door with an exquisite handbag while smiling. “President Reed, the dress that you asked for is here.” As she spoke, she withdrew her hand that was knocking on the door and walked toward Sonia.

At that moment, Sonia smiled and stood up. “Okay. Thank you.”

“No problem, President Reed.” Rita handed the bag to her with both hands. “I didn’t take the wrong one, did I, President Reed?”

Hearing her words, Sonia looked at the box in the bag and shook her head, “No, you didn’t. This is the dress. Thank you.”

“Alright then. I’ll be heading out now, President Reed.” Rita smiled and nodded.

When Sonia heard her words, she hummed in response and was about to tell her to leave when she heard a ruckus from outside.

“Who are you? What are you doing?”

When Sonia and Rita heard it, they looked at each other.

“What’s going on?” Sonia asked while frowning.

“I’m not sure,” replied Rita as she shook her head, her face filled with confusion.

“Let’s check it out,” said Sonia as she quickly put down the box in her hand, not caring to hang her dress to reduce wrinkles, and immediately walked toward the door with Rita following suit.

When they both walked out of the office, they saw a man in black standing outside of the secretary’s office. Inside the office stood her assistants and secretaries, and they had their arms out, blocking the door to prevent the person from entering. On the other hand, the person didn’t back away either. So, both parties were standing against each other, and none of them was willing to take a step back.

Seeing this situation, Sonia pursed her lips. “What’s going on?”

When the secretaries and assistants heard her voice, they immediately turned to look at her as if she was a lifesaver. Then, they said, “You came just in time, President Reed. This person was going to take Miss Daphne’s belongings.” As they spoke, they pointed at the person outside the door.

Hearing their words, Sonia frowned unhappily. “He is here to take Miss Daphne’s belongings?”

“Yes.” The secretary nodded.

Hearing her words, Rita was slightly confused about the entire situation. “You guys know that Miss Daphne has already resigned. Due to the sudden news, all of her things are still in the office. Maybe he is a friend of hers and was asked to take her belongings. Why are you all blocking him outside?”

Sonia nodded in agreement too. After all, it was incorrect for her employees to stop someone from getting inside the office and helping Daphne take away her things.

However, the employees started explaining to Sonia. “It’s not that, President Reed. If he is really Miss Daphne’s friend and was here because she told him to, we wouldn’t have kept him outside. However, we know that Miss Daphne didn’t have any other friends. So, we are still unsure if he is indeed her friend or not. Moreover, he didn’t answer when we asked him about it.”

When Rita heard their words, she was stunned momentarily. Then, she looked at Sonia and explained, “President Reed, I remember that Miss Daphne, indeed, doesn’t have any friends aside from us. Still, could it be her relatives?”

However, Sonia shook her head. “No, it can’t be. Miss Daphne’s parents have divorced, and she is living with her mother. All her relatives from her mother’s side had passed, and none of the relatives from her father’s side wanted to acknowledge her. Thus, this man isn’t related to her.” As she spoke, she squinted her eyes and looked at the man in black cautiously. “Who exactly are you?”

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